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City Life, Cuisine, Nature

A nice, little city reserving the Mediterranean warmth and authentic, local tastes; Nador in the north-eastern part of Morocco welcomes those looking for some good time, in a soothing atmosphere.

Feature / Location

Mar Chica Lagoon / North-eastern cost of Morocco


Moroccan Dirham


Summers are hot, arid, mostly clear; winters are long, cool and windy

Time Zone



Al-Aaroui International Airport


Tasting local food, shopping in traditional bazaars

Nador, Morocco Travel Guide Nador is a Moroccan city, located in the north-eastern coast of the country. It is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by a lagoon named Mar Chica. It is not among the biggest or the most popular cities of Morocco but it gives you enough to enjoy yourself in the authentic Mediterranean air. It is a pretty small city with a lot to offer.

What is Nador best known for?

The most famous point of Nador is the Mar Chica Lagoon which separates the city from the Mediterranean Sea. You can enjoy nice beaches, great local food and some shopping in crowded traditional bazaars.

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  • Nature

Nador City Life

City Life
Nador City Life Nador Corniche
Nador Corniche

Corniche is a term used to describe a road on the side of a cliff or mountain and it describes the area in general. The corniche of Nador is the area along the lagoon of the city. You can take a walk to enjoy the sea view and discover local restaurants to enjoy the traditional Moroccan kitchen. Be sure to add this to your to-do list.

Nador City Life Souk Oulad Mimoun
Souk Oulad Mimoun

It is one of the foremost traditional bazaars in Nador. You can experience the local culture and go on a shopping tour. Other than all kinds of souvenirs and garments, you can find some of the best local spices here as well. The vibrant colours also give you a chance for stunning photographs to make your journey unforgettable.

Nador Cuisine

Nador Cuisine Harira Soup
Harira Soup

Harira is a well-known Moroccan soup and one you should definitely try while you are in Nador, Morocco. It is made with tomatoes, minced meat, chickpeas and lentils. It is a little sour and has a dense structure. It is mostly served with bread; so it is quiet fulfilling. It is traditionally consumed during Ramadan, holidays and weddings by the local community. It should be on your food list during your vacation.

Nador Cuisine Kefta

These are minced meatballs. Kefta is a very popular food in Morocco. It combines ground beef with local spices and other seasonings. It is served as an appetizer or a main dish with rice or salad. Moroccan kefta is very herby and aromatic. It can be grilled or can be made in tangines, which are traditional clay pots. Alternatives vary but the taste is the same. It is delicious and must be tried in Nador.

Nador Cuisine Tagine

Tagine is a traditional food famous in Morocco and other North African regions. It is named after the traditional clay or ceramic pot in which it is made. It is kind of a stew, slow cooked at low temperatures, resulting with tender meat with different kinds of vegetables, spices and sauces. Because it is cooked slowly in steam, it retains the benefits of vitamin content and doesn’t lose its taste. It is one of the national dishes of the area.

Nador Nature

Nador Nature Mar Chica Lagoon (Nador Lagoon)
Mar Chica Lagoon (Nador Lagoon)

Mar Chica is one of the most significant lagoons around the Mediterranean. It is an important part of Nador and Morocco as well. It is undergoing some developments for sometime to be one of the biggest tourism resorts of the country. It should definitely be among the top priorities of your what-to-list in Nador. You can find beautiful beaches and hiking spots around it.

Nador Nature Ras El Ma Beach
Ras El Ma Beach

Ras El Ma is a small town in Nador. It’s also called Cap-de-l’Eau and really close to the city. Ras El Ma has marvellous beaches. The area is a little secluded and not very well-known. This can make you enjoy the area in complete peace. You can lie quietly on the sand and enjoy hiking on the cliffs bordering the Mediterranean.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nador

What is the best time to visit Nador?

The ideal times are spring and early autumn.

What is the currency used in Nador?

The currency of Nador, Morocco is Moroccan Dirham.

Is there a beach in Nador?

Nadar is a Mediterranean city and there are a couple of beaches in and right out of the city.


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Destination Airport: Nador Airport (NDR)  
Rotterdam - Nador flight duration   3:10 hours
Cologne Bonn - Nador flight duration  3:10 hours


Transportation in Nador

Because it is a small city, there is not much public transportation in Nador. You can easily explore the centre of the city by walking. To get from the airport to your destination, you have taxi, shuttle and rental car options. Car hiring can be the best option if you want to discover the more secluded beaches and rocky hills right out of the city.

Accommodation in Nador

Mar Chica Lagoon is the most touristic region of the city. You can take this information into account while you are looking into the available accommodation options. You can experience the magnificent view of the beaches, water and you can be right at the heart of the city. Hotels away from more touristic areas and camping options are available for a calmer holiday option.

Weather in Nador

In Nador, the summers are short, hot and mostly clear. The winters on the other hand are cool, long and partly cloudy. Through the year, the temperature generally varies from 10 Celsius to 32 Celsius. It is rarely below 6 Celsius or above 35 Celsius. The hottest month of the year in Nador is August while the coldest one is January.

22 C Clear Sky
TODAY Oct 1, Sun
  • Oct 2, Mon 28 Clear Sky
  • Oct 3, Tue 28 Few Clouds
  • Oct 4, Wed 26 Few Clouds
  • Oct 5, Thu 27 Overcast Clouds
  • Oct 6, Fri 29 Clear Sky

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