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Discover Sharm El Sheikh, gateway to the Red Sea

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature, Night life

Sharm El-Sheikh is the original Red Sea resort. One of the top diving destinations in the world thanks to amazing reefs, marine life and underwater shipwrecks.

Feature / Location

Located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea


Egyptian Pound EGP


Subtropical Desert Climate

Time Zone

Central African Time CAT / GMT +2


Sharm El Sheikh Airport


The Coloured Canyon, Day trip to Dahab

Sharm El Sheikh has become the most popular beach resort in Egypt. Renowned for its most spectacular and world class diving and snorkelling in the Red Sea. There are many activities on offer from beautiful sandy beaches, water sports, historical excursions, nightlife and many more.

What Is Sharm El Sheikh Best Known For?

Sharm El Sheikh is best known for Beaches, Diving and Snorkeling along with some interesting cultural sights.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Night life


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Beach & Diving

Sharm El Sheikh beaches are long stretches of sand and pebble with a beautiful desert backdrop. The waters in Sharm El Sheikh are crystal clear and calm. The Red Sea is an underwater paradise of spectacular reefs and mystical shipwrecks. Most hotels that are located on the sea have their own private beach or access to the sea. The resort is famous for the Sharm El Sheikhcoral reef, Sharm el sheikh snorkelling and Sharm el sheikh diving

Eden Ibiza

Eden Ibiza is a chilled-out beach and lounge club that is known for its great atmosphere and weekly parties. Offering excellent music, a chilled-out atmosphere and party vibe all in one. The restaurant serves excellent food at decent prices. A cool place to spend a day. Please note as this is a private beach there is a charge for the beach and night parties however, the restaurant terrace is free.

Terrazina Beach

Terrazina Beach is a famous beach club with a golden sandy beach and great restaurant. Friday afternoons are popular thanks to its beach parties. The beach is chargeable however, you can use the restaurant only for free. A great place to visit with a nice atmosphere, great music and for those looking for a chilled-out day of sunbathing and swimming. Top tip this is not a beach for those who want to snorkel and dive as there is no reef.


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Falafel is made with fava beans in Egypt as opposed to Chickpeas elsewhere in the world. The fava beans make for an amazing taste. Falafel is traditionally served at breakfast with eggs, cheese and pita bread but many people also eat it as a starter thanks to its Unique flavours. A must try whilst in Egypt we promise you won't be sorry.

Ful Medames

Ful Medames is traditionally eaten for breakfast and is classed as a staple in every Egyptian person's diet. The popular Fava bean is seasoned with oil and salt then cooked in a special pot an ''idra'' that removes the beans casing. A popular food served in restaurants but, also on many street food carts.


A national dish of Egypt, Koshari is so popular that it is served everywhere. A dish layered with rice, macaroni, lentils, chickpeas and then topped with caramelized onions, a layer of red sauce and garlic, chilli or vinegar sauce. If you love carbs you will love Koshari. A dancing of flavour that hits your taste buds.


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Al Mustafa Mosque

Al Mustafa Mosque is a unique style of powerful architecture and is worth a visit whilst sightseeing in Sharm. The building inside is stunning with beautiful marble facades, an eye-catching dome and several towering minarets. The feeling of calm sets in as you wander around the inside and feelings of peace overwhelm you.

The Heavenly Cathedral

The Heavenly Cathedral is a new addition to Sharm El Sheikh and the biggest Coptic Church in the resort. Once finished it was voted in the world's 10 most beautiful churches in 2010. The interior displays impressive religious murals of Biblical scenes such as The Creation and The Exodus but, one of the most amazing parts of the church is St John's vision of the Apocalypse pictures on the ceiling staring down at anyone who enters. Near to the Al Mustafa Mosque so can be visited at the same time when you're sightseeing.

The Old Market

Sharm El Sheikh old town is an absolutely fantastic part of town culturally rich and a great hustle and bustle atmosphere from every corner. The sight of colour everywhere and the smell of shisha, spices and many street foods surround you. The go to place for any of your shopping needs no matter what you desire. This is truly a place to immerse yourself in Egyptian local life. The best time to visit is the evening in summer time when the sun is going down and the air is cooler. A great place to spend an evening out talking to the locals, shopping, enjoying a local meal, trying the local shisha or having a drink or two. A must to add to your Sharm El Sheikh things to do.


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The rugged Mountainous craggy landscape is revered by many. A highlight of any visit to Sharm is to hike up to the summit of Mt.Sinai to see the sunrise and to visit where they say Moses received the 10 Commandments. There are two main trails that take you to the top. For those that aren't experienced hikers then stick to the Camel Trail which is a well-worn path. The Steps of Repentance is more difficult however, it provides a more scenic route and one where you literally walk over the steps that were hand carved by the monastery monks. Please note that neither trail is exactly easy so for those with any type of mobility difficulties neither is recommended.

Nabq Protectorate

A coastal desert landscape Nabq Protectorate is located at the north of Sharm with the world's most northern mangrove forest. Full of Sand dunes as far as the eye can see, secluded beaches and arak bushes. The area is home to a significant amount of birdlife. Said to be a great place to snorkel just off the secluded beaches.

