Antalya Airport Welcomed 10 Millionth Passenger

Turkey’s favouritte holiday destination Antalya wellcomed 10 Millionth Passenger on 21’st of October with the Corendon Airlines Eindhoven-Antalya flight.


ICF and Corendon Airlines met with the organization of a special event in 10-millionth passenger of the Antalya Airport. Dutch Van den Bersselaar family was surprised when the aircraft’s door was opened and welcomed by the Corendon Airlines & ICF executives. Passenger Martyn Van Den Bersselaar stated that; it was the one of the most surprising moment of his life when he saw the celebrations. Van den Bersselaar family went to their hotel in Antalya-Side with their two children following the celebrations and awarded surprise flight tickets& accommodation prize’s.

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