Flights to Bucharest

On the Corendon Airlines internet site direct flights to Bucharest are available, departing from one of the best known holiday destinations in Turkey, Antalya. By far the easiest and most pleasant way to discover Bucharest is with Corendon Airlines, where holiday fun starts on board.


Bucharest Holiday

The capital of Romania, Bucharest is a city that lives up to its nickname “Small Paris”. Theaters, opera buildings, museums, green parks, melodies throughout the city played by musicians in small streets, are the features of a remarkable Bucharest holiday, that has become the focus point of tourists nowadays. From hunderds of years old church buildings to office buildings constructed from glass, from flat buildings dating back to the socialist regime to modern architecture, Bucharest shows many different faces.
Hint: after discovering and enjoying the versatility of this city, you could make a trip by train from Station North in Bucharest to Transsylvania. After a two hours train trip you will arrive in Transsylvania with its castles that remind of fairy tales.

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Bucharest Airport and Transportation                              

Bucharest, one of the best known capitals with the highest population rate in Southeast Europe, is connected to the rest of the world by the international Bucharest Henri Coanda Airport OTP. Transportation from this busy airport to the city is rather easy. At the end of the nineties of the last century the airport was renovated and expanded and nowadays it is connected to the city by the Henri Coanda Train Express. This train connection to Station North in the city, is accessible from the airport by shuttle to a train station about 2 kilometers ahead. From Station North in Bucharest you can continue your travel by metro or bus. Another transportation option between the city and the airport is bus 780, driving to Station North, and bus 783 driving straight to the city center. Besides this, it is possble to rent a car from one of the car rental companies at the exit of the Bucharest airport, and travel to the city.

Direct Bucharest Flights                                                                

With direct Bucharest flights Corendon Airlines offers the opportunity to fly to this city quickly and for an advantageous price. Once a week there is a flight from Bucharest on the Antalya – Bucharest line. With the flight between one of the most important holiday destinations in Turkey, Antalya and Bucharest, Corendon Airlines includes Romania to it flight network. 

Bucharest Suggestions                                        

Thanks to a diversity in geography Bucharest offers several opportunities for holiday tours, that will please everyone. This city is full of history and nature; from famous squares, green parks to historic buildings, that attract the attention of tourists. There are several places of interest in Bucharest that every tourist should visit.

Square of Revolution

To understand the history of Bucharest a visit to the Square of Revolution is necessary. Located on “Victory Street”, Square of Revolution takes its name from the 1989 Revolution. Due to a regime change this former royal palace nowadays is used as a national art museum and also has a concert hall and houses the library of the Bucharest University as well.

Romanian Atheneum

One of the icons of the city is the Romanian Atheneum. It is one of the places of interest worth to visit. This Concert Hall of the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra was built in 1888. If you have time to attend a concert in this hall, it certainly will contribute to understand this city better.

Large Fountain

If you want to change Bucharest’s history for some nature, then you should pay a visit to several parks in this city. The first choice should be Fountain Park in the center of Bucharest, constructed in 1847. The park exhibits different statues and takes its name from two fountains, that were looked after by Siulgi Dumitru-Basa. 

Dimitrie Gusti National Open Air Museum 

At the end of Herastrau Park is one of the largest open air museums in the world, exhibiting Romanian village life. The buildings in this park were all selected because they are a perfect example of Romanian village architecture and they were transported from their original locations and rebuilt in the park, that is certainly worth to visit.         

Caru cu Bere Restaurant

If you are looking for a special location to dine and to witness interaction between tourists and local people in a good atmosphere, then you should try Caru’cu Bere (the beer wagon). This historic restaurant from 1879 offers the opportunity to taste traditional specialities.
Hint: Bucharest is a city attracting tourists in all seasons. However the months June/July are ideal for holiday. From August onwards the Bucharest climate is warm, and therefore it is wise to plan your holiday earlier, or choose a winter holiday.

Bucharest Accommodation                                                

In every season Bucharest welcomes tourists and the city offers for everyone’s budget and preference suitable hotel accommodation. While searching for hotel and ticketdeals it is our advice to book early if you are limited to a budget. The best hotel accommodation is located in the center of Bucharest. Outside the historic city center, where you can reach everything easily, you could consider to stay overnight in the Tineretului district, good accessible by public transportation. Bucharest accommodation options offers a scale of good hotels from all inclusive luxury hotels to budget friendly hostels. The only thing you have to do to benefit from an accommodationdeal is to book early.
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