ECAA regulations for charter flights to Egypt

If a passenger is an Egyptian citizen, he cannot travel on charter flights with destinations in Egypt.

In order to travel with a charter flight, the passenger has the obligation to be an airline employee, or work for a tourist company, to have a valid identity card and to fly with a free ticket.

Passengers who are not Egyptian citizens should, if they arrive by charter flight, leave the country again with a charter flight; If they arrive with a scheduled flight, they must leave the country with a scheduled flight.

Passengers who are not an Egyptian citizen must leave from the same the airport they have arrived at.

Passengers who are not Egyptian nationals must be able to present their travel documents to and from Egypt at any time.

Passengers (irrespective of their original nationality) who hold a valid, German, Belgian, French, Portuguese or Italian identity card can enter Egypt on presentation of their national identity card without a passport.

Passenger Rights