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Flights to Dresden

Discover the beautiful city on the river: Dresden

Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Dresden is a leading city in Europe in the field of art, culture and technology. Despite the sad events of World War II, Dresden has not lost its charm and keeps enchanting visitors from around the world with its attractions and beautiful architecture. 

Feature / Location

Capital city of German state of Saxony / Located on the banks of River Elbe




Summers are warm and cloudy; winters are long, cold, snowy and windy

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Dresden Airport


See historical places; go shopping; join a walking tour in the city

Dresden is a unique place that you cannot pass by indifferently. It is the fourth city in Germany with the largest number of visitors reaching 10 million a year. Dresden has a couple of frequently used nicknames, such as Florence of the North and Beauty on the Elbe. They are well deserved. Those who have visited this charming baroque city always want to return there. And it is fully justified.

What Is Dresden best known for ?

Dresden is a beautiful city with its rich historical and cultural attractions, beautiful Baroque architecture, green spaces and urban areas. Visit to get a sense of modern and traditional together at the same time. 

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Dresdner Wiegebraten is one of Dresden's flagship dishes. It is roasted ground beef, pork mixed with veal, mixed with white bread, eggs and spices, necessarily with bacon. The dish is usually served with boiled or fried potatoes and sauce. If you like meat, this is a must try in Dresden.

Pfunds Molkerei (Pfunds Dairy)

It is a unique attraction of Dresden located in the New Town. Pfunds Molkerei entered in 1998 in the Guinness Book of Records as the most beautiful dairy shop in the world. The company was founded by a farmer named Pfund in 1879 who wanted to supply the inhabitants of Dresden with fresh milk straight from the cow. In the first years of existence, buyers were able to see 6 cows that were milked in the back room and their milk was sold immediately after that. Today a variety of dairy products attract fans from all over the world.

Radeberger Beer Goulash

Radeberger Beer Goulash (Goulash with Radeberg beer) is a favourite dish of hops drink gourmets. Apparently it was once a favourite dish of the German rulers. The taste of this dish consists of meat diced and dipped in flour and then fried with onions and garlic. This mixture is boiled over low heat in broth and a good deal of Raderberger Pils.


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Church of the Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche)

This unique baroque temple built in the 18th century was completely destroyed at the end of World War II and remained in ruins until the reunification of Germany in 1989, being a literal monument to protest against the war. The rebuilt church was consecrated only in 2005, one year before the city's 800th anniversary. It is, after the Strasbourg Cathedral, the largest sandstone building in the world. Take the elevator to the observation deck of the church's dome to admire the wonderful panorama of the city and the Elbe Valley.


Fürstenzug is the largest porcelain painting in the world. It is 102m long, burned to approx. 23 thousand porcelain tiles from nearby Meissen, famous for the oldest porcelain manufacture in Germany. This unique work is located on the stable wall of the Residence Castle in the Old Town. Fortunately, it was not damaged during World War II. It presents 94 people, including only one woman, and almost all Saxon princes and kings at the turn of the 8th century.


It is a baroque palace erected as the royal residence of King Augustus II the Strong in 1709. It is a complex of buildings consisting of pompously decorated pavilions, gates, gardens and fountains, where the most grand parties and cultural events in Europe were held during the reign of the king. Currently, in the palace, you can visit the Old Masters Picture Gallery, the Mathematical and Physical Salon and the Porcelain Museum. After the war damages, the palace was rebuilt in 1964.



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Grosser Garten (the Great Garden)

Grosser Garten (the Great Garden) is the largest park in the city, the "green lungs" of Dresden with an area of 147 ha, is located near the Old Town. Grosser Garten was founded in the 17th century in the Baroque era and because of that it offers visitors and residents a unique mix of recreational areas such as meadows and open spaces for walking as well as the Botanical Garden, open-air theatre, 150 different sculptures and a park railway.

Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland - only 40 km from Dresden, is a magnet for nature lovers from all over the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Germany for hiking, walking and climbing. The landscape of Swiss Saxony is largely made up of sandstone mountains with vertical walls and pillars of fantastic forms situated among vine-covered valleys and unique gorges.

Weather in Dresden

In Dresden, summers are warm and cloudy while winters are long, very cold, windy and mostly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature varies from -2 Celsius degree to 25 Celsius degree typically. July is the hottest month of the year and January is the coldest one.

0 C Light Snow
TODAY Mar 28, Tue
  • Mar 29, Wed 7 Light Rain
  • Mar 30, Thu 16 Light Rain
  • Mar 31, Fri 14 Light Rain
  • Apr 1, Sat 11 Overcast Clouds
  • Apr 2, Sun 2 Snow


Destination Airport: Dresden (DRS)  
Antalya - Dresden flight duration   3:15 hours


Transportation in Dresden

Dresden is a road, train and air transport hub in eastern Germany. The city has a dense, comprehensive and reliable network of tram and bus lines. Dresden also has two major train stations, an international airport and an inner harbour on the Elbe river waterway. So, the visitors get reach almost every point of the city and the surrounding area with great convenience.

Accommodation in Dresden

There are over 150 different accommodation facilities in Dresden, which offer over 15,000 beds in various categories and price ranges. In addition to high-class hotels in Dresden, you will also find many cheap hostels, youth hostels and cheap guest rooms or private accommodation, which provide the cheapest accommodation in Dresden. There are also 3 camping sites for tourists. It is worth remembering that there is a visitor tax in Dresden, the so-called accommodation tax, and is often not included in the price of the accommodation when booking. The tourist tax of 6% depends on the room price and is charged every night.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dresden

How many days do you need to see Dresden?

You can get a good overview in 24 hours but you need at least 2 days to explore the city more comprehensively.

How far is Dresden Airport from the city centre?

There is approximately 10 km. between Dresden Airport and the city centre.

What's the best way to see Dresden?

Preferably on foot or by bike as Dresden is a flat city. If you care about time, it is worth buying a day transport ticket.

Do they speak English in Dresden?

Yes, you can find a lot of people who can speak English pretty good in Dresden.


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