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The Country of Endless Blues: Greece

Greece is a country with an area of 131,960 km², bordered to the north by Albania, North Macedonia, and Bulgaria and to the northwest by Turkey. To the east of Greece is the Aegean Sea, where most of the Greek islands are located, to the west, the Ionian Sea, and to the south, the Mediterranean Sea. 

Greece Weather 

Greece is a country characterised by a Mediterranean climate, mainly in the coastal area and on the islands. Greece has mild, mild and humid winters and hot, dry summers. Rainfall tends to be concentrated in the winter months, and the summer is very sunny with dry winds from the Aegean Sea, known as Meltemimeltemi. 

Greece Population

Greece, with a population of 10,603,810, is ranked 86th in the population table. Greece capital is Athens, and Greece currency is EUR. The official language in Greece is Greek.

Greek Culture

The culture of Ancient Greece, also known as Ancient Greece or Classical Greece, is the so-called cradle of Western Civilisation: it was one of the most influential and important cultures of Mediterranean antiquity. Its centercentre was the ancient city-state of Athens. 

Much of this culture survives today. Indeed, it has strongly influenced many aspects of Western culture: imagery, politics, language, the arts, philosophy, science, and educational systems.

Its importance today is due not only to the richness of thought and expansionist nature of the Greeks, but also to their subsequent conquest and assimilation by the Roman Empire in the 2nd century BC.

Greece architecture evolved over time, but its characteristics were defined very early on. Very few remains of civil Greek architecture have survived, so religious architecture, known mainly from Vitruvius, predominates. Greek temples are the most significant buildings. They are built according to principles or rules, known as order or style, which are based on the column. These orders stem from the roots of Greek art: the Dorian root and the Ionian root. To these isare added the Corinthian order. A Greece vacation should definitely take itsit’s place onin your list.

Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine has a very ancient tradition. It is and is a typical Mediterranean cuisine that makes use of almost exclusively of typical Mediterranean products, such as olive oil, lamb meat, and fish as well as high-qualityhigh quality vegetables: courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, and peppers, among the most remarkable ones. Greek food is known in all over the world since the food in Greece has an important meaning. In Greece, the habit of the first course does not exist. Instead, the first course is served with starters of black olives, marinated 

starters of black olives, pickles, anchovies, salami, rice rolls, or minced meat. Whether you go to Athens or Greek Islands, Greece restaurants will impress you.

Islands in Greece


Rhodes is an all-inclusive island: for the price of an individual holiday, you will enjoy relaxation, fun, romance, culture, nature, and gastronomic delights combined with the friendliness and joie de vivre that distinguish the Greek people. An ideal destination for all: young people, families, couples, single travellers, and groups of friends. You will find plenty of activities in Rhodes. Corendon Airlines offers direct flights to Rhodes at affordable prices. 


The island of Kos, in the southeastern part of the Aegean Sea, lies south of Kalymnos and north of Nisyros, 3 miles off the coast of Asia Minor. Kos was the birthplace of Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, and is the third largest island in the Dodecanese archipelago.  Visiting the castle of the Knights of St. John, which was built with local stone and the remains of earlier buildings, is one of the most popular activities in Kos. You can book your flight to Kos on 


Heraklion (or Heraklion) is the capital of the island of Crete, a modern city with plenty of sights to see, beaches, and ancient monuments full of history and colorcolour. Heraklion is a small city where you can stroll through its streets and discover the mix of old and new buildings, its monuments, the old town, or the harborharbour that takes you back thousands of years. Activities in Heraklion offer you an unforgettable holiday. Don’t forget to book your flight to Heraklion at the best prices on 

Frequently asked questions about Greece

1. Are flight prices to Greece high?

You can fly to many destinations in Greece at very reasonable prices, ifprovided that you book in advance. In summer, prices may be slightly highermore expensive than in winter.

2. How can i book my flight tickets to Greece?

You can book your tickets easily on

3. What is Greece famous for?

Griechenland ist bekannt für seine lange Geschichte und seine zahlreichen antiken Bauwerke.

4. Where is Greece located?

Located at the southeasternsouth-eastern tip of the Balkan region in the eastern Mediterranean, the country comprises a peninsula located between the Aegean and Ionian Seas and numerous islands.