Corendon Airlines shows the 2016 uniforms for the cabin crew to the press!

At the beginning of 2015 Corendon Airlines changed its company’s logo that has been used from the establishment of the company. With the new, everlasting, playful and more holiday reflecting logo Corendon Airlines changed its image and now the uniforms that the cabin crew will wear in the 2016 season are renewed.
The new uniforms, designed by the wellknown Dutch fashion designer Bas Van Wayenburg, are produced from quality fabrics and to enhance the comfort for the crew nano technology was applied. During the course of the design special attention was given to simplicity, dynamics and a modern charisma. The uniforms, expected by the cabin crew with high anticipation, consist of a shirt/blouse, jacket, vest and trouser/skirt. The new Corendon logo colours, red, blue and yellow, appear in the design of the shawl and tie and they add colour and dynamic to the uniforms.
The cabin crewmembers employed by Corendon Airlines amounts to 240 in total, of which 180 women and 60 men.
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