Corendon Airlines Group

Corendon Airlines Grup

The first flight of Corendon Airlines, established in 2005 as the first airline company of the Corendon Tourism Group, took place on April 12th 2005 with a flight from Eindhoven to Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul.

The journey of our brand began with the slogan “Make a difference!”. In the company’s 14th year, and with the addition of sister companies Corendon Dutch Airlines and Corendon Airlines Europe, Corendon Airlines flies to 145 destinations in 45 countries and transports 3 million passengers each year, positioning itself among the important airline companies in Turkey and Europe.

Corendon Airlines: established in 2005 and flies under the Turkish flag with a fleet of 11 aircraft to tourist destinations in many countries, especially European ones).

Corendon Airlines Europe: established in 2017 with the goal of operating flights between European countries. Flies under the Malta flag with a fleet of 3 aircraft from Germany, Austria, Estonia and Poland to tourist destinations in Turkey, Egypt and Greece.

Corendon Dutch Airlines: established in 2011 and flies under the Dutch flag with a fleet of 3 aircraft from Holland to several European countries.

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