Rules For Tickets And Reservations

Corendon Airlines takes care of the air transportation of the person, whose name is mentioned on the transportation ticket (plane ticket, or any other in copy issued transportation ticket). The transportation ticket (plane ticket) is not transferable to third persons. When travelling without an electronic ticket, it is necessary that you can show a valid plane ticket issued in your name at any stage during the journey. When travelling with an e-ticket, you have the right of transportation if the e-ticket is issued in your name and if you can show a valid identification at any stage during the journey.
A booked reservation is not transferable to another person and cannot be issued in another’s name. Changes in the travel route, travel date and time are only possible if the rules allow this. If on the request of a traveller changes are made in the travel date or travel route, resulting in a price difference, then the traveller will be charged for this difference in price. After the departure of a scheduled flight it is not possible to change a reservation, to cancel a ticket, or to restitute payment.
Restitution of a payment by credit card will be transferred to the account of the credit card holder by the organization that has issued the ticket. This can be an authorised sale office, a call center, or an agency of Corendon Airlines. Restitution of a cash payment can only be made by the organization that has received the cash payment.
Corendon Airlines is not responsible, unless serious shortcoming is proven, if during the booking of a reservation in the electronic reservation system an electricity cut, defect, failure, break down, delete, loss, delay in processing or contact, computer virus, connection failure, theft, loss or unlawful access to data, change or use of such, occurs.
With the acceptance of the plane ticket the traveller agrees to the below mentioned rules and accepts that these rules will be applied. After payment is made the reservation is considered to be definite. If later a change or cancellation in the reservation data and in the plane ticket is made, then the below mentioned 
“In case of cancellation of the reservation, the refunds will be made through the ticket fee. Service Charge will not refund”
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