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Flights to Antalya

Discover Antalya, the Mediterranean pearl

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Antalya is by far one of the most popular destinations in Turkey, attracting tourists from all corners of the world each year. Antalya holiday owes its popularity to the turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea, which glimmers under the sparkling sun and always puts people in a good mood.


Most popular holiday city in Turkey On the Mediterranean coast


Turkish lira TRY


May – Oct is suitable for sea-swimming and sightseeing

Time Zone

GMT +03:00


2 airports AYT – Antalya Airport and GZT Alanya-Gazipasa Airport


Rafting, exploring the old city, beach, boat tour

This holiday region is called the Turkish Rivièra and is one of Turkey’s major coasts. Antalya offers a lot for your summer holiday, including a nice beach holiday, the option to immerse yourself in some culture or perhaps discover nature in some of Antalya’s most peaceful areas. Millions of tourists travel to Antalya because it has a pleasant, warm climate and much to offer. The Antalya districts such as Kemer, Kaş, Alanya and Konyaaltı have great potential from a tourism point of view and are therefore a frequent choice.

What is Antalya best known for?

The words “summer holiday” in Turkish are inextricably linked to “Antalya”. Not only for Turkish tourists, but for tourists from all over the world, the pleasant Mediterranean climate and Antalya’s beautiful sandy beaches are reason enough to place Antalya at the number 1 spot among summer holiday destinations. If you are on the lookout for alternative nature in addition to the sun-sea-beach trio, then Antalya has some discoveries in store for you. Antalya Museum is a place that you should add to your to do list to meet the history of this Mediterranean beauty. Explore the fascinating natural beauty of Duden Waterfalls one of Antalya’s most scenic spots. The Lycian Way is a world famous route and you can never ignore exploring it. World famous Konyaaltı and Lara Beaches invite you with their warm sands. Put a day aside to spend some time in Aspendos, one of Turkey's most preserved sites and make sure to visit one of Antalya Bazaar’s and learn to haggle and barter.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Kaputas Beach

This is one of the most famous beaches in Antalya. It is a small but wonderful beach spot between Kas and Kalkan, in the southwest of Turkey. It is very famous for its crystal clear sea. Do not forget to wake up early on the day you plan to get there, so you can catch the beautiful view before the waves start.

Konyaaltı Beach

Konyaaltı Beach is one of the two main Antalya beaches, the other being Lara beach. Konyaaltı district is situated beneath the old city in Antalya, and extends miles towards the west, with various kinds of beaches including sand and shingle. The water is a little cooler compared to other beaches in Antalya because of an underground creek flowing to the sea.

Lara beach

Antalya Lara beaches are home to many luxury themed hotels, mainly at the popular Lara Beach area which includes Kundu, Aksu and Muratpaşa municipalities of Antalya province. Most of the hotels are replicas of famous places around the world, being luxury design hotels and theme hotels. There are also many cafes and bars around the beaches. You can order anything you want while sunbathing. In the evenings, beaches turn into lively restaurants. You can eat fish and local “meze” with a magnificent sunset view.


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Burnt ice cream

Antalya is a versatile city for food. Food from Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine is widely available in Antalya. You absolutely must taste “burnt ice cream” when you are in Antalya. The reason it is called burnt is that it is made of goat’s milk which is burned slightly. This ice cream definitely has a different taste and smell you will not be able to forget!


Hibes is an appetizer prepared with garlic, cumin, plenty of lemon and tahini. This delicious appetizer unique to Antalya cuisine can be prepared in 5 minutes and is very practical. Nonetheless, its flavor is unforgettable. It is especially preferred with white and red meat dishes.


Piyaz is actually a general name to the bean salad which is very popular in Turkish cuisine. However, if you have not eaten the Antalya-style piyaz, you are not considered to have tasted it. Unlike other varieties, "Tahinli Piyaz" (haricot bean dish with tahini sauce) is unique to Antalya and is prepared with a sauce with tahini on top. This local taste’s fame has surpassed Antalya already. It is usually eaten with meatballs and can be tasted in almost all local restaurants such as “Topçu, 7 Mehmet and Piyazcı Sami” in the city centre.


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Antalya Museum

Antalya, the city which is intertwined with history, offers a big and charming museum in Konyaaltı district. The museum takes 3rd place after Ankara and Istanbul museums. Besides Roman sculptures it is also possible to see Ottoman, Byzantine, Seljuk Turks, Lycian and Greek items. You can reach the museum by the nostalgic tram line.

Aspendos Antique Theatre

It is known that the history of Aspendos Antique Theater, located in the east of Antalya, goes back to 2nd Century AD. The ruins of this theater are the biggest attraction of Antalya. Most of the theatre has been well restored but still maintains its extremely impressive magic.


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Düden Waterfalls
One of the most important features of Antalya is its natural beauty. You don't have to go far away from Antalya to see the waterfalls and listen to the peaceful sound of them. Upper and Lower Düden Waterfalls are ideal sightseeing spots to spend a pleasant and cool day. The waterfall flows into the Mediterranean Sea in the Karpuzkaldıran district of Lara.
Lycian Way
Lycian Way, which is 509 km long, in southwest Turkey, is a hiking trail that combines Antalya and Fethiye. It stretches along the Lycian coast. If you want to have a different experience and get excited along the way intertwined with nature every day, this route is ideal for you. Postpone your usual holiday plans for now and don't return from Antalya without experiencing this.

