Corendon Airlines New Safety Demo

Fasten your seat belts for “285 Seconds Journey of Turkey” with Corendon Airlines!

Corendon Airlines introduces Turkey in its new flight safety video. Corendon Airlines has launched its 2016 summer season safety video expressing the routine inflight safety demonstrations in a playful manner through the impressions of several tourist groups exploring Turkey.

The Hollywoodish film that is assertive with its scenario and visual quality received a lot of praise from the digital media audience. 

The film was produced by the Publicity Agency ID Istanbul and was directed by Alican Zeren. It took 2 months to shoot the “285 Second Journey of Turkey" in 8 different holiday destinations of Turkey and 95 team member worked for production. A Boeing 737-800 model plane, stuck on the Lara beach in Antalya is the star of the film.  

Corendon Airlines will continue to contribute to the publicity for Turkey and produce new films about Turkey’s winter tourism and other significant touristic offerings.


Film Details 


Youtube link:

Publicity Commission:                     Corendon Airlines 

Advertiser Representative:             Tuğba Özkan Güner

Publicity Agency:                              ID Istanbul

Production Company:                      Red Elephant

Film Director:                                    Alican Zeren

Post Production:                             ABT Istanbul

Color:                                              Sinefekt

Music:                                              Purple Music Factory

Media Agency:                                Hype

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