Corendon Airlines in Capital 500 List for the Seventh Time!

Corendon Airlines has made it into the Capital 500 List for the seventh time and was listed 396th among the 500 biggest companies in Turkey.
Since 1999, Capital Magazine has published the results of research surrounding the 500 biggest private companies in Turkey based on annual turnover. Corendon Airlines has been ranked in the Capital 500 List for the seventh consecutive time, securing 396th place. Olcay Türker, Corendon Airlines’ CFO, stated that he was proud and pleased to have been listed among the “500 biggest private companies in Turkey” every year since 2011 and said: “despite all the crises in our sector and region, we have again succeeded in achieving a ranking among the 500 greatest private enterprises in Turkey.”
Türker remarked that 2016 was very difficult for Turkey and its tourism. “The negative developments of the past year in the tourism sector were especially significant in our main markets of Holland and Belgium. We at Corendon Airlines took the necessary action to improve these conditions and turned our attention to alternative markets. With our first flight to Ekaterinburg, we have now adopted Russia in our flight network. On the other hand, the declining interest in our country has resulted in new strategies and we have decided to let our aircrafts to other companies. Especially for enterprises operating in the touristic center of Antalya, it has been a disappointing year. But we have nevertheless managed to become the third biggest enterprise in Antalya.” said Türker. He added that Corendon Airlines is celebrating its 13th year in the air this year and that “after establishing the second company Corendon Dutch Airlines in 2017, a third company has now been established in Europe called Corendon Airlines Europe. In addition, a brand new Boeing 737-800NG has now joined our fleet for the first time. We are continuing to invest and grow.”
Since 2011, Corendon Airlines has been included in some of the most prestigious research in our sector and been listed in the Capital 500 and Fortune 500 Lists. In the recently published Fortune 500 List, which evaluates enterprises based on their net turnover, profit and loss before interest/tax, assets and debts, our international airline company was ranked among the “500 greatest companies in Turkey” (284th place) for the sixth time.
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