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Cultural events and the city’s museums should be on top of the holiday list of tourists visiting Katowice. Corendon Airlines offers tourists, who want to enjoy a Katowice holiday, Katowice flight tickets for convenient prices to experience a nice holiday. With a Katowice direct flight, arriving on Katowice airport KTW, you will be introduced to the Polish food culture and history and meet the citizens of Upper-Silezia province. In this mini guide we have gathered useful information for a Katowice holiday. Have a good flight!

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  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Katowice Airport (KTW)
    Departure Date 10.05.2020

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  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Katowice Airport (KTW)
    Departure Date 08.05.2020

    from €85.65


Katowice Holiday

A Katowice holiday is attractive for people who want to experience an extraordinary holiday. Katowice is located in the south of Poland. It is the biggest city in the Upper-Silezia province, close to the Czech Republic. It has an impressive industrial heritage, but it also stands out as a cultural center with many museums. Katiwice has 300.000 citizens and is located near the Rawa river. There are trams, busses and taxis for public transportation. Recently Katowice went through a period of renovations and nowadays it is known for important historic memorial monuments, such as the Christ the King Cathedral and St. Mary’s Street. The Silezian Park, twice as big as Central Park, brings nature into the city, while the Silezian Museum and the Katowice Historic Museum supply information about the city and the region. Katiwice has a creative art and culture scene. If your holiday programme allows it, we recommend to attend a concert of the Silezian Philharmonic Orchestra. This orchestra is considered to be one of the most prestigeous of Poland. Travellers who want to experience a Turkey holiday can fly in the new season with Corendon Airlines from Katowice to Antalya.
Katowice holiday hint: If you want to add a surprise to your city tour then visit Katowice’s Culture Zone.

Find Cheap Katowice Flight Ticket                              

Katowice flight tickets are available on Corendon Airlines’ internet site, offering tourists the opportunity to book an extraordinary flight for an economic price. An early booking of a Katowice ticketdeal offers the opportunity to discover this beautiful Polish city even in the high season for an advantageous price. When you are searching for a cheap Katowice flight ticket, it is important in which period and on which day you intend to travel. The difference in ticket prices often depends on these two factors. On Corendon Airlines’ internet site also last minute Katowice flight tickets are available, so you can travel for a suitable price. You can find sharp priced flights on “Katowice destination” page on Corendon Airlines’ internet site.

Katowice Airport and Transportation                                       

Katowice Airport KTW is located at a distance of 30 kilometers from the city center. This airport is an important transportation center and has achieved a travellers number of 4 million. Inside the terminal building in the airport are a small supermarket, ATM machines to arrange bank affairs and offices of car rental companies.

Katowice Airport Transportation

Transportation to the airport is arranged by cars and busses. The bus services from the airport to the city center of Katowice and other cities in the vicinity are arranged according to the departure and arrival times of Katowice air traffic.                                                  

Katowice Direct Flights                                               

With Katowice direct flights available on Corendon Airlines internet site, you can easily visit popular holiday locations. Throughout the entire holiday season there are Katowice flights departing from Antalya. With a Katowice-Antalya flight ticket you can travel to the unique, sandy beaches of Antalya warmed by the Mediterranean sun, or with a Poland Katowice flight ticket you can discover Katowice, an important city in the Silezian province. Corendon Airlines Turkey flights depart from Katowice to Antalya-city at the Mediterranean Sea. Corendon Airlines flights permit you to travel comfortably for a advantageous price.

Katowice Suggestions                                                                              

We advise you to reserve enough time in your Katowice holiday programme to experience cultural life in this city. There are unexpected places of interest awaiting tourists who are visiting Katowice. To experience this city’s cultural character you can start with a visit to the Silezian Museum. This large museum shows the industry, art and culture of the Silezian region. The museum is built on the area of a former coalmine, not used anymore since 2015. Due to the re-use of the area, the Silezian Museum became enormously popular and on Tuesdays entrance is free of charge. Another museum in Katowice worth a visit is the Museum of Computer and Information Technology. This museum houses a rich collection showing the rapid development of computers and the relation between humankind and information. After visiting this museum it is time to continue to St. Mary Street. This is one of the most crowded locations in town, where you can try the local food culture, such as Pierogi, in one of the many restaurants, all offering a wide range of Polish specialities and delicacies. From St. Mary’s Street continue this city tour to 3rd May Street, with luxe shops and cafes. From Katowice’s climate point of view the best time to visit this city is from June to the end of August.
Katowice hint: A visit to the Archdiocesan Museum, exhibiting a collection of historic and religious works of art from all over the country is certainly recommended.  

Katowice Accommodation                                                                    

It is sensible to compare hotel- and ticketdeals to eachother. The best way to keep a Katowice holiday as economic as possible is to avoid high hotel costs. Therefore, it is important to choose the accommodationdeal that is most suitable for you. Katowice accommodation options differ from boutique hotels to 5 star hotels located in the center of the city. However, if you intend to rent a car and if you plan to tour around in the vicinity, then it seems sensible to stay overnight outside the city center. If you will spend your entire holiday in Katowice you may prefer to stay in a hotel in the city center, so you can fully enjoy and experience the city’s character and atmosphere.
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