Corendon Airlines Presents Its Second Flight Safety Film At Karsu's Concert

Corendon Airlines presents again a special flight safety film, starring the Corendon Vitality Hotel in Amsterdam in the role of an airport.  
In the first flight safety movie “285 Seconds Journey of Turkey”, commissioned last year by touristic airtransportation-expert Corendon Airlines, the focus point was Turkey as a touristic country. In the new Corendonfilm “737 Room of Journey”, flight safety rules are demonstrated in Hollywood style during a sequence of amusing holiday events, happening in a hotel. All movie scenes, from SPA until the restaurant, were completely taken in the Corendon Vitality Hotel. The most remarkable scenes were filmed in Room 737, the Cockpit Suite, with a real airplane cockpit integrated in the room. 
The presentation of the movie, gathering a lot of interest just like the first film, took place during a concert in Antalya given by the Turkish jazz artist Karsu Dönmez, who resides in Holland and composed the music for this movie. For this concert Corendon staff and special guests were invited and the first presentation to the public the movie received an big applause.
Corendon Tourism Group co-founder and CEO, Yıldıray Karaer commented on the flight safety movie “737 Room of Journey” as follows: “With our first flight safety film last year we introduced Turkey to our customers. After that first movie, that has gathered quite a lot of interest, we have made a new film, that will be played on board of our aircrafts during the coming winter months. We very specifically decided to shoot the movie in the Corendon Vitality Hotel, as it has a room with an airplane cockpit integrated in it. With our choice for the Vitality Hotel we want to show to our customers, and  emphasize, that we do not only operate in civil aviation, but also the hotel business and other touristic sectors. The film takes place inside a hotel and it is a composition of holiday events. Turkish artist Karsu Dönmez, who resides in Holland, has composed the music for the film, that begins with her playing the piano in the restaurant and it ends in the Cockpit Suite.” Karaer reminded that films about flight safety  are often associated with dull animationfilms or demonstrations. “We want to change this impression by an approach that creates positive feelings and we want our customers to know Corendon better. Therefore we will continue to make much discussed movies about flight safety.” said Karaer, adding that there are plans to produce a winter holiday movie about Turkey in the future.
The flight safety film “737 Room of Journey” was realized by ID212 Reklam Ajansı and produced by the Amsterdam BigShots B.V. Production company, while the wellknown Dutch director Bram Koopman was the director of the film. A team of 65 professionals shot all scenes in two days and during these two days Corendon Vitality Hotel, including the real cockpit, was transformed into a real filmset. From 1st November 2016 the new movie on flight safety will be shown in all 14 aircrafts of Corendon Airlines.
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Commissioned by: Corendon Airlines
Contact:                            Tuğba Özkan Güner
Publicity Agent: ID212
Production Company: Big Shots B.V.
Post Production: Big Shots B.V.
Director:               Bram Koopman
Producer:                          Mitchell Duffree 
Music:                                Karsu Dönmez
Corendon Airlines
Corendon Airlines, established in 2005 as part of the Corendon Tourism Group, transports 2,5 million travellers to Turkey each year and has developed in a short time of 12 years into the airline that carries most tourists to Turkey. Together with its sister company Corendon Dutch Airlines, each season flights are executed with 14 aircrafts. Due to continuous investments in the operation network and publicity activities, the company’s name is becoming associated with Turkey holiday especially in Dutch, Belgian, Scandinavian and German markets.
Corendon Airlines is part of the Corendon Tourism Group established in 1997. The group has also Corendon Travel, which is one of the largest travel organizations in Holland and Belgium; Corendon Hotels and Resorts is a hotel chain with 10 hotels and its own incoming companies, under the same roof.
Corendon Vitality Hotel 
Corendon Vitality Hotel in Amsterdam is one of the most recent investments of Corendon Hotels and Resorts. The hotel is a synthesis of Turkish and Dutch culture. It offers an outstanding concept and with its SPA, including a Turkish hamam, it ranks among the best hotels in the city. The Corendon Vitality Hotel in Amsterdam offers 263 rooms and it stands out worldwide from all other hotels due to a real Boeing 737 cockpit that is integrated into the “737 Cockpit Suite” on the seventh floor. The Cockpit Suite, including meeting spaces and a real flight simulator, is available for business meetings and it offers its guests an unforgettable experience.
Karsu Dönmez
From Carnegie Hall in New York to the North Sea Jazz Festival, Karsu Dönmez has performed concerts on all the important stages in the world and received tremendous applause. Jazz, blues, soul, funk and Turkish music are blended into, what she calls, “Karsu music”, that she performs on stage. She often  performs worldwide and in Europe. In Turkey she gave concerts in Istanbul, Alanya, Ankara and  performed at the Akbank Jazz Festival, where her music was welcomed warmly. Not only does she play the piano, she also is a excellent singer, lyrics composer, music composer and arranger. Besides her own compositions in the English language, she also performs Turkish songs, such as “Divane Aşık Gibi”, “Geci Bağları”, “Domates Biber Patlıcan”, “Neredesin Sen”. This year Karsu Dönmez, as first Turkish artist, has received the prestigious Dutch Edison Award.
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