Flights to Graz

The second biggest city in Austria is Graz and thanks to Graz flight tickets offered by Corendon Airlines, this city is linked to popular holiday destinations. With a Corendon Airlines arriving flight to Graz airport GRZ you can discover this city mentioned in the World Heritage List and experience its rich cultural art life. If you want to know Graz a bit better then we wish you a lot of reading pleasure with this mini guide. Enjoy your flight!

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  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Graz Airport (GRZ)
    Departure Date 16.09.2020

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  • Hurghada International Airport (HRG)Graz Airport (GRZ)
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  • Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)Graz Airport (GRZ)
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  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Graz Airport (GRZ)
    Departure Date 19.06.2020

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  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Graz Airport (GRZ)
    Departure Date 15.06.2020

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Graz Holiday

After Vienna, Graz is the most important cultural tourism city in Austria. For tourists who want to experience a Turkey holiday Corendon Airlines operates flights from Graz, known for it clock tower, the inner city and the Styria Museum. Graz draws the attention with the open-air musuem Schlossberg and beautiful architecture of buildings such as the Graz Cathedral. Tourists planning a Greece holiday, can benefit from Corendon Airlines flights departing from Graz and arrange their holiday for advantageous prices. The popular Austrian holiday and student city of Graz, included in Corendon Airlines holiday tours, awaits you to be discovered.
Graz holiday hint: The Kunsthaus is the new exhibition center in Graz and draws the attention because of its exceptional creative design and its art collection.

Find cheap Graz flight tickets

With a Graz flight ticket offered for sale by Corendon Airlines, you can discover this region in a very economic way. Graz ticket deals, included in Austria flights, are the easiest way to arrange a travel for an advantageous price. A cheap Graz flight ticket enables you to explore Austria’s most important holiday and student town and visit the Eggenberg palace, the Botanic Garden and the ruins of Göstling Castle. A last minute Graz flight will bring you closer to Lendplatz Markt, the Joanneum district and other favourite places of interest. When you plan your travel be sure to allow enough time to visit all historic and architectural buildings. In Zeughaus you can see the largest collection of historic weapons in Europe, including armours, clubs and swords. In order to see all the places of interests such as Zeughaus it is advisable to make a good holiday programme.

Graz Airport and Transportation

With almost 1 million travellers a year Graz Airport GRZ is one of the important airports in Austia. Graz airport is at a distance of 9,3 kilometers from the city center of Graz. The first flight from Graz airport happened in 1914. In the meantime the airport has been through many changes and developments and for the region Graz airport GRZ has become the entrance door to the world.

Graz airport transportation

Transportation between Graz airport and the city center is by train, bus and private car.

Graz airport GRZ train

After a short walk from the airport you will reach the train station. From here train S5 will take you to the Central Station in Graz in about 11 minutes travelling time.

Graz airport GRZ bus

At the arrival hall on Graz airport there is a busstop for transportation to the city. Bus services are arranged to Graz airport GRZ arrival and departure times of air traffic.

Graz airport GRZ car

Over highways A9 and A2 you can drive by car from the airport to the city.
Graz airport GRZ hint: On the airport are car rental services available to rent a car for the duration of your holiday. This makes it easy to travel to locations in the vicinity of Graz and to visit for instance Hilmteich and Thalersee.

Graz Direct Flights

Thanks to Corendon Airlines Graz direct flights it is possible to fly for very advantageous prices to popular holiday destinations. Graz flights are available during the whole holiday season. From Austria Graz there are Greece flights available for a reasonable price. A Graz – Heraklion flight will carry you to Crete, the popular island in the Mediterranean Sea, where you can explore history and enjoy unequalled sandy beaches. Another favourite Greece flight is Rhodes – Graz. The warm climate of Rhodes and its well developed tourism infrastructure invites tourists to an unforgettable holiday. There are also Corendon Airlines Turkey flights available, including Antalya – Graz flights. This flight will take you for a very competitive price to the number one holiday destination in Turkey. Throughout the whole year you can spend a holiday in Antalya because the climate is warm, food is delicious and the beaches are unique.

Graz Suggestions

Graz holiday destination invites everyone to a holiday in Austria full of history, culture and entertainment. If you like to spend time in nature, the walking area of Bärenschützklamm is an ideal spot, located just outside the city of Graz. If you are interested in traditional Austrian life then you should visit the Austrian Open-air Museum just outside Graz to see Austrian farms and handicrafts and to attend dance and music performances. Graz Opera-house is very important for cultural life in this town. The people’s feeling for esthetics and musical performances will surprise you. Graz, elected as Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003, stands out for two other creative architectural designs: the glass Kunsthaus and the artificial island Murinsel in the Mur-river, known for its cafe and salsa evenings. Schlossberg, symbol of resistance in Graz, has a very special cultural and historic meaning. Nowadays it houses a restaurant and bar and offers a beautiful panorama over Graz. Another monument in Graz worth visiting is Eggenberg castle with its beautiful early baroque architecture. If you want to try food culture in Graz then you should taste Schlossbergkugel chocolade, sold in special shops. Also Käferbohne is something worth to try when you are in Graz.
Based on the climate in Graz the months April to September is the best time of the year to visit this city. Especially the spring months with nature coming into bloom and some rain are nice to spend a holiday.
Graz hint: Bus number 40 will take you to Göstling castle, dating back to the 13th century, where a walk around the ruins will take you back in time.

Graz Accommodation

When you are looking for Graz hotel and ticket deals and you are searching for the most advantagous prices, then you should book your flight at Corendon Airlines’ internet site. The favourite holiday destination Graz has accommodation deals fit for any budget and for all tourists profiles. Among the accommodation options there are hotels located in the city center, close to historic and architectural buildings. They are a good choice. Graz is a real student town and offers hotels close to the universities, right amidst sparkling city life. Around the Hauptbahnhoff and Rosselmuhlgasse are hostels for low budget accommodation. If you have an average budget to spend for a holiday in Graz then you should look for accommodation options around the Central Station in Graz.
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