Corendon Airlines and Detur sign 90 Million Contract

Europe’s most popular low-cost airline company, Corendon Airlines and Detur,
one of the leading touroperators in Scandinavian countries, have decided to continue their contract to the end of the 2017 season. As a result of the cooperation between these two tourism giants, starting in April 2015
weekly 22 flights will be executed from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, flying 127.000 tourist this year, 136.000 tourist in 2016 and 145.000 tourist in 2017 to Antalya, Gazipaşa and Bodrum. The new contract aims to fly a total number of 400.000 visitors in 3 years to Turkey and to achieve a total turnover of 90 million Euro. Corendon Tourism Group’s co--founder and Chairman of the Board, Yıldıray Karaer, explained  that since the start of the cooperation with Detur in 2010, significant progress was realized on the Scandinavian market.
“In the first year of our cooperation we have flown 37.000 visitors from Scandinavian countries to Turkey. Since then Detur has managed to improve its marketshare and its brand’s reputation, while Corendon Airlines has expanded its fleet of aircrafts and its service network and the number of visiting tourists has increased to 130.000. We are convinced that this market will continue to grow and that the operational strength of our mutual companies will increase. Therefore we have extended our cooperation for another 3 years.” Declared Karaer.
The Chairman of the Board of Detur Tourism Group, Filiz Bağlıkaya, emphasized that Detur operates on the Scandinavian market already for 18 years and steadily manages to raise its marketshare thanks to marketing, quality service and investment in technology. Bağlıkaya said “The operational skills and capacity of Corendon Airlines and its understanding to provide good services result in the fact that it has become a fast growing brand in Europe. That was the reason for us to spread our cooperation over a longer period of time. For 90% of all our bookings destined for Turkey we intend to use Corendon Airlines as mother-aircompany. As a Turkish origined touroperator we will achieve a big share of our turnover in cooperation with an airline company that flies under the Turkish flag and by doning so, we are proud that the foreign currency earned abroad will stay in our country.”.
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