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Münster, a town with a 1,200-year-old history, is a mixture of modern and medieval, while Osnabrück is where in 1648, 30 years of war ended thanks to the peace of Westphalia being negotiated. Explore Corendon Airlines' affordable and flexible Münster flights and book your flight to this magical city right away.

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University towns / Located in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia




July and August are the better months to experience good weather. January, June and December have the highest chance of rain.

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Enjoy the green spaces; discover museums; try local delicacies

Münster and Osnabrück are full of beautiful historic buildings with a mix of modernism. Both towns are peaceful and cosmopolitan, university towns with a large young population. Both towns suffered serious damage during WWII; however, much was rebuilt, replicating the destroyed buildings. Search Corendon Airlines for the most suitable flights to Münster now and discover this beautiful city.

What Are Münster and Osnabrück Best Known for?

Both towns are known for their picturesque historical landscapes thanks to their unique architectural buildings. Münster is also famous for being considered the bicycle capital, so renting a bicycle to explore the city is highly recommended.

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Munster Cuisine

Munster Cuisine Münster cheese
Munster Cuisine Münster cheese

Münster cheese

Münster cheese is a pretty delicious local flavor famous around the whole world. 

Munster Cuisine Münsterländer Biersuppe (Beer soup)
Munster Cuisine Münsterländer Biersuppe (Beer soup)

Münsterländer Biersuppe (Beer soup)

A traditional dish you will find in most local Münster restaurants is Münsterländer Biersuppe, literally translated into beer soup - a must-try during your visit. The beer is heated and sweetened to make this delicious-tasting soup even more appealing.

Munster Cuisine Pfefferpotthast
Munster Cuisine Pfefferpotthast


A traditional beef dish, Pfefferpotthast is slow-cooked at low temperature with onions, bay leaves, and cloves mixed with pepper, capers, lemon juice, and gravy with breadcrumbs and wheat flour. To experience this magical city for yourself, make sure to book the next flight to Münster from Corendon Airlines and start your journey.

Munster Culture

Munster Culture Felix Nussbaum House / Museum of Cultural History
Munster Culture Felix Nussbaum House / Museum of Cultural History

Felix Nussbaum House / Museum of Cultural History

Felix Nussbaum House is the top Münster sightseeing attraction for people who visit Osnabrück. The museum houses the paintings of German - Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum, born in 1904 and put to death in Auschwitz, and displays exhibits that tell stories of racism and intolerance. The museum itself is an extension of Felix's life before WWII, with small spaces, dead ends, split pathways, and unpredictable intersections making you feel you're being pulled back and forward. Visiting the museum will give you insight into life before World War II and life in a restricted space.

Munster Culture Münster Historic City Centre
Munster Culture Münster Historic City Centre

Münster Historic City Centre

The münster historic city center is one of Germany's most important historical places. Meander through cobbled streets, admiring the beautiful architectural buildings and majestic churches. Strolling around the center is like stepping back in time. Enjoy your surroundings with a coffee in one of the local Münster cafes, soaking up the atmosphere the city has to offer. An afternoon in the city center will highlight your Münster holiday.

Munster Culture St. Peter's Cathedral
Munster Culture St. Peter's Cathedral

St. Peter's Cathedral

A must-see on your Münster things-to-do list, The cathedral is a late Romanesque building and dominates the city's skyline. It was first built around 770 but destroyed approximately 100 years later. Most structures seen today can be dated back to the 13th century from one of the many rebuilds. The eye-catching octagonal lantern tower was built around the ruins of the second church's dome. As the building has been rebuilt on many occasions, it now has a mix of Roman and Gothic styles, making it an even more interesting sight. Inside the cathedral, there are many statues and artifacts on display. You can easily reach any one of these tourist-packed destinations by searching Corendon Airlines' cheap flights to Münster.

Munster Nature

Munster Nature Bürgerpark
Munster Nature Bürgerpark


Bürgerpark is the oldest park in Osnabrück and is a perfect place for a peaceful walk. Wander through beautiful meadows and lush green forests with water features and gardens to entertain the children. The park is home to 450 mature trees that create the setting for this beautiful outdoor park.

