2 QM Awards for Corendon

Corendon was honoured with 2 QM Awards during the presentation of the most prestigious awards in the tourism industry. Yıldıray Karaer, Chairman of the Board of Corendon Tourism Group, received the awards of “Best Managed Market Development Tour Operator Turkey” and “Best Managed Charter Airline” and remarked: “These awards will motivate us to make a good start in 2019, a year in which we will increase our investments.”
Corendon Tourism Group, steadily growing, thanks to investments at home and aborad, has won 2 QM Awards, the most prestigious prizes in the tourism industry.
During the award ceremony on Thrusday 13th december 2018, held in Belek, Corendon was presented with the award for “Best Managed Market Development Tour Operator Turkey” and at the same time Corendon Airlines was chosen to “Best Managed Charter Airline”.
Chairman of the Board of Corendon Tourism Group, Yıldıray Karaer, spoke the following regarding these awards: “We are very pleased and honoured to receive once more these awards for which we were nominated by “GM Turizm” and “Yönetim Dergisi”magazines, the most prestigious publications in tourism industry. As these prizes are based on the votes of the public it is a reson for us to feel even more satisfaction.” said Karaer.
Yıldıray Karaer reminded that Corendon is active in the tourism sector as tour operator, airline, incoming company and hotel chain and that all companies can look back at a very successful year. He then added: “These awards contribute to our motivation to start in good spirit and full of energy 2019, in which we will increase our investments. In the coming year we will include 8 new aircrafts to our fleet and increase the seat capacity on our Turkey flights. Tourists from many countries, but especially the ones from Holland, Belgium, the Scandinavian countries and Germany will be introduced to the natural beauty and history of Antalya and Izmir” said Karaer.
Four different Awards in one month
Included the 2 QM Awards the Corendon Tourism Group has received in total four prizes in the past month. On november 17th 2018 Corendon received the most prestigious tourism award in Belgium, the TM Travel Award for “Best Turkey Expert Tour Operator” and last week Corendon was honoured by the “Antalya Journalists Association” with the “Organisation of the Year” prize. Karaer referred to this and added to be pleased that important organisations from their own industry deemed Corendon worthy of these prizes. “Behind this success is the dedication and effort of more than 3000 members of the Corendon family, of which I like to thank each and every one.” spoke Karaer.
Corendon Tourism Group
Corendon, whose name refers to the harderst mineral in nature (after diamond), began as tour operator in the tourism industry in the Netherlands in 1997. The Group aims to transfer its tour operating skills and expertise to other tourism sectors in order to render services as an entity and has incorporated in the Group in the course of time an airline, incoming services and a hotel chain. In 2018 the Group includes a tour operating organization, an airline company consisting of three different companies with a fleet of 16 aircrafts, an incoming company and 9 hotels, with a annual turnover of 1 billion Euro and 300 employees.
Besides investment in new aircrafts and flight destinations, Corendon Tourism Group opened recently the biggest hotel of the Benelux in Amsterdam, Corendon Village Hotel, and on the biggest island of the Netherlands Antilles, Curaçao, the Livingstone Jan Thiel Resort.


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