Corendon Airlines For Eight Time On Capital 500 List

Corendon Airlines has succeeded again this year to include its name for the eighth time in the Capital 500 List and was ranked 365th among the “500 biggest private enterprises in Turkey”.
Since 1999 Capital Magazine publishes the results of a research of 500 greatest private companies in Turkey, based on annual turnover. Olcay Türker, Corendon Airlines’ CFO, stated to be proud and pleased to be mentioned every year since 2011 among the “500 greatest private enterprises in Turkey” and said: “Thanks to a new revival of Turkish tourism we now experience a good season and we expect to realize a higher ranking on the list next year.”
Evaluating 2018 Türker continued: “The results of the first halfyear of 2018 show that we will realize the budget goals we have set for ourselves for the end of this year. Thanks to a good growth in early reservations we were able to act on it in a planned and quick manner. Therefore we could achieve the highest level of capacity application of the last five years. We expect that the demand for Turkey will rise next year and we therefore aim at a quicker growth. Especially the return of demand on the European market will result in breaking new records by Turkey. Together with the growth in demand we have to realize also an increase in income per seat. Then we will achieve a higher ranking in next year’s Capital 500 List.”
Since 2011 Corendon Airlines has succeeded to be included in one of the most prestigious researches in our branch and to be mentioned in the Capital 500 and the Fortune 500 Lists. In the recently published Fortune 500 List, evaluating enterprises on their net turnover, yield-loss before interest/tax, assets and debets, our international airline company for the seventh time was ranked as 271st among the “500 greatest companies in Turkey”.