An Award For Corendon From Germany

The Corendon Tourism Group, standing out for its investments and innovations, was granted the most prestigious tourism multimedia award in Germany “The Golden Citygate” for its newest project “Mission 747”
In February 2019, after a trip across a highway, ditches and through meadows, the oldest Boeing747 Jumbo Jet in the world was installed in the garden of Corendon Village Hotel, the largest hotel in the Benelux. The film “Mission 747” that was made about this event was granted the most prestigious tourism, multimedia award of Germany. The ceremony of the Golden Citygate award took place during the Tourism Fair Berlin (ITB). “Missions 747” was chosen the most successful project in the category “Best Film of an Event”.
According to the announcement of the Jury, the most interesting images of the “Mission 747” project, elected by a 45 persons jury among which the owner of Steinberger Hotels, Christine Steinberger and awarded the first prize, were the shots taken during the transportation of the aircraft sprayed in Corendon colours through 18 meadows, countless ditches and across the busy A9 highway.
The film, covered widely in the world media and attended by 5 thousand reporters, was made by Swen Klawunder. The approximately two minutes film “Mission 747” was emitted by several media and watched by millions of viewers.
During a visit to the Corendon stand, Enrique Lepehne, vice President of the competition, organized each year during the course of the International Tourism Fair in Berlin to encourage creativity and innovation in tourism, handed the award to Yıldıray Karaer, Chairman of the Board of the Corendon Tourism Group. In the course of the award ceremony Karaer held a short speech, in which he emphasized that Corendon since its establishment in 1997 always has been a company of innovation and creativity and that the newest “Mission 747” project once more is proof of renewing creativity with the transportation of a Jumbo Jet across a highway. This transportation project received great attention from the Dutch public and was covered widely in the world press. “This kind of great and sensational projects attracts the attention in Europe. A Jumbo Jet that was transported across one of the most busy highways in Amsterdam has generated many reactions. There certainly will be a lot of interest for the official inauguration in September 2019 of the Boeing 747, now stationed in the garden of the Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam. We will use the aircraft to create for our guests some interesting aviation related experiences and the aircrafts will be equipped with 5 D flight simulation”. said Karaer.
Watch the “Mission 747” film of Swen Klawunder:
The Golden Citygate Award:
The Golden Citygate award is one of the most prestigious awards in the tourism industry and since 2001 it is awarded each yearduring the İnternational Tourism Fair Berlin (ITB). The competition was the initiative of one of Germany’s best known promotion film producers, Wolfgang Huschert and awards are given to categories such as city tourism, destinations, hotels, management, travels, sport, music, websites, innovations and media text.
Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam:
Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam is located close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is the nineth hotel of Corendon, a company with a high brand recognition in Holland and Belgium. With 680 rooms, divided over 3 different hotelbuildings, the Corendon Village Hotel is the biggest hotel in the Benelux, located in the old Sony Headquarters, one of the symbolic buildings in Amsterdam, and after a renovation it was opened in may 2018.
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