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Flights to Brussels

Discover Brussels, the Capital of Belgium

City life, Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Brussels is Belgium’s capital city and one of the must-see cities in Europe. In this cute capital, the ancient and modern world are closely linked together to offer a unique time travel opportunity to its visitors. Besides its rich cultural and historical background, Brussels beers and chocolates are also worth-seeing.


The capital of chocolate and beer / In Belgium


Euro / EUR, €


May to September / Average temps around 23°C (73.4 °F)

Time Zone:

CET Time zone in Brussels / GMT +1


2 airports / BRU, CRL


Culture tours / Sightseeing / Beer Tasting / Nightlife

Although Brussels enchants its visitors with its historical structure and streets full of art, there is another reason which makes Brussels one of the must-see cities in the world. A To-do list in Brussels is a never-ending experience full of shopping opportunities, festivals, art galleries, street arts, lively nightlife and so on.

  • City life
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature

City life

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Boulevard de Waterloo

Boulevard de Waterloo: Unlike the places where you can shop cheaply in Brussels, Boulevard de Waterloo is home to the most famous and expensive brands in the world. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything you should visit the boulevard to marvel and admire the top-fashion creations.

Sablon et Marolles

Sablon et Marolles: Sablon et Marolles is an indispensable stop for shopping enthusiasts because of the wide range of shopping opportunities from vintage shops to modern boutiques. If you are looking for some local clothes, antiques that reflect the soul of Belgium or top-fashion clothes by famous designers, Sablon et Morolles has a lot to offer you.


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Belgian Pralines

Belgian Pralines: From colonial times in Congo to today, Belgium has mastered chocolate making over hundreds of years. The most popular Belgian chocolate is the praline that is really different from the American one and served with a variety of flavors. We highly recommend that you taste the signature chocolate of Brussels, Belgian Pralines.

Belgian Trappist Beer

Belgian Trappist Beer: Belgian trappist beer dates back to the 13th century and in those days, Belgium was home to 8 out of 10 trappist beer centers in the world. Belgian trappist beer made with years of experience can be found in every corner of Brussels with various flavors from dark to blonde with varying alcohol volume. If you are a beer enthusiast, you should visit Brussels to taste Belgian trappist beers.


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Mannekin Pis

Mannekin Pis: Mannekin Pis is the figure of a little boy urinating and dates back to the 14th century. Although the origin of the figure is unknown, the boy is popularly referred to as ‘the oldest citizen of Brussels’ and the main character of Brussels legends. The Mannekin Pis is worth-seeing especially during major celebrations, events or festivals when the statue is dressed in a costume.

The Grand Place

The Grand Place: The Grand Place is the central square in Brussels and one of the best-preserved historical squares in Europe. That’s why it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. Today, the square is the top tourist attraction in Belgium, with Baroque style landmarks such as Town Hall or King’s House.


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Meise Botanical Garden

Meise Botanical Garden: Brussels' Meise Botanical Garden, which is home to 18,000 different plants, provides a colorful spectacle to its visitors. We highly recommend that you should take a hand in hand tour with your partner or family to feel Meise Botanical Garden’s romantic atmosphere.

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

Royal Greenhouses of Laeken: The doors of Greenhouses of Laeken are opened to the public every spring by the royal family. Although European gardens are famous all around the world, Royal Greenhouses of Laeken has a unique place due to its endemic flowers, the rarest trees in the world and much more. We recommend that you add the greenhouses to your must-visit places in the world list and enjoy feeling like the king of the flower kingdom.

Weather in Brussels

Brussels’s winters are mild and summers are often rainy.

We recommend that you check the weather in Brussels before planning your trip and take an umbrella with you.

13 C Light Rain
TODAY May 24, Tue
  • May 25, Wed 19 Few Clouds
  • May 26, Thu 21 Scattered Clouds
  • May 27, Fri 18 Broken Clouds
  • May 28, Sat 16 Broken Clouds
  • May 29, Sun 7 Scattered Clouds

Direct Flights to Brussels

Direct flights to Brussels are in high demand during the year because of the wide range of tourist attractions. It’s not always easy to find direct flight tickets to Brussels. However, if you are looking for a Turkey Brussels flight ticket, you can easily find direct flights to Brussels from Turkey with Corendon Airlines. Take a look at Corendon Airlines Turkey to Belgium flight options, İzmir Brussels flights and Eskişehir Brussels flights. Follow the Turkey Brussels flight ticket deals with Corendon Airlines and take advantage of our cheap flights to Brussels.

Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Brussels

Before purchasing your Brussels flight tickets, it is quite normal to have questions like “How many hours does it take from Turkey to Brussels by plane?”. Firstly, we want to mention that it takes 2.5 hours from Turkey to Brussels with Corendon Airlines. While choosing your Brussels flight tickets, we recommend that you consider the popularity of Turkey to Brussels flight tickets. We recommend that you plan your holiday before purchasing your flight tickets from Turkey to Belgium and follow Corendon Airlines for cheap Brussels flight tickets. This way, it will be easier for you to find the cheapest flight tickets for İzmir Brussels and Eskişehir Brussels flights. By booking your İzmir Brussels and Eskişehir Brussels flight tickets with Corendon Airlines you are guaranteed great quality and excellent service, leaving you to sit back and relax enjoying your trip to Brussels.

To go from Brussels Airport to the city center

There are four options to go from Brussels Airport to the city center; private airport transfer service, train, bus and taxi. The quickest way to reach the city centre is by train, you can take the train to go to Brussels North, Brussels Central and Brussels Midi railway stations. If you want to reach your Brussels hotel as quick and comfortable as possible, we recommend that you use the private airport transfer services which will be waiting for you at the arrival terminal with a sign with your name on it. Although not the cheapest option, it’s the easiest way for those who don't speak the local languages French or Dutch. To travel to the European Quarter you can travel by bus or taxi located outside of the arrivals terminal at the airport.

Accommodation in Brussels

Although accommodation options in Brussels are quite wide, it may be important to make a detailed plan before your Brussels trip. Brussels hotels are mostly located in the city center, but the hotel prices in Brussels are more expensive compared to other European cities. If you want to book a Brussels hotel in the city center, you can easily find 5-star Brussels hotels available. However, if you are looking for a cheap Brussels hotel, we recommend that you take a look at Brussels hotels near the airport. Also, you can rent an apartment in Brussels or use coaching applications for cheap accommodation in Brussels.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Brussels

How many hours does it take from Turkey to Brussels by plane?

It takes approximately 2.5 hours from Turkey to Brussels with Corendon Airlines.

Is Brussels' Red Light District safe?

Brussels Red Light District is not the safest place for tourists, especially if you don’t speak French or Dutch.

Where to visit in Brussels?

The most popular tourist attractions are The Grand Place, Town Hall and Mannekin Pis.


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