Corendon, the 3rd largest Tourism Company in Holland!

Thanks to successful investments in the past years, the often in the tourism sector publicized Corendon Tourism Group, as touroperator, as airline company and as hotel chain, once more was awarded a prize in the Netherlands.

According to a publication in the biggest tourism-travel guide in the Netherlands TRAV Magazine, Corendon holds the 3rd rank in the “List of 50 Largest Tourism Companies” and has shown to be very successful. In the fiscal year 2014 the company realised a turnover of 450 million euro. While it held the 9th rank in the list the previous year, Corendon made a big jump upward this year, leaving tourism giants as Thomas Cook, D-Reizen and Sundio far behind. According to the same publication, the touroperator Corendon Travel, a company under the roof of the Corendon Tourism Group, ranks 4th in the list of Touroperators.

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