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A small city located in the eastern North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany, Paderborn is actually the capital of the Paderborn district. The town offers plenty of popular attractions, including the Imperial Palace Museum (Museum in der Kaiserpfalz), the Paderborn Cathedral (Dom zu Paderborn), and the German Tractor and Model Car Museum. Let's explore this German city together and find out what it has to offer its visitors.

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Capital of the Paderborn district / Located at the source of the Padel River




Summers are comfortable and partly cloudy; winters are long, cold and windy

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Paderborn-Lippstadt Airport


Discover architectural landmarks; try local food; relax around the green spaces of the areas

The city takes its name from the Pader river. The Pader river is approximately 4 kilometers long, known as the shortest river in Germany. King Charlemagne founded the city of Paderborn. It is also described as the oldest city in the Lippe region. Its green nature and wonderful atmosphere are among the favorite features of the town that bring tens of thousands of tourists to the location annually. When you decide to take a walk around the city center - or, as a matter of fact, around any site in the city - your likeliness of getting caught in instant rains is very high. Therefore, we recommend you take an umbrella with you at all times during your trip.

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Paderborn City Life

City Life
Paderborn City Life Kamp Street
Kamp Street

One of the city's most colorful and lively places is definitely Kamp Street. On the right side of the street is the Paderborn University of Technology. On the other side, the Jesuit Church is another sightseeing spot for history-eager tourists. You can feel the nostalgia of old buildings and cobblestones after walking the street from end to end.

Paderborn City Life Marienplatz Paderborn
Marienplatz Paderborn

In the middle of the square is the statue of Marien, surrounded by trees. You can choose it to take a break and rest during your city tour.

Paderborn Culture

Paderborn Culture Jesuit Church
Jesuit Church

Paderborn's top-visited Catholic church is the Jesuit Church. Just as with the exterior Baroque architecture of the church, the interior also carries a beautiful, noteworthy design.

Paderborn Culture Paderborn Cathedral
Paderborn Cathedral

Although Paderborn is a small place, the Paderborn cathedral, built in the 13th century, is quite spectacular in its size and architecture.

Paderborn Culture Rathaus

Rathaus is a beautiful town hall from the early 17th century. The building was damaged during World War II and reconstructed between 1947 and 1958. It is said that only the front part was left as the original. The dome and the wooden carved structures inside are more than enough to attract tourists' attention, proving that cathedrals and churches are, in fact, a very big deal for this rather small city.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Paderborn

Where can I stay while in Paderborn?

Paderborn hotels offer a wide variety of accommodation possibilities to choose from. There are a total of 25 hotels, guesthouses, and inns in the heart of the city, and other accommodation establishments can also be found at a distance between 10-35 kilometers from the city center.

Where can I purchase souvenirs or get traditional products before leaving the city?

This destination aims to provide a friendly and exciting shopping experience for touristic purchases. While you can shop for fresh produce and organic products at the local farmer's markets, you can also visit the numerous local department stores, boutiques, and competent specialist shops for wonderful souvenirs to take back home.

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Destination Airport: Paderborn/Lippstadt (PAD)

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Paderborn History

In the 8th century, Charlemagne, the First Holy Roman Emperor, founded Paderborn around the many springs that fed the Pader River. Germany Paderborn remains a city of wonders, as does the city's cathedral that holds the relics of the 4th century Saint Liborius. 1,200 years after his remains were brought to the town, St. Liborius is celebrated in the summer by a joyous city festival that combines a fair with a holy procession. Founded by Charlemagne, the bishop became the center of the Imperial Prince-Bishops, who wielded both political and religious power and whose magnificent Renaissance palace still stands. In the 10th century, Paderborn was chosen as Holy Roman Emperor Henry II's residence. The palace ruins and a Byzantine-style church of the time are still open to visitors. The prince-bishopric Paderborn became part of the French Kingdom of Westphalia in the early 19th century, yet was handed over to the Kingdom of Prussia merely ten years later. In 1975, Paderborn officially became a city and has been an important part of German history ever since.

Paderborn Cuisine

The number of restaurants is enormous in Paderborn, where you can find many possibilities to go out, enjoy drinks, eat good food, and generally have a great time. Whether it be home-cooking, Asian dishes, traditional German cuisine, or a simple bistro, you can find a place that will suit your appetite amongst a huge variety of culinary options. Sunday brunch is a must while in Paderborn, which offers plenty of Paderborn restaurants serving delicious brunch menus and much more. While in Paderborn, it is advised to try some traditional Paderborner beer. Sappho, Limericks, Paderschanke, Biergarten on Mühlenstrasse, and Alles Ist Gut are some of the most popular restaurants in Paderborn that have crept up the must-visit list.

Paderborn Geography

This small yet delicate city is located at the source of the Pader river, approximately 50 kilometers south of Bielefeld and 30 kilometers east of Lippstadt. In the eastern parts of the city, the hills of the Eggegebirge provide a magnificent silhouette overall. Paderborn is also about 104 kilometers away from Dortmund and the Ruhr region in general. You can find Hannover, approximately 115 kilometers away, to the city's northwest. Altenbeken, Borchen, Hövelhof, Salzkotten, Bad Lippspringe, Delbrück, and Lichtenau are Paderborn's neighboring municipalities. Compared to some of the more touristic and high-populated cities of Germany, Paderborn is 447 kilometers from Munich, 426 km from Berlin, and 267 km from Frankfurt.

Paderborn Population

According to recent findings, the population of Paderborn is 144.000. Almost 10% of this population comprises students of the local Paderborn University. In addition, the town's largest groups of foreign residents consist of Turkish, Polish, and Italian nationalities. Paderborn also holds the headquarters of global IT giant Siemens-Nixdorf, which contributes immensely to the city's economy, sustainability, and development.

Paderborn Weather

The Paderborn weather is definitely one that requires you to carry an umbrella or a hoodie with you at all times, to say the least. The climate here is mild and generally warm and mostly tolerable. However, Paderborn has a significant amount of rainfall during the year, a fact that is valid even for the driest months. The temperature in Paderborn is 9.3 °C on average, and in a year, the rainfall is 945 mm. The coldest month of the year in Paderborn is January, with an average low of -0,5 °C; meanwhile, the hottest month is considered July, with an average high of 22 °C.

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