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Federal state Bavaria is located North of the Alp mountain range and follows the Isar river for 295 kilometers. Munich is the capital where you will experience a marvellous holiday while walking through streets that have witnessed German history. With Corendon Airlines flights you can travel comfortably to Munich airport. Due to its central location this city has developed into a metropolis but succeeded to keep its own identity. With this mini guide you can prepare yourself for your Munich holiday. Have a good flight!

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  • Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)Munich Airport (MUC)
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Munich Holiday

Irrespective of the season in which you have planned your Munich holiday, this city certainly will offer you something of interest. In wintertime you can do your Christmas shopping on Marienplatz and in summertime it is wonderful to enjoy a walk through the almost 4 square kilometers big Englischer Garten in the middle of the city. Moreover, it is possible to extend your holiday roundtrip by flying from Munich with Corendon, the Airlines where holiday fun starts on board, to Turkey holiday destinations.
Munich hint: Marienplatz with its impressive city hall is a convenient spot to participate in a exploration walk and buy presents and souvenirs. This is one of the locations in the innercity that is easy to reach with public transportation to spend some hours and watch the 12 o’clock ceremony.

Find cheap Munich flight tickets

From Izmir departing Munich flight tickets are available on Corendon Airlines internet site and easy to book, so you can start to program you holiday immediately. You can check Munich ticket deals on Corendon Airlines internet site to find an advantageous and pleasant flights to this city with the most beautiful German castles and stunning nature. In order to benefit from cheap Munich flight tickets it is wise to decide and book your flight as early as possible. If it appears not possible to make an early reservation, then checking last minute Munich flights could be worthwhile. Combined with travel-extra’s, such as seat choice, meal on board and extra bagage right Corendon Airlines offers these for advantageous prices, so your travel budget will not suffer much.

Munich Airport and Transportation

Munich Airport MUC is the second busiest airport in Germany and processes yearly approximately 45 million travellers. The airport, located northeast of Munich, offers different transportations opportunities to the city. Besides S8 and S1 trains to the suburbs of Munich, there are also regional trains to several districts in Germany. Public transportation takes you in an hour from the airport to the city center. By car it is a 30 minutes drive.

Munich Airport transportation

The airport is not very far from the city center and transportation choices are plenty. Munich airport is easy to reach by train, taxi, transfer services, private car and even by bus from Freising or Erfurt.

Munich Airport train

From the train station located close to the terminalbuilding on the airport, trains depart to Vienna, Frankfurt and Berlin, from where you easily can switch to other big cities.

Munich Airport car rent

On the airport are offices where you can rent a car for daily use, or if you wish so rent a luxury limousine. Although Munich public transportation is well structured we advise you to rent a car if you intend to visit places of interest outside the city center of Munich.
Munich Airport hint: Terminal 2 on the airport, full of shops and cafe’s and location of the communication tower to arrange ground services, is known as the best terminal building in the world.

Munich Direct Flights

CorendonAirlines’ Munich direct flights are comfortable and pleasant. Scheduled Germany Munich flights are available on the Corendon Airlines internet site.

Izmir – Munich flights 

Munich – Izmir: This is one of the most popular regular services of Corendon Airlines and is listed in the category of Turkey flights. From Izmir, one of the biggest cities in Turkey you can fly with Corendon Airlines comfortably to Munich, the capital of Bavaria.

Munich Suggestions

For hundreds of years Munich is the central located city to show you beautiful spots and interesting stories. The shopping district of Marienplatz is a perfect spot to start a Munich holiday. During a city tour on foot, starting at this point and in which you can participate, you will learn much about the buildings on this square. You will hear the story of Frauenkirche located here and you will be introduced to the establishers of Munich.
When you start a city tour in the center, then you certainly have to visit one of the most important places of interest: the historic beer pubs and beer cellars. Whether you like beer or not, at least once visit a beer pub or restaurant to eat a meal. 
Another activity you should do when you are in Munich is to visit a local market. Besides the annually organized markets for special occasions, there are also daily vegetables and fruit markets where you can buy regional products. And of course there are antique markets, where you may find something special.
Castle Neuschwanstein is a place of interest that you should not forget to visit while in Munich. This castle, located high on a hilltop, close to the village of Hohenschwangau, was built by king Ludwig II of Bavaria in honour of the famous German composer Richard Wagner. There is a breathtaking panorama from here and it is an ideal spot to take pictures and therefore worth visiting.
Due to its location in the south of Germany, Munich is influenced by Austrian and French culture and inevitably this reflects in its cuisine. Known as Schwabische cuisine, regional food is worth to taste, such as Maultaschensuppe, Spatzle, Knöpfle, Gaisburger March and Pfannkuchen.
Another advantage of its southern location is the climate of Munich. Compared to other regions in the North the climate here is milder. That allows you to plan your Munich holiday in any season you want. To experience Christmas excitement the month of december is best for a visit, while the period after the mid of June is ideal to enjoy the parks and lakes and arrange your holiday plans accordingly.
Munich hint: Every year there are hundreds of performances inside the building of the Bayerische Staatsoper. To attend such a performance during your stay in Munich will be an unforgettable memory.

Munich Accommodation

When you are organizing your Munich holiday plans and you make an early reservation then you may benefit from a price advantage through hotel and flight deals. Marienplatz/Altstadt district offers many different accommodation options for the ones who prefer to stay in the city center and who want to travel as less as possible. For tourists who want to experience art and culture, accommodation options in Maxvorstadt are convenient, while the ones looking for night life will prefer accommodation in Schwabing. Nymphenburg and its surroundings is the best choice if you want to experience daily life in a suburb of Munich
Munich accommodation hint: Nature lovers will enjoy the deer-park in the Nymphenburg district where you can sip a coffee, or eat a meal in one of the restaurants. 

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