Corendon's First Wide Framed Aircraft Landed In Amsterdam!

To be placed in the garden of Corendon’s recently opened hotel, Corendon Village Hotel in Amsterdam, the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet purchased from KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, landed on Schiphol Airport.
After it was painted in the Corendon colour and flew its last flight to Amsterdam, the aircraft was welcomed with a ceremony by a delegation of Corendon and Schiphol Airport officials. The “City of Bangkok” named Boeing 747-400 aircarft was accompanied from the runway to the platform by the wellknown yellow cars of Schiphol Airport. Until the integration in the garden of the Village Hotel in February 2019 the aircraft will stay in the hangar of Schiphol Airport.
In May 2018 Corendon has opened close to the airport of Amsterdam its nineth hotel, the Corendon Village Hotel, the biggest hotel in the Benelux. Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam, an investment of 80 million Euros, consists of three different buildings with 676 rooms. The Boeing 747-400, that will be placed in the garden of the Village Hotel and will be used as a restaurant, cafe and library.
Second Corendon hotel with an aircraft
Corendon, including one of the biggest travel organisations in Holland and Belgium Corendon Travel, an incoming company, an airline with a fleet of 16 aircrafts and a hotel chain with 9 hotels, has integrated earlier a Boeing 737 in its first hotel in Amsterdam, Corendon City Hotel and uses it nowadays for training and simulation. Corendon, enjoying a great mark familiarity in Holland and Belgium, will integrate the Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet in the garden of Corendon Village Hotel. How this will be done, is already now a great topic in the Dutch media.
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