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The city Memmingen and the Allgäu district, located in the Swabia region is an ideal destination to experience Bavaria culture and history. Memmingen with its beautiful photogenic panorama’s and extraordinary architecture as well as the Allgäu region await to be discovered.  For an advantageous price you can book a Memmingen Allgäu flight ticket at Corendon Airlines. After you have booked your flight ticket with arrival at Memmingen Allgäu airport FMM you should read this mini guide that we composed for you to enjoy your stay in these two cities completely. Have a good trip!

Flights to Memmingen Allgäu for a price starting from €45.99

  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Memmingen Airport (FMM)
    Departure Date 07.07.2020

    from €45.99
  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Memmingen Airport (FMM)
    Departure Date 09.07.2020

    from €45.99
  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Memmingen Airport (FMM)
    Departure Date 03.07.2020

    from €71.99
  • Hurghada International Airport (HRG)Memmingen Airport (FMM)
    Departure Date 21.06.2020

    from €95.99

Memmingen Allgäu

Memmingen Allgäu Holiday 

Memmingen and Allgäu are two calm, harmonious cities in the south of Germany, always welcoming tourists for an agreeable holiday. A holiday in Memmingen/Allgäu introduces you to the history and architectural splendour and natural beauty of the Bavarian region. Memmingen city and the Allgäu district, linked by Corendon Airlines direct flights to Antalya for those who want a Turkey holiday, was until recently a wellknown holiday destination for Germany and the neighbouring countries. Thanks to international airtraffic Memmingen and Allgäu are nowadays accessible for tourists from all over the world. Memmingen has a beautiful historic citycenter with splendid examples of baroque architecture, resisting the test of time. History revives with the reenaction of historic events during the Wallenstein Festival and the Grosszunft and Steuerhaus buildings, rare examples of medieval architecture, are a good beginning for a city tour. Memmingen is in fact the entrance door to the Allgäu region, easily to explore. Time you spend in Allgäu, amidst nature in all shades of green as on a postal card, is therapeutic. Among the milk products made in the beautiful Allgäu region especially the tasteful cheeses are worth a try.
Memmingen Allgäu holiday hint: With the arrival of spring and throughout the summer months the Allgäu region shows an insiatable beauty. We therefore advise to plan your holiday in this period.

Find cheap Memmingen Allgäu flight tickets

If you want to spend a holiday in Bavaria, then you could book a Memmingen Allgäu flight ticket for an advantageous price on Corendon Airlines internet site. Memmingen Allgäu ticketdeals offer an economic choice for a holiday in two calm harmonious cities in Germany. With a cheap Memmingen Allgäu flight ticket it is possible to tour extensively through two important historic and cultural cities in Germany and Bavaria. Last minute Memmingen Allgäu flights on Corendon Airlines internet site offer transportation opportunities for the most convenient price. If you check ticketdeals at Corendon Airlines internet site when you are making your flight plan, you can be sure to find the most convenient price for your holiday.

Memmingen Allgäu Airport and transportation

Memmingen Allgäu airport FMM serves the Swabia region in Germany. Memmingen airport, sometimes referred to as Memmingen Allgäu airport, is at a distance of 3,8 kilometers from the city of Memmingen. Every year this airport processes about 1,8 million travellers. It is one of the most important airports in the region, linked to Antalya by Corendon Airlines flights.

Memmingen Airport transportation

Tuned to the Memmingen Allgäu departure and arrival times of airtraffic busses depart from the airport to the Memmingen city center.
Memmingen airport FMM is located close to A96 highway. It is on the junction of motorways A96 and A7. Over the A96 you can drive to Munich and Austria; via the A7 you go to Ulm, Flensburg and Austria. Between Memmingen airport and Munich there is a bus connection, with a travel time of about 90 minutes. Transportation from the airport to the city and the Central Station of Memmingen is arranged by busses 810 and 811.
Memmingen airport FMM hint: If you take the bus from the airport to the train station then you can quickly continue your trip to Munich or other destinations.

Memmingen Allgäu Direct Flights

Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, operates direct flights to Memmingen Allgäu. Memmingen Allgäu flights are sharp priced and thanks to Corendon Airlines’ expertise in the field of holidays you certainly will enjoy an unforgettable holiday. From Germany Memmingen Allgäu Turkey flights are operated to the popular holiday city Antalya at the Mediterranean Sea. An Antalya – Memmingen Allgäu flight ticket will take you throughout the whole summer season for an advantageous price with Corendon Airlines to the number one holiday destination in Turkey: Antalya.

Memmingen Allgäu Suggestions

The growing popularity of holiday destinations such as Memmingen city and Allgäu region are especially prefered by tourists who want to enjoy a calm and peaceful holiday. In the Allgäu region, located at the feet of the Alp mountains, walks in nature and skying are very popular. The breathtaking views you encounter during walks in Allgäu’s nature have a healing effect. Kleinwalsertal offers a beautiful panorama’s when you make a walking tour. Another location for the ones who want to experience the beauty of nature in the Allgäu region is Breitachklamm, one of the deepest valleys in south Germany and Europe, with a breathtaking beauty over the Breitach river. When exploring the Allgäu region during your holiday, we advise you to try the foodculture as well. Not only in Germany, but all over the world the cheeses made from Allgäu milk are very famous. There are bicycle tours along different farms in Allgäu organized to discover these cheeses and taste them. Allgäuer Emmentaler, Hirtenkäse and Bergkäse are cheeses you certainly should taste during your holiday in Allgäu. During a tour in the Allgäu region a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, a wonder of architecture, is worth while. 
Memmingen in fact is the entrance door to the Allgäu region and the city is especially interesting for its history and architecture. There are many buildings in Memmingen with architecture details from the Middel Ages, taking you back in time.Also baroque architecture in Memmingen city is impressive, such as the hand carved choir seats in St. Martins Church and the paintings in Frauenkirche, built by the Strigel family. Memmingen is a destination with a food culture that fills the stomach well. There are more than 150 restaurants, cafes and wine houses in Memmingen, the right destination to discover and taste the specialities from the Bavarian kitchen.
To discover Memmingen and the Allgäu region the period from the month of May until the first week of September are most convenient. In this season nature comes alive and the weather heats up, ideal circumstances to spend long times outside.
Memmingen Allgäu hint: Neuschwanstein Castle in the Allgäu region was the inspiration for the world famous Disneyland castle.

Memmingen Allgäu Accommodation

If you want to arrange your holiday in Memmningen and the Allgäu region for a convenient price then you should consult hotel and ticketdeals. Allgäu accommodation options offer a good selection to experience traditional life in south Germany and to feel the Bavarian atmosphere. Allgäu accommodation options include a wide scale of choices, from a stay in a traditional farmhouse to stay overnight in a ski center. Accommodation options in Memmingen are mostly boutique- and historic hotels in the city center. If you intend to spend a big part of your holiday in Memmingen city, then you may prefer a hotel close to the historic city center. However, if you also want to explore the Allgäu region, then you could choose to stay in a farmhouse hotel amidst nature.

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