Required documents for admission to the flight

It is the responsibility of our guests to have the required travel documents for the entire trip.

Corendon Airlines, as well as Corendon Airlines Europe, are not responsible for the correctness and completeness of the relevant travel documents. If, in accordance with statutory requirements, at control for admission to the flight, the required travel documents are incomplete, (damaged/worn/broken, missing page, outdated, etc.) the passenger will be refused on the flight, despite the fact that a ticket for the relevant flight has been issued in his name and/or the check-in procedure has been completed.

These legal requirements do not oblige Corendon Airlines and Corendon Airlines Europe to verify, or confirm the correctness and suitability of passengers ' travel documents, but do require different measures to ensure compliance with the relevant rules.

In the context of these measures, Corendon Airlines and Corendon Airlines Europe may refuse to transport passengers on their flights.

Passenger Rights