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Visit Corfu: The Charming Island with Rich History and Gorgeous Nature

Beach, City Life, Culture

In this list of places to visit and things to do in Corfu Island, we have compiled the distinguished points of this wonderful city for you. If you want to relax for a few days and enjoy the sea, the impressive island of Corfu might be exactly what the doctor recommended. In Greece Corfu, you can feel an intense Italian influence and enjoy this Greek holiday paradise yet to be discovered.

Feature / Location

One of the largest and greenest Ionian Islands / On the northwest of Greece, in the Ionian Sea




Warm and temperate climate. July is the driest month and November is when the most rain falls.

Time Zone



Corfu Airport


Relax on the beaches; try local cuisine; enjoy the gorgeous views

Full of natural beauty, Corfu is vibrant with green hills in the south, rugged limestone rock formations in the north, a temperate climate, lush Mediterranean vegetation, magnificent beaches, and impressive underwater caves and tunnels.

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  • City Life
  • Culture

Kerkyra/Corfu Beaches

Kerkyra/Corfu Beach Corfu beaches
Kerkyra/Corfu Beach Corfu beaches

Corfu beaches

There are plenty of beaches in Corfu where you can have a pleasant time, sunbathe as long as you want, and enjoy the relaxing waters of the Mediterranean. Regarding Corfu's best beaches, Paleokastritsa Beach is a popular destination surrounded by cliffs and green hills, offering great service and a beautiful landscape. If you prefer diving, this Corfu beach is definitely for you. The famous Canal of Love (Canal D'Amour) is also a favorite spot among both locals and tourists, where legend has it that those who manage to swim both sides of this canal will definitely find the love of their life within the shortest time. Agios Georgios, Agios Stefanos, and Porto Timonia are among the other popular beaches of Corfu as well.

Kerkyra/Corfu City Life

City Life
Kerkyra/Corfu City Life Corfu Town Center
Kerkyra/Corfu City Life Corfu Town Center

Corfu Town Center

As on every island, a charming city center welcomes you in Corfu. Known and referred to as Corfu Town, you can meet your shopping, entertainment, sightseeing, and catering needs. This small yet lively center is bound to impress you with its historical texture.

Kerkyra/Corfu City Life Liston
Kerkyra/Corfu City Life Liston


Liston is one of the best places to go in the city to shop and spend some quality time in cafes - by yourself or with the company of friends.

Kerkyra/Corfu Culture

Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Achillion Palace
Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Achillion Palace

Achillion Palace

Built in 1890 as a summer residence for the nephew of the Austrian King Otto, the palace is located on a steep coastline 12 kilometers south of Corfu. The castle draws attention with its intricate staircases and magnificent views.

Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Antivouniotissa Museum
Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Antivouniotissa Museum

Antivouniotissa Museum

The museum carries artifacts from the Byzantine period and is a must-see for art and history lovers on a trip to Corfu Island.

Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Church of St. Spiridon
Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Church of St. Spiridon

Church of St. Spiridon

Every year, tens of thousands of people visit the island to see this church, one of the most important religious stops on the island, as well as in Greece.

Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Old Castle
Kerkyra/Corfu Culture Old Castle

Old Castle

The Old Castle was built by the Venetians and had been proudly standing since the 15th century. It is considered among the strongest defensive castles in Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kerkyra/Corfu

Where can I do some Corfu shopping to find souvenirs?

Corfu is paved with narrow cobbled streets that offer many options for you in terms of shopping. Traditional clothes, jewelry, hand-woven products, olive oil, lace, cotton clothes, and local ceramics are among the things you can buy from Corfu. Liston is definitely a popular region for souvenir shopping in Corfu.

How can I get from Corfu Airport to the city center?

The Corfu Airport is only 5 kilometers from the town center, so you can plan your Corfu holidays quite easily and get around town in a breeze. You can swiftly find your way to the city's heart via airport shuttles, buses, or cabs.

Which are some of the best hotels in Corfu?

It is very important to pay attention to the location of the hotel you choose to stay in. Tria Adelphia, within walking distance of Arillas Beach, is one of the most reserved Corfu hotels due to its relative proximity to the dazzling beaches, the size of its rooms, and charming olive trees planted in its courtyard.

How can I find cheap Corfu flights?

Explore Corendon Airlines' flights to Corfu and book your holiday to this wonderful Greek island at great prices and flexible hours. Click here to select your departure and arrival dates and purchase the most affordable Corfu tickets now.

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Corfu History

Corfu is an island with a huge list of places to visit and things to do. Tourism is the main source of income in Corfu, which also stands out with its historical buildings, where the Venetians ruled from 1386 to 1797. It's important to note that the region was under British rule between 1815 and 1864, along with the rest of the Ionian Islands after the Venetians. Plan your visit with our list of top tourist attractions on Corfu Island and purchase your Corfu flights tickets today!

Corfu Geography

Corfu Island is located northwest of Greece, on the Albanian border. Positioned in the Ionian Sea, this delightful island offers its visitors the opportunity to have an enjoyable, relaxing, and contemporary-style holiday for a few days.

Corfu Cuisine

Considered a pearl of the Mediterranean, Corfu stands out with its fish and olive oil-based dishes. Corfu has been a fishing destination in the past, and this has definitely reflected in its cuisine - of course, in possibly the best way. Once you reach Corfu, you must ensure that you don't return without tasting its world-famous appetizers and always fresh, tasty fish products. The Corfu cuisine is not only delicious but also presents a healthy variety of choices and alternatives. Corfu restaurants invite you to taste the renowned Greek culture. In addition to local products and dishes, some of the best restaurants in Corfu are also popular with their outstanding Italian menus.

Corfu Population

The population of Corfu, according to recent findings, is listed as 102,071.

Corfu Weather

The island of Corfu has a warm and temperate climate. In terms of detailed Corfu weather, it is safe to say that the region receives more rainfall in winter than in summer. The average annual temperature of Corfu is 16.9°C, while the average yearly rainfall is 1,146 mm. July is the driest month of the year, whereas the most precipitation falls in November. Spring months are quite suitable for visiting the island as it is considered the launch time of the tourism season in Corfu. March, April, and May offer visitors a pleasant climate, a bright blue sky, and uplifting sceneries of the sun.

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