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An Erfurt holiday is a good choice if you want to enjoy history, art and nice food in the heart of Germany. With a Corendon Airlines Erfurt flight ticket you can discover this sympathetic city for a reasonable price. De oldest synagogue of Europe, architecture wonder Krämerbrücke and the Petersberg Citadel await in Erfurt to be discovered by you. Have a good flight!

Flights to Erfurt for a price starting from €56.99

  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 10.12.2020

    from €56.99
  • Hurghada International Airport (HRG)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 18.06.2020

    from €85.99
  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 02.07.2020

    from €95.99
  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 09.05.2020

    from €95.99
  • Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 12.01.2021

    from €75.99
  • Fuerteventura Airport (FUE)Erfurt–Weimar Airport (ERF)
    Departure Date 11.01.2021

    from €75.99


Erfurt flights

Erfurt is the capital of the federal state of Thüringen. Since Middle Ages it is an important city grown rich thanks to commerce. Therefore it is important to reserve some time in your holiday programme for Erfurt’s medieval heritage. Corendon Airlines, operating Erfurt flights to the Turkish holiday destination Antalya, also offers opportunities to visit and explore Erfurt in a most economic way. All places of interest such as old buildings and beautiful landscaped parks are concentrated in the center of the city and therefore easy to explore on foot. Walking through streets where once important persons of German and European history have lived, such as Martin Luther, and discovering the local traditions of the region, are enriching details for an Erfurt holiday programme. The cosy atmosphere in the streets and squares enchants tourists of any age and any profile.
Erfurt hint: Implementing the “non-handicapped travel” concept, enabling the disabled to travel and to sightsee easily and without any hindrance, Erfurt has adjusted a considerable number of historic and touristic locations. Tourists travelling “non-handicapped” can be sure that they can fully enjoy their holiday in Erfurt.

Find cheap Erfurt flight tickets

Erfurt flight tickets are for sale on Corendon Airlines internet site all year long. If you want to book an Antalya-Erfurt flight ticket for a reasonable price, then you can take a look at Erfurt ticket deals. During a big part of the year you can arrange a holiday for a considerable advantageous price when you combine a cheap Erfurt flight ticket with travel extra’s offered by Corendon Airlines. Also an early Erfurt holiday reservation can result in a serious price advantage. However, when it is not possible to make an early reservation, then you may benefit from last minute Erfurt flight tickets. For considerable advantageous prices Corendon Airlines offers quick and comfortable flights to Erfurt. As there are more flights during the high season, there are also more flight tickets for sale to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in Germany. 

Erfurt Airport and Transportation

Erfurt/Weimar Airport ERF is not only conveniently located for Erfurt, the capital of the federal state of Thüringen, but it is also close to the city Weimar. The airport processes annually more than 250.000 travellers. Erfurt/Weimar airport ERF is just 5 kilometers away from Erfurt and transportation between the airport and the city is organized in a practical manner. As this airport is especially used for international flights Corendon Airlines operates its flights to Antalya from this airport.


Erfurt/Weimar Airport Transportation



Transportations between Erfurt/Weimar airport ERF and the city center of Erfurt is very practical. Every 10 to 20 minutes tram nr. 4 departs from the airport and after a drive of just 20 minutes you arrive in Erfurt.


From Erfurt/Weimar airport ERF by car over the A71 motorway you easily can reach Erfurt’s city center.
Erfurt airport hint: As the municipality has implemented adjustments in the framework of “non-handicapped travel” to locations in the city, also the arrival hall and other service parts of the airport are adjusted to the needs and expectations of disabled travellers.

Erfurt Direct Flights

Corendon Airlines Erfurt direct flights depart from Antalya. Erfurt-Antalya flights are available all year long and they connect the heart of Germany with Antalya, ideal holiday destination at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with a nice, warm climate. During the high season the number of flights are more, and Erfurt-Antalya tickets of Corendon Airlines, expert in the field of holidays and service quality, can be booked for very advantageous prices. When you want to check Erfurt direct flight tickets for sharp prices, then you should have a look at ticket deals on the destination page of our internet site. To go on holiday with Corendon Airlines, departing from different cities in Germany to Turkey, is advantageous and comfortable.

Erfurt Suggestions

Since the Middle Ages Erfurt has developed into a cultural center, where many important historic figures have lived. It is an impressive experience to realize that historic celebrities as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Lucas Cranach and Martin Luther have left their footprints and traces here. An Erfurt holiday programme should include time to visit the Domkirche St. Marien, St. Severus Kirche, Krämerbrücke and the Old Synagogue. Remains from the Middle Ages are good visible in Erfurt’s architecture. The inner city of Erfurt should therefore be explored on foot. When spring arrives nature starts to bloom and then Egapark Erfurt is the best location to enjoy the beautiful weather. Egapark Erfurt is considered to be the most beautiful park in the Thüringen region. It is beautifully landscaped with architecture characteristics of the sixties. Especially families with children prefer Egapark Erfurt where there is peace among decorative flowers, Japanese rock garden and butterfly houses. The Petersberg Citadel is another historic heritage. This fortification was built in the Middle Ages to protect the city. Under the fortification is a network of corridors and tunnels resembling a labyrinth. Domplatz is the location where you can experience the atmosphere of Erfurt the best.
Each year in the month of June the Krämerbrückenfest is held, a festival dating back to the Middle Ages with handicraft, performances and presentations. In the middle of the year weather conditions are the best to explore the city. If you want to discover Erfurt’s food culture then you should try the Thüringer Rostbratwurst.  This is a locally produced sausage based on a recipe from 1613, roasted in open fire and for sale on local markets or served in restaurants. Another food worth trying is Thüringer Klösse, prepared from raw and cooked potatoes, served as a ball as big as a fist.
Erfurt hint: Erfurt is a well preserved German city with a heritage from the Middle Ages. Before you start to explore the city, it is wise to read about medieval architecture, then a city tour becomes a nicer experience.

Erfurt Accommodation

Thanks to Erfurt hotel and ticket deals tourists can discover this city in the middle of Germany for an advantageous price. It is advisable to check your travel dates when you compare Erfurt accommodation deals. Between june and august many tourists visit Erfurt and therefore the prices for accommodation are higher. However, if you make an early reservation then you can find sharp prices even for the popular season. If you are interested in history and culture, then an accommodation choice in the innercity of Erfurt is ideal. If you intend to stay for a longer period of time in Erfurt and you are prepared to use a car, then you could choose a luxury hotel just outside the center of Erfurt.
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