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Bremen is an attractive city in the North of Germany with a 1200 year long history. With a Bremen flight ticket, booked at the internet site of Corendon Airlines, you arrive on Bremen Hans Koschnick airport BRE to discover this city, located on both sides of the river Weser. Bremen, with its Theater am Goetheplatz, its Rathaus and the statue of the city’s symbols, the Bremen Town Musicians, awaits to be discovered.

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Bremen Holiday

Bremen is a German city with a great past and a rich heritage. Bremen, from where Corendon operates direct flights to Hurghada for tourist who want to spend an Egypt holiday, has a lot to offer to tourists. If you want to know more about the city’s medieval heritage, then the old theater and opera building of Theater am Goetheplatz, the Rathaus mentioned in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and the St. Petri Cathedral, that gives this city square its identity, should not be forgotten during a city tour. If you would like to experience daily city atmosphere and experience excitement in Bremen you could attend a football match of Weder Bremen, or go skating on Paradise skating ring or visit Weserburg Museum for Modern Art. Thanks to Egypt holiday flights operated by Corendon Airlines Bremen is connected to popular holiday destinations.
Bremen holiday hint: A beautiful location for pictures is Böttcherstrasse in Bremen with its spectacular Art Noveau architecture.

Find Cheap Bremen flight tickets

On Corendon Airlines internet site there are Bremen flight tickets available for tourists for an advantageous price. Cheap Bremen flight tickets are a good choice to discover during the holiday season this city located in the North of Germany and to visit medieval heritage in the region. Also last minute Bremen flights are availiable on Corendon Airlines internet site for de most advantageous prices. To fly to Bremen and to benefit from travel extra’s such as seat choice, meal on board and extra baggage right, can be booked for a sharp price on the internet site of Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board. When you arrange your flight plan you could co-ordinate this with the colourful celebration of Easter, Christmas, or Freimarkt held in October each year.

Bremen Airport and Transportation

Bremen Hans Koschnick airport BRE is the most important service center for the city. The city of Bremen is just 3,5 kilometers away from Bremen Hans Koschnick airport BRE and the airport processes an average of 2,5 million travellers a year. The airport’s terminal consists of 3 parts, including shops cafes and restaurants. The visitors terrace is an ideal spot to relax and enjoy the view over the runway of Bremen airport. Asian, Turkish or Italian cuisine, the restaurant on the airport have something to offer to every taste.

Bremen Hans Koschnick airport Transportation

The transportation possibilities from Bremen Hans Koschnick airport BRE are the tram, bus, private car, taxi or rented car.

Bremen Hans Koschnick airport Tram service

Every 5 to 10 minutes there is a tram departing from Bremen Hans Koschhnick airport BRE to the city center. This tram drive takes about 11 minutes.

Bremen Hans Koschnick airport Bus service

Every 30 minutes bus number 52 departs from the airport to the city.
Bremen Hans Koschnick airport Taxi
A taxi drive from the airport to the city center takes on average 20 minutes and costs € 10,00.

Bremen Hans Koschnick airport Car rent

Opposite the check-in counters in terminal building 3 are offices of car rental companies. For every budget and to every ones choice different car rental companies offer a convenient choice.
Bremen Hans Koschnick airport hint: Bremenhall on the airport is a space housing a small aviation and space museum and exhibites the Junker W33 aircraft, that has completed the first non-stop transatlantic flight.

Bremen Direct Flights

Bremen direct flights operated by Corendon Airlines offer a pleasant and practical way to travel. As many other destinations in Germany, Corendon Airlines Bremen flights also offer a economic advantage. From worldfamous holiday region of Hurghada there are flights to Germany Bremen. The other way around An Egypt flight departing from Bremen to the number one holiday destination near the Red Sea, enables you to fly to Hurghada and enjoy a summer holiday in the middle of wintertime. Bremen – Hurghada flights continue for a large part of the year and the frequencies increase in summertime. With a Bremen direct flight also you can travel relaxed  from Hurghada to the North of Germany.

Bremen Suggestions

You should add some elements of Nremen’s city culture to your holiday programme. One of these elements is Altmarkt, the historic innercity of Bremen, with its specific architecture certainly worth to visit. Rathaus (city hall), included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage attracts the attention here. Furtheron is the Böttcherstrasse, with architectural buildings in Art Noveau style. There are stores in this street selling design objects. If you want to take a short break during your city tour and recover from the energetic Bremen atmosphere, then you could rest in Am Wall Park, located close to a shallow water furrow. In the Schnoor district full of winding streets, is the smallest hotel in the world. After a walk in the park you could visit the Weserburg Museum for Modern Art and admire the collection of modern art after 1960.
During a city tour you can try important examples of Bremen’s food culture such as “knipp”, a kind of blood sausage or black pudding or you could choose “klaben” to overcome a suger crisis. The preparation and production of “klaben”, a bread shaped cake, is legally restricted to rules and therefore you can only eat the real “klaben” in Bremen.
According to Bremen’s climate the period from May until the end of September are best suited to visit this city. It is the ideal period to walk the streets of the city and enjoy open air, good spirits and energy.
Bremen hint: The statue of the Bremen Town Musicians, according to the fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm can be seen in Bremen since 1953. This bronze statue was designed by Gerhard Marcks. It is believed that when you touch the donkey’s ears, it may bring you luck.

Bremen Accommodations

The most simple way to keep your holiday cheap is to consult Bremen hotel and ticket deals.After you have booked tickets for your trip via Corendon Airlines for an advantageous price, you could scekc accommodation deals. If you want to experience Bremen’s specific own atmosphere then accommodation in the stations neighbourhood is ideal. However, it is wise to be alert in which part of the city you choose your accommodation. Although Bremen has a well developed transportation infrastructure, in case of a short holiday, it is more convenient to stay in the city center.Among Bremen accommodation options you can find suitable accommodation options for different tourists profiles. For every expectation Bremen has the right accommodation deal, from boutique hotel to 5 star overnight-stays.

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