Munster Nature Münster Botanical Garden
Munster Nature Münster Botanical Garden

Münster Botanical Garden

When looking for things to do in Münster, you can add the Münster Botanical Garden to your list. The garden was built in 1803 and is home to 8,000 different species of plants. At least five greenhouses are always open to the public throughout the year. The garden is 5 hectares with 2000 sqm of greenhouses.

Munster Night Life

Night Life
Munster Night Life Nightlife
Munster Night Life Nightlife


Both Münster and Osnabrück have large universities meaning there is a large youth population, ensuring a great Münster nightlife on offer in both towns. Some many entertaining bars and nightclubs will keep you partying till dawn. The most popular night out is a Wednesday for university students and the locals. For those who would prefer a more low-key night, many Münster restaurants and chic cafes are full of local culture and atmosphere.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Munster

How can I find cheap flights to Münster and cheap flights to Osnabrück?

By searching Corendon Airlines' budget-friendly flight ticket options, you can secure the cheapest flight to both Münster and Osnabrück and enjoy your vacation.

Are Münster and Osnabrück in the same place?

Münster and Osnabrück are two different towns; one located to the north and one located to the south of the Münster Osnabrück Airport.

What are some of the best things to do in Münster?

You can visit the most popular Münster sightseeing attractions, take a little stroll down the city center, enjoy the nature of the city, and spend some quality time with your family while in Münster.

When is the best time to visit Münster?

The best time to visit both cities is July and August when the Münster weather is hotter.

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Cities with Direct Flights to Münster

Corendon Airlines offer direct flights with competitive prices to Münster. Direct flights are available from Münster Osnabrück to Turkey (Kayseri, Izmir, Adana, Antalya, and Zonguldak), Münster Osnabrück to Greece (Rhodes, Crete, and Kos), Münster Osnabrück to Hurghada, Egypt and Münster Osnabrück to Spain (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Tenerife). Flights can vary from one to three flights a week depending on the destination and time of year.

Destination Airport: Munster Osnabrück (FMO)  
Antalya - Munster Osnabrück flight duration   3:50 hours
Palma de Mallorca - Munster Osnabrück flight duration  2:25 hours
Hurghada - Munster Osnabrück flight duration  5:05 hours
Heraklion - Munster Osnabrück flight duration  5:00 hours
Kos - Munster Osnabrück flight duration  3:30 hours


Cheap Flight Tickets to Münster

Finding cheap Münster Osnabrück flight tickets could not be easier. Simply log onto the Corendon Airlines website or mobile app – cheap flights from and to Münster Osnabrück can be found on our Münster Osnabrück flight deals page. To find the best deals booking early and being flexible with your flight dates can save you money. While making your booking, you can guarantee a good start to your trip by taking advantage of pre-booking your seats and your inflight meals at the lowest prices.

Münster Accommodation

Münster Osnabrück is a very popular destination to visit and attracts international tourists from all over the world. There are various accommodations on offer to suit all budgets. No matter your budget and the type of accommodation you're looking for, booking early will give you a better discount. Nowadays, many historical buildings have been converted into hotels and made from a truly unique experience. Both towns offer everything from luxury Münster hotels to budget-friendly Münster hostels. Remember to check out Corendon Airlines' hotel options to find accommodations suitable for your taste and preferences.

Münster Airport and Transportation

Münster Osnabrück Airport, FMO, is located right in the middle of the two cities. It renders services to approximately 5 million people living in this region. Using the buses D50 and R51, you can travel from the city center to and from the Münster Osnabrück Airport. The city has an extensive public transportation network that will take you anywhere you want to go. To go from Münster Osnabrück Airport to Osnabrück, you can take the X15 bus line. The journey time between the airport and Osnabrück is 45 minutes. The most convenient transport to get to Osnabrück is by taxi at the arrival terminal. To be more independent and help you explore the area better, we recommend renting a car, also available at the airport's exits.

Münster Weather

The weather in Münster and Osnabrück is pleasant yet cloudy during the summer; however, the winters can be very cold and windy, so warmer clothes in the winter are advisable. The temperature can vary from -2 Celsius degree to 23 Celsius degree during the year.