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Discover Saarbrücken: the Capital City of Germany's Smallest State

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A culturally rich city near the French Border that boasts Baroque landmarks and an exciting 1,000-year history.

Feature / Location

Examples of Baroque architecture / Minutes away from the French border




Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy; winters are very cold and cloudy

Time Zone

GMT +1


Saarbrücken Airport


Discover the architectural landmarks, relax in the green spaces

A beautiful vibrant cultural city full of Baroque architecture situated on the banks of the Saar River. The city is situated in the centre of a region that spans three continents and located near the French city of Metz. The city has had an exciting 1,000-year history that can be seen in the many cultural attractions throughout the city. The districts of the city are pretty and all have their own distinct style.

What Is Saarbrücken Best Known For?

Saarbrücken is best known for its grand Baroque landmarks, culturally rich museums and mouth-watering restaurants. It's also known for being the capital of the smallest region in Germany and only a hop, skip and a jump from the French border.

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Saarbrücken City Life

City Life
Saarbrücken City Life Europa Galerie
Saarbrücken City Life Europa Galerie

Europa Galerie

Very near to the train station for easy access you will find the three storey Saarbrucken Mall, Europa Galerie. The mall offers hundreds of stores to enjoy and many cafes and restaurants for a well-deserved break. Not only is it a shopper's paradise, the building is also an architectural gem that has mosaic tiles from the famous Villeroy & Boch.

Saarbrücken City Life Nauwieser Viertel
Saarbrücken City Life Nauwieser Viertel

Nauwieser Viertel

Nauwieser Viertel is the hip quarter of Saarbrücken. An amazing quarter full of art, colour and bohemian second-hand stores. A great place to find unique bars and trendy cafes and restaurants.

Saarbrücken City Life St. Johanner Market Square
Saarbrücken City Life St. Johanner Market Square

St. Johanner Market Square

In every city there's always a central square where life is at its most vibrant. In Saarbrücken its St. Johanner Market Square that is the centre of local life. Life buzzes with shopping boutiques and a myriad of cafes and restaurants. A great place to wander around the shops whilst enjoying the electric atmosphere of the square.

Saarbrücken Cuisine

Saarbrücken Cuisine Bettsäächer Salat
Saarbrücken Cuisine Bettsäächer Salat

Bettsäächer Salat

A popular spring dish in the region. Bettsäächer Salat is the Saarland take on dandelion salad. Dandelion leaves are topped with slices of hard-boiled eggs, fried bacon, shallots, croutons and oil, vinegar and mustard dressing. A fresh salad that’s perfect for lunch.

Saarbrücken Cuisine Dibbelabbes
Saarbrücken Cuisine Dibbelabbes


One of the most favourite potato dishes on any traditional restaurant menu is Dibbelabbes. Raw grated potatoes mashed and mixed with onions, dried meat, soaked bread buns, eggs, leeks and garlic that’s then cooked in a cast iron dish in the oven. The best way to eat it is with some applesauce on the side. This is a must to add to your Saarbrücken things to do list.

Saarbrücken Culture

Saarbrücken Culture Ludwigskirche
Saarbrücken Culture Ludwigskirche


Ludwigskirche is one of the most important churches in Germany and the city's most renowned landmark. Built in the Lutheran Baroque style it sits in the Old Town in the centre of a rectangular plaza. The beautiful exterior is mesmerising but is also beautiful inside with its walls, benches, organ gallery and pulpit all white and has beautiful high ceilings that are decorated with ornaments. A must to add to your Saarbrücken things to do list.

Saarbrücken Culture Saarbrücken Castle
Saarbrücken Culture Saarbrücken Castle

Saarbrücken Castle

Saarbrücken Castle has been re-built many times throughout the years and the style changed with it, there are mentions of a castle as far back as the year 999. In the 17th Century the castle was built in the style of renaissance and then rebuilt in the 18th century in a baroque style residence. Then after many years of destruction it was amazingly renovated in 1989 by the architect Gottfried Böhm. It now has a state-of-the-art central block of steel and glass and now both an administrative centre and a venue for cultural events, conferences and celebrations. During the summer open air concerts are held in the gardens of the castle. It’s a must to add to your Saarbrücken things to do list and take some amazing photos to create excellent memories.

