Corendon Airlines Produced Once More An Extraordinary Flight Safety Film!

Corendon Airlines, which has drawn attention to itself with its special and amusing flight safety films, has produced yet another new safety film showing the safety rules in fun 3D animation.
As one of the important touristic airline companies in Turkey, Corendon Airlines has once more managed to capture flight safety and destination information on film in a very special way. For three years now, Corendon Airlines has been very successful each season with films about flight safety produced in a very special way. The newest film explains the safety rules to passengers using animated pictures. Unlike the two previous films, Corendon Airlines this time engages the passenger in a 3-dimensional animation world and creates an incomparable atmosphere full of holiday colours and images.
An animated world … beautiful summer colours … positive feelings for a holiday mood
In the new film a Corendon Airlines cabin crew member informs, in a friendly manner and in a holiday atmosphere, about the flight safety rules that are visualized with animation techniques. Baboon Studio was behind the illustrations and the production of this film, which was realized by a team of 28 persons. The agency ID212 was responsible for the creativity of this project, as in the previous two other films “737 Room of a Journey” and “In 285 Seconds an Adventure in Turkey”.
Tuğba Güner, Corendon Airlines Director for Communication, explained the new safety film: “Films about flight safety contain life-saving information in cases of emergency. Therefore all passengers should carefully watch the safety instructions when travelling on aircraft. Being Corendon Airlines, we wanted to present the safety information to our passengers in a funny and special way. The first film produced in 2016, known in the tourist industry as “safety film”, was also produced to promote Turkey. The safety rules on board were shown in a Hollywood manner with Turkey’s incomparable beauty in the background. After this film, a second film was made in which the Group’s chain hotel Vitality Hotel in Amsterdam featured as decor for airport and flight procedures. We hope that our passengers will like and value this new film” said Güner.
In April 2018 the new film, which informs about Corendon Airlines safety rules in a specal way, will be shown on board all Corendon Airlines aircraft.
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