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Located in the south of Germany, Friedrichshafen is the second biggest city in the region after Konstanz. It is a beautiful city, located at the feet of the Alp mountains and on the shores of Lake Konstanz, the natural border between Germany, Switzerland and Austria. When you book your flight ticket for arrival on Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport FDH, offered on the Corendon Airlines internet site, then you can explore this beautiful city, where the first zeppelin airballoon was built. Historic places, such as the Meersburg village and the Haldenberg Chapel await you to be discovered.

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  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Bodensee Airport Friedrichshafen (FDH)
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Friedrichshafen Vakantie

Friedrichshafen, located in the south of Germany combines an unique nature with history and cultural richness. In the modern history of Friedrichshafen once was one of most important cities in the world in the aviation industry. Here the zeppelin airship, designed by Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin, was built and tried out. For culture orientated tourists Friedrichshafen is an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, Antalya direct flights operated by Corendon Airlines throughout the year from Friedrichshafen are for tourists who want to enjoy a Turkey holiday, the correct address.
The walking area around Lake Konstanz with cafe’s and restaurants is het beating heart of this city. The view of the Austrian city Zürich on the other side of the lake and the Alp mountains is the reason why this spot is one of the most popular places during a Friedrichshafen holiday. After a short walk along the lake you could pay a visit to the famous Zeppelin Museum.
Friedrichshafen hint: Close to Friedrichshafen airport are the Zeppelin hangars, from where you can make a touristic flight with a modern version of the zeppelin. These airballoons can carry 12 persons and you need to carry your passport. The price of a flight starts from € 200,- for 30 minutes and early reservation is necessary.

Find cheap Friedrichshafen flight tickets

For tourists, looking for a holiday for a reasonable price, Corendon Airlines offers Friedrichshafen flight tickets on its internet site. Friedrichshafen ticket deals are a good choice if you want to discover a unique location in the south of Germany during your summer holiday. With cheap Friedrichshafen flight tickets you can experience the cultural identity of this city and visit places of interest. If you are looking for last minute Friedrichshafen flight tickets then you should check Corendon Airlines internet site for the best price. When you are booking a Friedrichshafen flight ticket on Corendon Airlines internet site then you can add at the same time seat choice, a meal on board and extra baggage right to your ticket. The most advantageous and pleasant way to fly to German Friedrichshafen is with Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board. This city, full of places of interest such as Dornier Museum, Schlosskirche and Lake Konstanz is perfect for a summer holiday, as well as an Easter or Christmas vacation.

Friedrichshafen Airport and Transportation

Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport FDH arranges airtraffic to this city. The airport is just 3 kilometers away from the city and processes 700.000 travellers each year. Due to its location close to the Austrian Alp mountains this airfield is an important destination for winter sporters. On the airport is space for the organization of fairs and congresses, Messe Freidrichshafen, where each year AERO Friedrichshafen and other events take place.
Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport FDH’s terminal building consists of three floors. The departure and arrival hall however are at the same floor. On de second floor are several service facilities as well as places where you can eat, or drink something. There is a classy Italian restaurant on the airport and also for Turkish, or Asian food there is enough choice.

Friedrichshafen/Bodensee Airport transportation

Friedrichshafen/Bpodensee airport FDH offers sufficient transportation options such as trams, bus, private car, taxi of car rent.

Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport Tram 

Between Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport FDH and the city there is a tram connection. A five minutes walk will take you to the tramstop, from where tram 3041 will take you to the city center in 4 minutes.
On the Website of Friedrichshaven I can´t find a Tram, only Bus No. 18

Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport Taxi

A taxi drive from Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport to the city center takes about 10 minutes and costs around € 10,-.

Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport Car rent

On the undergroud floor of the terminal building are car rental companies. There are three different companies rendering services you can benefit from according to your available budget and car preference.
Friedrichshafen/Bodensee airport hint: One of the important cultural locations, the Dornier Museum, is located on the airport and exhibites works and objects that were important in the history of the aviation industry. Inside the museum is a restaurant with a beautiful view over the airport’s runway.

Friedrichshafen Direct Flights

Friedrichshafen direct flights operated by Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, are a practical and good choice for travellers. As is similar for other destinations in Germany, Corendon Airlines flights to Friedrichshafen are easy and suitable. On the other hand, Germany Friedrichshafen Turkey flights are important for sea holidays and also from the point of view of culture tourism. The regularly operated Antalya-Friedrichshafen flights reach the highest frequency in the summer season and it is a good choice for travellers from both countries.

Friedrichshafen Suggestions

When you are making holiday plans it is wise to look at the advantages of Friedrichshafen. Friedrichshafen is located along the shores of a beautiful lake. It has a extensive public transportation system and busses are also available at night. However, you always can rent a car to feel more comfortable. Tourists who are on holiday here often rent a bicycle, because especially in summer time traffic is crowded.
During a city tour you should visit Dornier Museum and the schoolmuseum. Dornier Museum is located on the airport and supplies information about the history of aviation. On the 5000 m2 museum area are 12 original aircrafts exhibited. The entrance fee amounts € 16,50 per person. The schoolmuseum shows the development of schools since 1850. During the visit you are not only informed about school’s history, you also can experience it.
The most favourite activity in the city center, located at the shores of the lake, is bicycling and canoeing. You can rent a bicycle and go to the West to visit Meersburg, or cycle to the east to the city of Lindau. If you are an experienced cyclist, you could particpate in a bicycle tour of two or three days around Lake Konstanz. Along the shore of Lake Konstanz are different locations where you can rent a canoe and enjoy the view of the Alp mountains while you row.
A city tour is not complete without a visit to two towers as well as the city symbol Schlosskirche. This church has witnessed the complete city’s history. It was built by Christian Thumb between 1695 and 1701 and has baroque architecture details. The Zeppelin Museum is very special among the places of interest to visit. There is a scale 1 to 1 life-size LZ 129 Hinderburg zeppelin. This gigantic airship allows museum visitors to experience how it was to travel luxury in 1930.
From gastronomic point of view the influence of the closeby neighbouring countries is noticeable. Along the shore of Lake Konstanz are many restaurants with the traditional South German kitchen, as well as a more modern identity. Fresh fish is very popular and available here and especially the fish fillet served with toasted brown bread, is worth a try.
Friedrichshafen hint: If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view of the city, you should visit the Haldenberg Chapel. This small chapel was built in 1892 and its white colour suits the surrounding. From the location of the chapel with neo-gotic architecture details, there is a unique view over Lake Konstanz and the Alp mountain range. Since 1996 the chapel is used as a restaurant. When you visit the chapel on a sunny day, you can take splendid pictures.

Friedrichshafen Accommodation

Friedrichshafen is one of the most beautiful cities in South Germany and it offers several hotel and ticket deals to realize advantageous holiday plans. After you have booked a sharp priced flight ticket at Corendon Airlines, you immediately should check the accommodation options. If you are interested in the history and cultural identity of the city then you could choose accommodation along Lake Konstanz. For more advantageous accommodation options you may prefer the district south of the airport. Public transportation is well developed and from that district Lake Konstanz is quickly accessible. Friedrichshafen offers for every budget and for each tourist profile suitable accommodation options. From boutique hotels with historic elements to wellknown hotel chains, there is a great scale of choices to plan your Friedrichshafen holiday.

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