Two Dutch Awards at once for Corendon

Based on the research of Holland’s well-known research company Q&A Research and Consultancy, Corendon has been given the award for “Best Tour Operator” in the “Sun Holidays” category. Moreover, Corendon co-founder Atılay Uslu was awarded the honorary title of “Travel Personality of the Year”.


Corendon, one of the largest tourism groups in Europe and in Turkey, has made its mark in the results of an independent panel inquiry executed by the research company Q&A Research and Consultancy. During the annual Netherlands Travel Gala held in the “Studio’s Aalsmeer” (near Amsterdam), the awards were presented and Corendon received the award for “Best Tour Operator” in the “Sun Holidays” category. On this same occasion, Atılay Uslu, co-founder of Corendon, was honoured with the title of “Travel Personalıty of the Year”.


The results of the inquiry held among the guests present showed an average mark of 8.8 (out of a possible 10) for Corendon and the general opinion of Corendon was “excellent travel at excellent prices”. Furthermore, people considered the service to be “of a high level” and that the information provided by Corendon was “honest and correct”.


Atılay Uslu “Travel Personality of the Year”

The positive results were reason for the professional jury to award Atılay Uslu, co-founder of the Corendon Tourism Group, the honorary title of “Travel Personality of the Year”. According to the jury, Atılay Uslu is a first class entrepreneur with courage, creativity and versatility and as such, is a worthy recipient of this prize .

The jury report states: “He does not shy away from taking on several projects at the same time when he sees an opportunity for success. A real Travel Personality”. Atılay Uslu was delighted: “We are very pleased to have received two awards at once that are based on the results of a major Holland research company like Q&A Research and Consultancy. Customer satisfaction is always top priority at the Corendon Tourism Group. We are proud to have received these awards and they motivate us to continue. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the inquiry as well as the members of the jury.”

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