In three days time Corendon Airlines Has Started Flights From Three New Airports

Corendon Airlines, unstoppably growing in the German market, has started in three days time new flights to Antalya from important German cities Friedrichshafen, Bremen and Rostock 
Corendon Airlines, opening a new base in Münster just a week ago and realizing from there the first flight to Rhodes, has started in the past three days new flights from three German cities. On the occasion of the first Corendon flights from three important German cities, Friedrichshafen, Bremen and Rostock to Antalya, the Corendon aircrafts after landing were welcomed by watercannons for a traditional watershower, while the crew received flowers from airport officials.
Yıldıray Karaer, Chairman of the Board of Corendon Airlines declared: “Together with the start of the new season we have started in three days time from three new airports flights to touristic destinations. This year there is an increasing demand from Germany for our flights to Turkey, the Greek islands, the Spanish islands and Egypt. We expect to realize a growth of 150% this year in this market. With the first flights of this season we wish our company and our country lots of success.” said Karaer.
For more information on Corendon Airlines flights, or to book a flight ticket go to, or phone the call center, telephone number:  44 44 737.
Flights, operated until October 2019, from newly added airports to our flight network, departing from:
Friedrichshafen (FDH)
Antalya (AYT): Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Bremen (BRE)
Antalya (AYT): Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday                     
Hurhada (HRG): Monday and Thursday                                                   
Heraklion (HER): Thursday and Sunday                                                      
Kos (KGS): Saturday                                                                                                                        
Rodos (RHO): Tuesday                                                                                                          
Rostock (RLG)
Antalya (AYT): Tuesday and Sunday                                                            
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