Flights to Cologne

As the Corendon Airlines' Cologne flights start you can fly to different holiday regions in the world from this city with more than 2000 years of history. From Cologne/Bonn Airport CGN departing flights will carry you to holiday regions in Turkey and holiday destinations in Greece. There are also flights from Cologne to holiday destinations in Egypt and Spain. Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, offers you the opportunity to benefit from Cologne flight deals so you can fully enjoy your holiday. Have a good flight!

Flights to Cologne for a price starting from €39.99

  • Antalya Airport (AYT)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 29.06.2020

    from €39.99
  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 26.06.2020

    from €56.99
  • Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 12.01.2021

    from €65.99
  • Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 03.09.2021

    from €65.99
  • Hurghada International Airport (HRG)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 06.07.2020

    from €85.99
  • Fuerteventura Airport (FUE)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 28.06.2020

    from €65.99
  • Kazantzakis International Airport (HER)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 01.05.2021

    from €55.99
  • Rhodes International Airport (RHO)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 05.05.2021

    from €55.99
  • Kayseri Airport (ASR)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 26.06.2020

    from €58.99
  • Kos International Airport (KGS)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 05.07.2020

    from €55.99
  • Tenerife South Airport (TFS)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 11.01.2021

    from €65.99
  • Trabzon Airport (TZX)Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN)
    Departure Date 29.06.2020

    from €58.99


Cologne Flights

From Cologne, a city located on the banks of river Rhine, holiday locations in Turkey, holiday destinations in Greece and holiday regions in Egypt have become very close. With Corendon Airlines flights departing from Cologne/Bonn airport it is possible from now on to fly to Spanish holiday islands for very suitable prices. Moreover, Corendon Airlines flights carry you to Cologne so you can discover this old city and visit the beautiful Cathedral of Cologne, included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List, or admire the elegant Hohenzollern Bridge over the river Rhine and spend a day in entertainmentpark Phantasialand. Cologne summer holiday means for the citizens of Cologne holiday destinations in Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Spain, while for tourists to Cologne it means chocolate, architecture and entertainment.
Cologne summer holiday hint: The best period to visit and explore Cologne are the months of July and August, because then there is the least chance of rain and from time to time temperature may go up to more than 30 degrees.

How To Find Cheap Cologne Flight Tickets?

Cologne flight tickets are offered by Corendon Airlines on its internet site for advantageous prices. Cologne ticket deals, periodically published on the internet site for visitors, give you the opportunity to enjoy for very reasonable prices the view over the river Rhine and admire its beauty; to visit Ludwig museum and Augustusburg with its eye catching rococo details, or to walk around in the Falkenlust palaces. Cheap Cologne flight tickets with travel extra’s are available on Corendon Airlines’ internet site. The sooner you arrange your travel the more chance you have to find a Cologne departure, or a Cologne arrival flight for a suitable price. Booking of a cheap Cologne flight ticket and beautiful holidays for the best prices is possible at Corendon Airlines. The only thing you have to do is to choose a Cologne flight ticket suitable for you travel dates and make a reservation. When you choose from the Cologne flight deals then you will get the most advantageous price even for the high season.
Cheap Cologne flight tickets hint: The most practical way to book a ticket is 2 month prior to your travel dates. If you book travel extra’s, such as extra baggage right, seat choice and meals on boardat the same time when you are booking your Cologne flight ticket, then you increase your profit.

Cologne Airport and Transportation

Keulen/Bonn Airport CGN is the airport for the German cities of Cologne and Bonn. It is the seventh biggest airport in Germany for passenger’s traffic and the third largest airport for cargo transportation. Cologne/Bonn airport CGN is located at a distance of 14 kilometers from Cologne and 16 kilometers from Bonn. For both cities this airport is the most suitable departure point to popular holiday destinations. The airport’s internet site shows the Cologne/Bonn airport CGN departure and arrival times.

Cologne Airport Transportation

Cologne/Bonn airport CGN has a good developed infrasturcture and offers travellers different options. From the airport you can take the train, stopping at the airport, or drive over the A59 autobahn to the center of Cologne and Bonn. Bus 161 drives to the center of Cologne and Bus SB60 goes from Cologne/Bonn airport CGN to the center of Bonn.
Cologne/Bonn airport tip: This airport has a crowded travellers traffic and processes since 2017 12 million passengers a year. To avoid discomfort due to overcrowding it is advisable to be in the airport at least 2 hours prior to the departure time of your flight.

