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Karlsruhe in the Rhine valley with its mild climate and Baden-Baden, touristic capital of Germany, known for its thermal baths and spa’s, invite you to a peaceful and relaxed holiday. With a Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport FKB arrival flight ticket you can discover these two important cities in Germany for a reasonable price. Programming your Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden holiday, you may benefit from the information we have gathered in this mini guide. Have a good flight!

Flights to Baden-Baden for a price starting from €81.99

  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
    Departure Date 30.06.2020

    from €81.99
  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
    Departure Date 10.07.2020

    from €85.99
  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden Airport (FKB)
    Departure Date 23.06.2020

    from €90.99

Karlsruhe Baden-Baden


Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Flights

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden are two cities in Germany, most impressive due to its beautiful nature. These cities are each located in a different part of the Black Forest in South Germany, a forested, mountain region with rivers, forests and underground wellsprings. Each year Karlsruhe, as the city with the mildest climate in Germany and Baden-Baden as cradle of thermal and spa tourism, welcome tens of thousands of tourists. From Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport, used by both cities, Corendon Airlines operates regularly flights for tourists going on a Turkey holiday, and the flights network also includes flights to the city of Heraklion on the island Crete all year long for tourists who want to have a Greece holiday. Summer holiday in both cities, attractive due to its beautiful nature, offers many opportunities.
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flights hint: The city of Strassbourg, considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in France, is at a distance of just 1,5 hours driving by car from Karlsruhe and worthwhile a visit during your holiday.

Find cheap Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flight tickets

For very advantageous prices Corendon Airlines offers Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flight tickets to travel to one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany. On Corendon Airlines internet site Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flight tickets can be booked by tourists to fly for very reasonable prices in the most economic way to these holiday cities in the South of Germany. If you are looking for cheap Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flight tickets, but your travel dates are not settled yet, then check our flight deals. On our page the most advantageous last minute Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flights are ranked. If you want to increase the price advantage then you should benefit from travel-extra’s, offered by Corendon Airlines for very sharp prices. You can raise your flight comfort to the next level if you book travel-extra’s, such as seat choice, meal on board and extra baggage right.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport and Transportation

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport FKB not only serves Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden, but it is also conveniently located for the cities Strassbourg and Haguenau. The distance to Karlsruhe is 40 kilometers and to Baden-Baden just 12 kilometers. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport FKB processes more than 1 million passengers a year. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport FKB departure and arrival times are shown on monitors and there are 20 check-in counters, 8 departure gates, cafetaria’s and restaurants.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport Transportation

On Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport FKB busses and rent cars are available for transportation to the city. There are three different car rental companies on the airport offering their services. From Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport FKB busses will take you in 30 minutes to Baden-Baden. 
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden airport hint: As passenger’s transportation is more frequent in the summer season, it is advisable to be in the airport at least 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Direct Flights

Corendon Airlines Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden direct flights are the easiest and most economic way to fly to both cities. Corendon Airlines operates Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden direct flights from popular holiday destination Antalya in Turkey as well as from Heraklion on Crete. Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – Antalya flights continue during a large part of the year and in the holiday season the number of flights will increase. The same applies to Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – Crete flights. A Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden – Heraklion flight enables you to discover the deeprooted history of Crete and its unequalled beaches and on the other hand Germany Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flights allow you to fly easy and comfortable to one of the most popular and peaceful holiday destinations in Europe. Corendon Airlines, expert in the field of holidays, offers with its Turkey flights tourists the opportunity to experience an unforgettable flight. Greece flights, operated by Corendon Airlines, the most convenient and most service offering airline, include also flights to Kos and Rhodes, besides the Heraklion destination on the island of Crete.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Suggestions

Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden are two important cities, located in the Black Forest in Germany, often prefered by tourists to spend a nice and peaceful holiday. The activities that you can undertake in these cities are especially focussed on having a good time and enjoying nature. In the city culture of Baden-Baden thermal tourism is very important. The fame of it is known all over the world an Spa- and thermal hotels in Baden-Baden are favourite with tourists. European celebreties such as Napoleon III, Queen Victoria, Victor Hugo and Nicolai Gogol have stayed in Baden-Baden. From the times that Ivan Turganyev praised the beauty of trees to Gustav Flaubert, to the impressive restaurants and the excitement in the casino’s of Baden-Baden, this holiday destinastion is unforgettable for tourists. Baden-Baden’s climate is suitable to enjoy thermal baths in wintertime and enjoy green nature in the summer season from April until October. If you want to discover the food culture in Baden-Baden you could try Maultasche, a kind of ravioli, or escargot as a starter, is worth tasting in this region.
A Karlsruhe city tour should include a visit to the 200 year old Karlsruhe Palace, in which there is a museum. Another museum worth visiting is the ZKM Art and Media Center with modern artworks. The months June – Augustus are the best to discover Karlsruhe. During these months the climate is warm and good to enjoy the parks and open air festivals in Karlsruhe. In the food culture pretzels are outstanding and available in almost every bakery in Karlsruhe. Restaurants serve a speciality called Dampfnudeln and also worth to taste is Flädlesuppe, a kind of pancake soup.
Karlsruhe/baden-Baden Suggestions hint: Baden-Baden casino is an impressive building and it was Fjodor Dostoyevski’s inspiration for his book “The Gambler”.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Accommodation

Karlsruhe/baden-Baden hotel and ticket deals should be checked when you are looking for an economic holiday. Both cities have different alternatives for divers tourist profiles. From comfortable, luxury hotels located in the city center to hostels for backpackers, Karlsruhe and Baden-Baden offer a lot of choice. Tower Suite Hotel mentioned among Karlsruhe accommodation deals is an old water tower in the city where you can stay overnight. It is the smallest hotel in the city with a beautiful view. Accommodation options in Baden-Baden are especially designed to meet the expectations of a higher class of tourists. From Art Nouveau hotels to splendid Spa-hotels, Baden-Baden offers many accommodation options to choose from.

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