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Corendon Airlines’ internet site offers tourists who want to spend a Warsaw holiday, Warsaw flight tickets to enjoy a nice holiday. A Warsaw direct flight, Warsaw Frederic Chopin airport WAW arrival, gives also to you the opportunity to discover the capital of Poland, Warsaw, which is at the same time one of Europe’s important culture centers. In this mini guide we have gathered information about Warsaw hotel- and ticket deals as well as other details that you would like to know about this city. Have a good flight!

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Warsaw Holiday

Warsaw, one of the rising stars in Europe, has come a lot closer thanks to Corendon Airlines Warsaw flights. Warsaw citizens, who want to enjoy a Turkey holiday, can travel easily with Corendon Airlines flights to popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Are you planning a Warsaw holiday, then you will read in this mini guide that we have composed, extraordinary details about the city.
Warsaw has a lot to offer that you may expect to see during a city tour: from beautiful architecture in the old center, spreading itself in waves to the outskirts, to cultural events and art festivals. Warsaw gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy renovated gothic architecture, impressive concrete structures from the communist period and modern 21st century buildings made of glass and steel; constructions from different periods but standing together in harmony.
When you plan a Warsaw holiday programme, then follow the “Kings Tour” along the most important historic locations in Warsaw, such as the Royal Castle, Krasinski Palace and Garden, the Presidential Palace, Pilsudski Square and Saxon Garden and the wonder of architecture: the Museum of the Palace of King John III in Winalow. The museums along this route are all open to visit. They will take you back into Poland’s past and you will experience the atmosphere of impressive times. 
Warsaw holiday hint: If you are interested in a shopping tour through Warsaw then you should visit Mokotowska, Mysia and Szpitalna avenues with shops and departmentstores full of creations of Polish designers.

Find Cheap Warsaw Flight Tickets                    

Warsaw flight tickets available on Corendon Airlines’ internet site offer the opportunity to realize a sharp priced Warsaw holiday. Cheap Warsaw flight tickets are available on Corendon Airlines’ internet site at “Warsaw destination”, or you can look at the “Warsaw airport WAW” page. On both pages cheap Warsaw flight tickets are listed for visitors and can be booked at Corendon Airlines. Although little time may be left, last minute Warsaw flights offer the opportunity to have an advantageous holiday. When you are busy to arrange your holiday you should take into consideration that the high season, the occupancy of seats and the weekday on which you will fly, have an influence on the ticket price. If you take these factors into consideration while you search for a cheap Warsaw flight ticket, then you will succeed to book a sharp priced holiday. However, if this all is too much effort for you, then simply check Corendon Airlines “Warsaw destination” or “Warsaw Airport WAW” pages and choose one of the listed flights.

Warsaw Airport & Transportation                                                                             

Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport WAW is Poland’s most popular airport and it is also the entrance door to the world. Warsaw airport, the place where you will set first foot on Polish soil, offers many facilities. For families with children there are play areas and dressing tables to change baby’s diapers. You can do some shopping at duty-free salepoints, or buy some necessary things you may need during your holiday at supermarkets in the airport. Warsaw airport has a visitors terrace, from where you can watch the daily airport routine as well as air traffic.

Warsaw Airport Transportation                                     

Among the transportation options from the airport to the city are the train, car, taxi and bus. The airport is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city center. In the airport are car rental companies, from where you can rent a car to travel to Warsaw and visit other locations in the vicinity. Bus and train services are arranged according to Warsaw flights arrival and departure times. There is sufficient parking space available on the airport for tourists who travel to the airport by car.

Warsaw Direct Flights                                                                                                                        

A Corendon Airlines operated Warsaw direct flight enables you to arrange a holiday for an advantageous price and to travel in a comfortable manner. With a Warsaw flight you can discover the old inner city, visit the breakfast market halls, or you can celebrate in one of the night clubs in Vistula Avenue. Except Poland Warsaw flights, Corendon Airlines also organizes other flights to Poland, such as to Katowice and Poznan. With Turkey flights departing from Warsaw it is possible to fly from Poland for very sharp prices to popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Corendon Airlines offers Polish citizens the opportunity to book Antalya-Warsaw flights and experience an unforgettable holiday in a popular holiday resort at the Mediterranean Sea.

Warsaw Suggestions                                                                                                                                                  

When you plan to make a historic city tour during your Warsaw holiday programme, you will get a lot of information and see many details related to Polish history. Many of the gothic buildings, often considered as architectural wonders, in the city center of Warsaw are nowadays used as museums. To see all historic buildings it is practical to follow the so called “Kings Tour”. When you follow this route, you will see all important historic locations in the city. The city is divided by the Vistula river. Vistula Avenue was named after this river and after sunset this street comes alive. Warsaw offers a sparkling night life with a diversity of clubs, bars and restaurants, especially for groups of friends or young couples. A place of interest worth to visit in Warsaw is the Scientific Center Copernicus. Especially for families with children a visit to this scientific center is very interesting, because there are experiments and activities to participate in and even non-interested visitors will be attracted.
After a Polish city tour it is time to discover the food culture of this country. You can visit and have breakfast at Hala Koszyki or at Hala Gwardii market hall. If you prefer to have a food adventure in the evening you could visit the Evening Market in Towarowa 3. If you want to try local Warsaw specialities, you could start with Flaczki soup and Bigos stew. 
Warschau hint: In Warsaw’s Praga district are classy night clubs, located in hundreds of years old factories and buildings, where you can experience an unforgettble evening.

Warsaw Accommodation                                                                                                                        

By comparing hotel- and flight ticketsdeals you can realize a Warsaw holiday for a convenient price. Warsaw accommodation deals offer the opportunity to enjoy in an easy way a holiday in the Polish capital as long and as economic as possible. Hotels located in Warsaw’s old city center offer the advantage that you fully will experience city history and that all places of interest are within walking distance. Hotels located in the outskirts of Warsaw can be divided into two groups: luxury hotels for a good price and average hotels more conveniently priced. If you consider to stay for a long period in Warsaw then you could choose from the accommodation options outside the city center.
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