It is usually ideal to visit Antalya between April and October. The weather in Antalya is mostly pleasant for spending the day on the beach or sightseeing. If you would like to feel the high temperature and get a tan you will prefer visiting in June, July and August. The normal temperature of Antalya weather is around 30-35 ºC during summer and 15 ºC during winter.

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Direct flights to Antalya

Antalya direct flights are available from different cities in the world and especially in the summer months, the demand is high. Flights from Antalya to major European cities are sometimes scheduled 3 times a day in the summer months. Antalya Hannover is one of the daily flights of Corendon Airlines. From mid-April to the end of the season on October 28th, you can book an Antalya Hannover ticket with Corendon Airlines for any day you wish. Antalya Düsseldorf flights are operated by Corendon Airlines on three different days each week. Entertainment locations such as Altstadt and Rheinturm near Düsseldorf are connected by Corendon Airlines flights to Antalya’s turquoise sea, beautiful beaches and nature including waterfalls.

Antalya Nuremberg flights by Corendon which start in the middle of April and run until October 28th, are operated 7 days a week. Germany Antalya flights are operated from a considerable number of cities and your holiday experience begins the minute you board your Corendon Airlines flight. Corendon Airlines flies from different cities in Germany to Antalya for very decent prices. Antalya direct flights are available on our website and you can easily make your reservation. Other Turkey flights operated by Corendon Airlines are flights to Alanya Gazipaşa GZP. Flights to Köln, Hannover and Stuttgart are available from Alanya Gazipaşa.

Destination airport: Antalya (AYT)  
Düsseldorf - Antalya flight duration   3:30 hours
London - Antalya flight duration  4:25 hours
Stuttgart - Antalya flight duration  3:15 hours
Nuremberg - Antalya flight duration  3:05 hours
Brussels - Antalya flight duration  3:50 hours


Choosing your flight tickets to Antalya

Cheap flight tickets to Antalya

You can find direct flights to Antalya on Corendon Airlines’ main page. An early reservation may result in you getting a real bargain. If there are no direct flights available from your town, you may choose a nearby city and get a cheaper price.

Accommodation in Antalya

By comparing hotel and flight offers when planning your holiday, you can keep your holiday budget low. Hotels in Antalya, one of Turkey’s major tourist destinations, sometimes have special accommodation offers at certain times of the year. For very attractive prices you can find all-inclusive holiday packages and various accommodation options are available for different tourist profiles. Rows of hotels along the Antalya beaches offer different accommodation options for families with children, for newlyweds on honeymoon or for groups of friends. Antalya hotels organize all kinds of activities on their premises to keep their guests amused over the entire day, as well as city tours and other tourist trips. Children can participate in special dance and playing events and in the evenings the open buffet is accompanied by dance music and light shows in many hotels. When searching for hotel and flight offers, it is wise to check beforehand what kind of activities are available in your hotel accommodation and what the details of the holiday plans are. From luxury hotels to budget-friendly hotel accommodation, Antalya offers a range of choices. Antalya, which welcomes millions of holiday guests each year, offers a holiday plan for every taste and budget thanks to a well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Airport and Transportation

Antalya Airport AYT is among the airports with the highest passenger traffic. Every year, millions of tourists travelling via this airport are effortlessly transported to certain locations in the city. Antalya departure and arrival times are considered for the bus rides taking you to and from the city. Airport transfers are also offered by a considerable number of hotels and tour operators located in Antalya. Furthermore, there are transfer services to Kaş, Kemer and Kalkan as well as scheduled bus services. Another airport transportation option is a car rental service. For a reasonable price you can rent a car from one of the car rental companies with an office at Antalya Airport. In line with departure and arrival times, there is always a taxi available at Antalya airport.

Antalya Airport AYT offers several transfer alternatives to the beaches in the south and west. Each year, millions of tourists are effortlessly transferred from Antalya airport to the hotel they have booked. To get to the center of Antalya, there is another option available: the AntRay tram. This tram quickly takes you to Antalya Kaleiçi in the center and to the Antalya bus station.

Antalya Airport tip: At Antalya Airport AYT special nursery and playing rooms are available for families with small children. While you are arranging your airport transportation, children can play here without getting bored.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Antalya

How can I find the cheapest flight to Antalya?

Corendon Airlines' affordable and accessible flights to Antalya can easily be found in the Flights to Antalya page. While determining the flight ticket prices, some criteria affect the price of the flight tickets. Some of these criteria are which airport your flight departs from, your flight departure time and the occupancy rate of your plane. You can find an affordable Antalya flight ticket during the sale periods, but seats can sell out fast in a short time on flights with sales.

When is the best time to go to Antalya?

Antalya has favorable seasonal conditions for a large part of the year. The sea is quite warm in Antalya 9 months of the year. Antalya, which is very hot in the summer months, is preferred by those who want to take a vacation in the sea, sand and sun in June, July and August. Therefore, summer months are known as high season in Antalya.

How to go to Antalya city center?

You can reach Antalya city center from Antalya Airport by tram, buses, taxis or by rental cars. All options will take you to the city center in a maximum of 40 minutes.

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