Corendon Among The Cleanest Airlines Worldwide

In the classification of cleanest aircompanies in the World, based on the CO2 emission per passenger, international charter company Corendon Airlines was ranked 4th, in the classification of cleanest aircompany in Turkey it was ranked 1st.
In countries as Germany, Holland, Belgium and Scandinavian countries, Corendon Airlines is immediately linked to Turkey and thanks to the quantity of passengers, Corendon contributes considerably to Turkish tourism. Corendon has realized a new success. In the 2016 research of Atmosfair, an organization established in 2004 by the German Ministry for Environment, conducting environment and climate protection research in the framework of tourism, Corendon Airlines was ranked 4th in the classification of cleanest aircompanies in the World, based on the CO2 emission per passenger; in the classification of cleanest aircompanies in Turkey Corendon was ranked 1st.  Based on independent data from ICAO, IATA, OAG and FlightGlobal, in the “Atmosfair Airline Index 2016” research more than 200 aircompanies were ranked for the quantity of CO2 emission in nature, according to the types of aircrafts in their fleet, the motors, the passenger’s and cargo capacity, flight distance and the occupancy.
The Corendon Airlines’ Difference!
Thanks to the advantageous passenger’s and cargo occupancy on middle long international direct flights Corendon Airlines, with its fleet of 11 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts releasing minor emission in nature thanks to economic fuel policy and decrease of CO2, in the general classification ranked 4th with 80,4 points among all airline companies in the World; on flights longer than 3800 km Corendon was ranked 2nd with 81,3 points. This research is done every year and is followed closely by the climate-change and environment-protection minded European tourist.
Report of the Atmosfair research is available:
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