Saarbrücken Culture Saarbrücken Town Hall
Saarbrücken Culture Saarbrücken Town Hall

Saarbrücken Town Hall

One of the main landmarks in Saarbrücken is the Town Hall. Gothic in style with an impressive clock tower at 54 meters high. Built between 1897 and 1900 the façade is where the beauty lies thanks to its intricate design and worthy of any Instagram picture. Marvel at the wood carvings, stained glass windows of the ballroom and murals on the walls inside and don’t miss out on hearing the bells chime in the afternoon at 3:15 or the evening at 7:15, something to add to your Saarbrücken things to do list.

Saarbrücken Nature

Saarbrücken Nature Bürgerpark
Saarbrücken Nature Bürgerpark


Bürgerpark Saarbrücken is a nine-hectare park that was once a desert of rubble which came to life and is now used by the locals from the surrounding areas. There are beautiful green lawns to relax on and adventurous skate parks for those that crave adventure. There are walking paths and small footpaths that will help you explore the park including a beautiful chestnut grove, small amphitheatre, an antique water gate and several tree avenues. The roundabout in the park is used as an open-air stage to enjoy music in the summer.

Saarbrücken Nature Saarbrücken Zoo
Saarbrücken Nature Saarbrücken Zoo

Saarbrücken Zoo

The Saarbrücken Zoo is a lovely place to stroll around at your own pace admiring over 1000 animals from approximately 160 different species. Very much an educational Zoo there are many displays that will help you learn about the different animals. There are many picnic spots throughout the Zoo that you can enjoy some lunch, a snack or simply have a seat and relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Saarbrücken

How long is the flight from Saarbrücken to Antalya?

The flight takes 3hrs 30 minutes

Is the flight from Saarbrücken to Hurghada direct?

All Corendon Airlines flights are direct.

Can you easily get to France from Saarbrücken?

By Car it takes approximately 1 hour and by train approximately 2 hours 35 minutes on a direct train.

What's the best time to travel to Saarbrücken?

The best time to travel is late June to early September

What's the most popular attraction in Saarbrücken?

Ludwigskirche is the cities most renowned landmark

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Accommodation in Saarbrücken

Saarbrücken offers a wide variety of hotels and apartments with all budgets catered for. There is boutique, city centre, small luxury, family hotels and residential apartments on offer. There are also some well-known international branded hotels on offer for those who like familiarity. City Centre hotels are ideal for those who like to absorb as much of the city's atmosphere as possible. To take advantage of cheap hotels in Saarbrücken we recommend you book early especially during peak season.

Airport and Transportation

Saarbrücken Airport or Ensheim Airport in German is a small airport that opened in 1964 and offers both domestic and international flights. It has only one terminal that houses both arrival and departures. It offers shops and restaurants to entertain travellers as they wait for their flights. There is a covered observation deck for you to make use of as you wait. Aa the airport is only small all boarding is done by either walking or bus boarding.

There are three options to travel from and to the airport. Bus, Taxi or Car Hire. Public transport by bus is easy the R10 bus provides a direct link to/from the airport to/from the Saarbrücken main train station and from the main train station you have good access to the railway network to take you further afield, the city tram system and many bus lines that can also take you to the border of France. Taxis are very convenient to reach you hotels and the rank is situated right in front of the terminal. The taxis are always available when flights are arriving and departing. For those of you wanting more independence during your visit then Car rental will give you this. The Car Rental agencies are directly opposite the terminal building with international brands available. Remember during busy times it is highly recommended that you book any cars in advance to secure your booking.

Saarbrücken Weather

Saarbrücken weather is generally a warm and temperate climate and classes as a Moderate Maritime climate. Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy, but winters are very cold and mostly cloudy. Temperatures vary throughout the year from 31°F to 76°F. The best time to visit to enjoy the warm weather is from late June to early September.

26 C Scattered Clouds
TODAY Jul 18, Thu
  • Jul 19, Fri 27 Scattered Clouds
  • Jul 20, Sat 27 Scattered Clouds
  • Jul 21, Sun 22 Light Rain
  • Jul 22, Mon 20 Broken Clouds
  • Jul 23, Tue 21 Scattered Clouds