Cologne direct Flights to other Cities

With the start in 2019 of Cologne direct flights Corendon Airlines offers tourists the opportunity to travel quick and for a advantageous price to their holiday destinations. Thus, you can explore holiday regions without stretching your budget. Corendon Airlines enables you to enjoy the turquoise blue water of the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea with Turkey flights, or explore the underwater life of the Red Sea with Egypt flights, or experience the relaxed and peacefulness of island life with Greece flights. Corendon Airlines Spain flights will introduce you to the magnificent geography of the Canary Islands and allow you to experience an unforgettable holiday concept. For periodically offered, reasonable prices there are flights from Cologne to Hurghada in Egypt, known for its long holiday season; to several locations in Greece; to popular holiday destinations in Spain and to the coastal regions in Turkey. Corendon Airlines’ Cologne ticket deals are available on this page.

Cologne Suggestions

There are many locations and festivities to discover in Cologne, one of the most popular cities in Germany. You will be surprised about the rich culture and the diversity of interesting places and events that the city of Cologne has to offer to tourists. As it is a multi-cultural city, Cologne’s food culture includes cuisine-examples from all over the world. Besides local specialities, Cologne also offers cuisine from immigration countries.

Cologne Holiday Sightseeing

One of the things you absolutely should do during a holiday in Cologne is to make a boattrip on the river Rhine. This large, powerful river contributes to the characteristics of Cologne and it flows along the most important locations in this city, making it extremely suited for a boattrip. A boattrip on the Rhine lasts about one hour and it allows you to feel the atmosphere and see importants locations in Cologne. If you want to view Cologne from above, then you can take the aerial cableway.  From the cableway there is a beautiful panoramic view over the city and that is the reason why tourists prefer this.
The cathedral of Cologne is a place of interest you absolutely have to visit when you go on a city tour, as well as the old city center and the botanic garden in Cologne. The cathedral was built in the Middle Ages. It has 157 meters high twin towers and a beautifully ornamented interior. In Cologne’s old citycenter are many boutiques, galleries, cafes and restaurants, where you can rest and experience the ambiance. The old Town House is also worth a visit. The botanic garden of Cologne was layed out in the 19th century and it contains more than 10 thousand different plant species, of which the tropical plants in the greenhouses are worth a visit.

Cologne Cuisine

When you mention the word Cologne, one immediately associates it with chocolate. In Cologne there even is a chocolate museum, indicating how much this city is linked to the taste of chocolate. The Cologne Chocolate Museum is located on the banks of the river Rhine and houses an interactive exhibition with lots of information about the production of cocoa and a colourful ceramic collection shows how chocolate was brought from Mid and South America. There even is an enormous chocolate fontain in the museum. If you want to try German cuisine in Cologne, then you could choose a location such as Funkhaus, located next to the Cologne Cathedral. For evening dinner Haxenhaus is a good choice. Lambstew with couscous is an example of multi-cultural gastronomy in Cologne, an ideal choice.

Cologne Weather

Cologne is influenced by a sea climate with moderate winds and warm days. Rainfall in Cologne is above the German average and that is why the best period to visit Cologne are the months of July and August. During these months there is little rainfall in Cologne and temperatures are higher than in the rest of the year

Cologne Accommodation

If you want to spend a advantageous holiday, then you should control and compare Cologne hotel and flight deals for some time. Corendon Airlines has offers with which you can fly to Cologne during a big part of the year for very reasonable prices. For accommodation deals the rule is: the sooner you make your reservation the better it is. Cologne accommodation options offer convenient opportunities to different holiday profiles, such as groups of friends, families or singles. When you stay in a city hotel in the center of Cologne, then you will experience a holiday in specific city style, while a stay in one of the big hotels at the outskirts of the city allows you to benefit from rich services. To benefit fully from Cologne hotels and flight deals it is wise to start to investigate and book at least 3 month prior to your travel dates.


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