Ras Mohamed National Park

480 sq km of a beautiful nature reserve on the southern tip of Sinai. So much that is untouched makes the landscape breathtaking. From white sandy beaches with incredible dive and snorkeling sites with a 1,000 species of fish, 150 different crustaceans and turtles that make up the underwater kingdom in Ras Mohammed, beautifully magical and mystical desert, the world's second largest mangrove forest and salt water lake. However, you choose to visit the Ras Mohammed National Park to make sure it's on your Sharm El Sheikh things to do.

Night life

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Naama Bay

Naama Bay is the centre of the city's nightlife, Sharm El Sheikh bars and home to the open-air world-famous nightclub Pacha, hosting world class Djs and open till the early hours. Little Buddha, another world-wide brand brings some trendy sounds to the resort with its classy interior, unique atmosphere and interesting drinks list. Camel Bar is a unique three floor bar where the normal is to throw your peanut shells on the floor. Air conditioned inside with a sundowner terrace. One floor to watch the sports, one to sing our heart out on Karaoke and one to sit back and relax whilst live bands entertain you. The town centre is home to many traditional shisha bars where you can kick off your shoes and relax whilst choosing from a wide variety of different flavours. Restaurants are in abundance in Naama Bay and more modern and up to date shops can be found. A great place to spend an evening out and a must for your Sharm El Sheikh things to do.

Shisha Cafés

Located in II Mercato Alexandro Café is the best in the city as a traditional shisha bar. When in Egypt you must try the local shisha. You will often see many cafes and local establishments with mostly Egyptian men sitting chatting amongst themselves enjoying a shisha no matter what time of day it is. The quality and flavours of shisha is said to outweigh the all-other shisha cafes around the resort. A traditional café where you kick off your shoes and find a comfy coloured cushion and chill out whilst enjoying your shisha for as long as you want. Please note that Traditional Shisha Cafes do not serve alcohol.

Stargazing Evening

A truly unique experience thanks to the amazing desert that surrounds Sharm el sheikh. A fun night for all the family. Be welcomed by the Bedouins and experience their traditional Bedouin hospitality. Enjoy an Egyptian Banquet in the candlelight and under the desert sky. As the sun sets the telescopes are put in place and allow you to gaze at the milky way in the amazing clear night sky that can only be found in the desert. Kick back and relax as you lie on cushions in the desert under the night sky with your family to enjoy this truly magical experience. A must to add to you Sharm El Sheikh things to do.

Cities with direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh

Corendon Airlines connects you with direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh from Germany. Corendon Airlines offers flights to 3 German Cities; Cologne, Hannover and Nuremberg. Corendon Airlines with its excellent service and outstanding quality gives easy access to and from Sharm El Sheikh throughout the year. Making Sharm El Sheikh holidays easily affordable and available with Corendon Airlines.

Plan your whole trip to Sharm El Sheikh

Cheap flight tickets to Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh flight tickets are available with Corendon Airlines on our website or Mobile App. Sharm el sheikh's unique climate makes it a perfect place for a winter or summer holiday. Sharm El Sheikh cheap flights are available during a large part of the year. The year-round holiday season means that Sharm El Sheikh cheap flights can always be found by not limiting yourself to just the summer season. Last minute deals are available for anyone wishing to enjoy a holiday during the winter months.

Sharm El Sheikh flight ticket tip: To ensure your holiday gets off to a great start we recommend that you take advantage of the additional services Corendon Airlines offer. Pre Book your seats together in advance and treat yourself to a delicious meal from our inflight menu. By choosing your seats and meals when you book your flights you can take advantage of the best prices. Don’t forget if the standard baggage allowance isn't going to fit in all those extra holiday clothes then make sure you add some extra kilos to your booking.

Accommodation in Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh hotels are spread throughout the resort with different hotel areas. Naama Bay is the centre of the resort, Sharks Bay and Nabq to the north and Haddaba to the south. The resorts offer Sharm El Sheikh luxury hotels, mid-range and budget resorts. For those that are wanting to be where all the action is both day and night then Naama Bay is for you and also hosts a mix of hotels that suit all budgets. In peak season the resorts can be bought therefore for the height of summer months June - September we recommend booking your hotels in advance especially if you have a specific hotel or type of hotel in mind. The winter months can create great opportunities to secure some excellent late deal offers. Sharm El Sheikh is a perfect place for all types of travellers from families with children, groups of adults to couples seeking some rest and relaxation.

Airport and Transportation

Sharm El Sheikh airport is the second busiest airport in Egypt after Cairo. The airport is central to all hotel areas and 18km from the Old Town. The airport has two terminals, Terminal 1 which is the new terminal and serves for the majority of flights that arrive into Sharm El Sheikh and Terminal 2 which is the old terminal and is used more so for overflow and some domestic flights. There are local buses that serve the airport however, as a way to reach your hotel we recommend you take either a private transfer whether privately booked prior to travel or provided by your hotel or you take a local Taxi that is located outside of the arrival's hall. It's important to ensure either a price is agreed before or the meter is switched on before you leave the airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sharm el-Sheikh

How long is the flight from Germany to Sharm El Sheikh?

Flights from Germany are approximately 4hrs 45 minutes depending on the airport you fly from.

Are the flights to Sharm El Sheikh direct flights?

Yes, all Corendon Airlines flights are direct.

What's the best time to visit Sharm El Sheikh?

The best time to visit is spring and autumn when the weather is pleasant for both the beach and exploring.

Can I get cheap flight tickets to Sharm El Sheikh?

Yes, for cheap flight tickets check out the Corendon Airlines Sharm El Sheikh flight deals page for cheap tickets.

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