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Cuisine, Culture, Nature, Night Life

Hamburg is one of the biggest cities of Germany. It is at the centre of business and trade life but also it offers a very lively city life. It definitely deserves to be visited and explored.

Feature / Location

The second biggest city of Germany / Lies on the River Elbe


Euro (€)


Summers are warm and partly cloudy; winters are long, cold and windy

Time Zone

GMT +1


Hamburg Airport


Participate boat trips, make sightseeing, go shopping

Being one of the most important port cities of Europe, Hamburg is known for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, green spaces, cultural offerings and lively urban life.

What is Hamburg known for?

Hamburg is a lively port town and a trade centre. It offers a lot to be experienced especially for the lovers of city-life.

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature
  • Night Life

Hamburg Cuisine

Hamburg Cuisine Fish from Hamburg Fish Market
Hamburg Cuisine Fish from Hamburg Fish Market

Fish from Hamburg Fish Market

Fish is high on the list of local specialties. Probably the freshest and best fish is available at the famous Hamburg Fish Market, a centuries-old event that still takes place today as a weekly open-air market. All kinds of goods, but especially fish, fruit, vegetables and flowers are offered at the fish market from the earliest hours of the morning and attract local people, night owls and tourists. Feasting on the delicious fish sandwiches and other delicacies in this authentic setting is an experience not to be missed!

Hamburg Culture

Hamburg Culture Elbphilharmonie
Hamburg Culture Elbphilharmonie


If you come to Hamburg, you can't ignore music.The Elbphilamonie is a futuristic concert hall that has become the city's landmark thanks to its striking architecture. It is located on the Grasbrook peninsula of the Elbe River and it is among the largest in the world. National and international orchestras and musicians regularly perform here.

Hamburg Culture Musical
Hamburg Culture Musical


Hamburg has long established itself as a musical paradise and offers performances at the highest level. Internationally known pieces such as Mamma Mia!, The Lion King, Buddy Holly and Pretty Woman were and are performed in Hamburg.

Hamburg Culture Speicherstadt
Hamburg Culture Speicherstadt


As the largest interconnected warehouses in the world, the Speicherstadt was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. For centuries, the brick houses served as a storage facility for tea, cocoa, tobacco, caoutchouc rubber and coffee in particular. Goods that reached the Hanseatic city by ship from all over the world were tasted and traded from here. Today there are numerous sightseeing spots in the Speicherstadt. Due to its location at the port, the warehouses can be reached via bridges, which make exploring the complex even more interesting. A tour of the Speicherstadt should not be missing on any visit to Hamburg!

Hamburg Nature

Hamburg Nature Planten un Blomen
Hamburg Nature Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen

Planten un Blomen is an urban park in Hamburg with a size of approximately 47 hectares. It means Plants and Flowers in English. The well-known park ‘Planten und Blomen’ offers plenty of space to go for a walk, to unwind and to relax. The variety of flowers and plants inspire the visitors and make a trip here particularly colorful.

Hamburg Night Life

Night Life
Hamburg Night Life St. Pauli District
Hamburg Night Life St. Pauli District

St. Pauli District

Also known as the “Kiez”, the St. Pauli district around the Reeperbahn achieved worldwide fame as a red-light district, where unlimited entertainment was advertised. St. Pauli is firmly established as a place with some one of the best nightlife in Germany and, in addition to the well-known establishments, also offers pubs, nightclubs and discos where visitors from all over the world turn night into day at any time of the year.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hamburg

What is Hamburg known for?

Hamburg is known for its green parks, numerous bridges and countless sights that can be visited on water or on land.

What do you have to eat in Hamburg?

As a port city, there are many different fish dishes and types of fish. Young Herring, fried fish, herring and smoked eel in particular are served either in bread rolls, with fried potatoes or potato salad. If you don't like fish, you should try the local hearty stews, etc. try with turnips.

Where can I go shopping in Hamburg?

Hamburg's city center offers a variety of great shops where Shopping lovers can wander around as they please.

When is the best time to travel to Hamburg?

The weather in Hamburg is changeable. Generally there are drier days from May to September.

How is the weather in winter?

Winter in Hamburg is mostly cold and wet, it rains a lot in the winter months, and very rarely it is snowing.

Hamburg flight ticket

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Antalya → Hamburg
flight ticket: 45.05 EUR
Hamburg Airport 2 hr 50 min 02 Jul 2024


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Transportation in Hamburg

The public transport system is really good in Hamburg. There is a comprehensive web of trains and buses, regularly going at least every 20 minutes until very late evening then thin out to 30-40 minutes. You can find most likely a vehicle to wherever you want inside and just outside of the city.

Accommodation in Hamburg

If you arrange your holiday with Hamburg hotel and ticket deals then you will have a nice holiday without straining your budget. When you check accommodation deals, then it is wise to take into consideration which places of interest you want to see and chose and book your hotel accommodation nearby, so you will safe time to do nice activities. If you want to explore the cultural side of Hamburg then you should choose a place to stay close to Altstadt, the old inner city. Accommodation options in St. Pauli are especially for youngsters and single travellers, who prefer this neighbourhood. Hamburg has a well-developed transportation network and therefore it is our advice to choose your hotel location close to metro or busses.

Weather in Hamburg

In Hamburg, summers are warm and partly cloudy while winters are long, cold and windy. Over the course of the year, the temperature is mostly between -1 Celsius and 23 Celsius. The hottest time of the year is July while the coldest one is January.

11 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Jun 12, Wed
  • Jun 13, Thu 13 Light Rain
  • Jun 14, Fri 15 Light Rain
  • Jun 15, Sat 15 Moderate Rain
  • Jun 16, Sun 19 Overcast Clouds
  • Jun 17, Mon 21 Light Rain