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Explore Baden-Baden: Germany’s beautiful Spa town

Cuisine, Nature

With its mild climate and hot springs, Baden-Baden is one of the most popular places to visit in Germany.

Feature / Location

Thermal springs / Southwest Germany




Summers are short and cool; winters are cold and snowy

Time zone



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Enjoy the spa experiences, hike through parks and gardens

Baden-Baden, Germany Travel Guide

Baden-Baden is a historic, spa town famous for its hot springs, historic buildings, and beautiful gardens. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is situated in a wooded valley, in Southwest Germany.

What is Baden-Baden best known for?

Germany’s most famous spa town is waiting its visitors from all around the world, prepared to offer its beautiful villas, garden and forests, antique stores and most of all its restorative waters that have been keeping vacationers young for two millennia.


  • Cuisine
  • Nature

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Cuisine

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Cuisine Maultaschen
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Cuisine Maultaschen


Maultaschen (filled pasta cases, literally: "pockets on the mouth") - cooked dumplings in meat broth and served either directly in the broth or fried with the addition of roasted onion. The dumplings are stuffed with spinach and onion, minced meat or ham sausage. Legend has it that the monks prepared the dish for the first time in order to hide the meat in dumplings during Lent.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Friedrichsbad
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Friedrichsbad


Friedrichsbad: historic Roman - Irish luxury thermal bath founded in 1877, which Mark Twain himself appreciated by having said that when you stay there "after 10 minutes you forget about the time and after 20 minutes about the whole world". This beautiful Renaissance building houses 17 wellness stations. Please note that when you enter the baths, clothes and bathing suits are not worn. While visiting Friedrichsbad, it is worth seeing the remains of the first bathhouse built in Roman times in Baden-Baden, a bathhouse for the army, situated under Friedrichsbad.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Mount Merkur
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Mount Merkur

Mount Merkur

Mount Merkur - 668 m high, on the top of which there is a votive stone dedicated for centuries to the Roman god Mercury; offers scenic hiking paths, charming outdoor picnic areas, mountain sunbathing meadows, and a wonderful panoramic view of Baden-Baden. You can climb to the top on foot, ride a bike or use the cable car.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Mummelsee
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Mummelsee


Mummelsee - 27 km away from Baden-Baden, the remarkable glacial lake, despite its small area, is located at an altitude of 1036 m, therefore its surroundings offer spectacular views of the surrounding heights of the Black Forest mountains. It is one of the most favourite spots of photographers. By the lake you can rent a water bike, boar or taste some regional specialties in the one and only restaurant in the vicinity.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Stadtwald
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature Stadtwald


Stadtwald - the largest city forest in Germany with an area of 8,578 hectares is a part of the Nature Park in the Central and Northern Black Forest. There are many well-marked trails, including the “Panoramaweg” with a total length of 40 km, but also divided into stages and was chosen in 2004 as “Germany's most beautiful hiking trail”. The great attraction of the Baden-Baden municipal forest is the wild reserve, where you can admire deer, fallow deer and wild boar in natural pens.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature The Baths District in Baden-Baden
Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Nature The Baths District in Baden-Baden

The Baths District in Baden-Baden

The Baths District in Baden-Baden, near the thermal springs, where you can indulge in body, soul and mind treatments in professional health clinics, a salt cave, bathing palaces and modern SPAs. It is estimated that the springs that release 9 litres of thermal water per second were created 12 - 17 thousand years ago.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden

What is Baden-Baden famous for?

Baden-Baden is mostly famous for its thermal baths, hot springs, parks and gardens.

Is Baden-Baden worth visiting?

Baden-Baden is worth visiting for its world-class spas, magnificent buildings and beautiful parks.

Does it snow in Baden-Baden?

Yes, it often snows in Baden-Baden during winter.

Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden flight ticket

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Transportation in Baden-Baden

The closest airport is Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden and it is only 10 km away from the city centre. Germany’s comprehensive railway network also makes transportation easier between Baden-Baden and other places in the country. There are also bus options connecting the neighboring towns with Baden-Baden. You can also find designated taxi stands in quite a few places of town, including the train station.

Accommodation in Baden-Baden

As a pretty famous and long-established spa town and holiday destination, there are different kinds of accommodation options available in Baden-Baden for each taste. You can choose from a vast catalogue of options ranging from ultra-luxury hotels to affordable and charming rural guest houses in accordance with your travel budget and holiday preferences.


Weather in Baden-Baden

Summers are generally short and not very warm in Baden-Baden. The weather is partly cloudy year round and winters are cold and snowy. Over the course of the year, the temperature mostly varies from -3 Celsius to 25 Celsius. It is rarely below -10 Celsius or above 32 Celsius. While the hottest month of the year is July, the coldest one is January.

15 C Light Rain
TODAY May 18, Sat
  • May 19, Sun 19 Light Rain
  • May 20, Mon 23 Broken Clouds
  • May 21, Tue 21 Light Rain
  • May 22, Wed 14 Light Rain
  • May 23, Thu 21 Light Rain