Corendon IOSA Certified

To the investments made by Corendon Airlines recently, concerning customers contentment and flight safety, a new element was added. Corendon has completed the procedure of the IOSA certificate.  Of the approximately 5000 airline companies worldwide, Corendon is one of the 389 companies to achieve the right of this certificate.

After a one year period of control and adjustment Corendon Airlines  obtained the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) certificate that was granted by one of the most authorized aviation organisations, the  IATA (International Air Transport Association). To receive this certificate is of great importance for a civil aviation company. It is recommanded and supported by the Directorate of Civil Aviation to obtain this certificate, as it helps raising the standards of civil aviation in our country. As far as it concerns the operational standards and control, companies with an IOSA certificate are registered by one of the most authorized organisations in the field of civil aviation and their operational safety standards are approved. The safety policy and implementations followed by companies with such a certificate are undersigned by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). Out of a prestigious point of view the certificate carries a great importance in the  civil aviation world.

Chairman of the Board, Mr. Yıldıray Karaer, issueing a statement on behalf of Corendon Airlines, remarked: “ For an airline company, transporting 2 million travellers each year as from the end of 2012, the safety and the operational quality is of great importance for us. The IOSA certificate is a programme requiring complete dedication and deals with control of the organisation, quality, flight operations, operation control, flight instructions, maintenance, technics, cabine, ground operations, luggage and safety. Next to the obligatory legal civil aviation standards the airline company has to fulfil certain safety conditions during the participation of the programme. Then follows an application to be controlled by one of the 8 independent by IATA accredited control-organisations in the world. It is a reason to be proud to harvest the fruits of our 100% flight safety policy, that we have followed without a compromise up to now.”

Regarding the plans for the future, Mr. Karaer added “ In the period ahead of us,  with the support of the Directorate of Civil Aviation,  we hope to realise the “Green Airport Project”.”

IOSA Operator Certificate

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