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Flights to Balikesir

Discover Balıkesir, Holiday Paradise of the Marmara Region

Beach, Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Although Balıkesir is known for its thermal springs, waterfalls and highlands, it is also a very important stop for those who want to enjoy the sea and sunbathing. From the cold waters of Mount Ida to the clean bays of the Aegean Sea, you can find everything you expect from a holiday in this charming town.

Feature / Location

A holiday paradise / At the intersection of the Marmara and Aegean coasts


Turkish Lira (₺)


June to September / Average temps around 23°C (73°F)

Time Zone

GMT +03:00 Time zone in Balıkesir


Balikesir Koca Seyit Airport / EDO


Culture tours, sightseeing, swimming, trekking

Everyone, from those who wish to swim in the cool Aegean Sea to those who want to sunbathe, should add Balıkesir to their list of places to visit in Turkey. Waterfalls, bird paradises, clean beaches and lively nightlife… You will find everything you expect from a holiday in Balıkesir.

What Is Balıkesir Best Known For?

Located at the intersection of the Marmara and Aegean coasts, this colorful city is known for Mount Ida, Hasan Boğuldu Waterfalls, Şeytan Sofrası and Cunda İsland, but it also dazzles with its lively nightlife and festivals it hosts. If you want to have a peaceful holiday in nature, we recommend that you add Balıkesir to must-see cities in Turkey list.

  • Beach
  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


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Beaches in Cunda Island

Cunda, also known as Alibey Island, is home to plenty of blue flag beaches. You can enjoy the cool waters at many different points of Cunda with its long beaches and clean sea. Also, we recommend that anyone who wishes to have a quiet holiday visit the bays of Cunda, which are waiting to be discovered like paradises hidden at the bottom of vast forests.

Çuğra Beach

Çuğra Beach, famous for its golden sands and calm sea lying under palm trees, is located in Erdek district of Balıkesir. This beach, which is calmer compared to other famous beaches of Balıkesir, is also known for its clean and cool waters. Especially for families with children, Çuğra Beach stands out among the places to visit in Turkey with its safe and shallow sea.

Sarımsaklı Beach

Sarımsaklı Beach which is one of the blue flag beaches in Turkey is located in the Ayvalık region. This famous beach enchants its visitors also with the best shades of blue and green. We highly recommend that you spend a lovely day in Sarımsaklı Beach and also, discover the untouched bays in Ayvalık.


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Balıkesir manti

Balıkesir manti has a very different flavor than the common Turkish manti because although traditional Turkish manti is prepared with ground beef, Balıkesir manti is prepared with boiled chickpeas and chicken breast. If you like Turkish cuisine, you should add this unique flavor to your what to eat in Turkey list.


Höşmerim, the most famous member of Balıkesir cuisine, is a kind of dessert made of cheese. Although traditionally prepared with special cheese and semolina, today höşmerim is made in many different flavors such as cocoa and strawberry. We strongly recommend that you try this famous dessert of Turkish cuisine on your trip to Balıkesir.

Olive Oil Dishes

The appetizers and dishes made by local olive oil of Balıkesir, which has extensive olive groves, are very famous among Aegean cuisine. We recommend that you visit one of the beach restaurants in the romantic streets of Cunda Island and try Balıkesir's famous olive oil appetizers.


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Ancient City of Antandros

Antandros is an ancient city established on the slopes of Mount Ida and a home to historical artifacts dating back to the 7th century BC. The area is also known as the place of the first beauty contest of the ancient world. Although archaeological excavations are still going on in some parts of the ancient city, other parts are open to visitors.

Marmara Island

Marmara Island, which was founded by the Miletus, was used as an exile area in the Roman period and as a monastic settlement in Byzantium. Today, the island is home to 36 churches and monasteries and flooded with visitors due to its rich cultural background and untouched bays. You can trace the history on this beautiful island or spend a peaceful holiday in the quiet villages of Marmara Island.


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Hasan Boğuldu Waterfalls

With several waterfalls and cool waters. Hasan Boğuldu is one of the freshwater swimming spots in Turkey. You can take a trek, rent a bike or swim in this waterfall paradise and listen to the tragic history behind its name, Hasan is Drowned, from local people.

Manyas Lake and Bird Paradise

Lake Manyas is a stopping point for wild birds migrating from Africa to Asia and Europe. Manyas Bird Paradise, which hosts 266 bird species in total, also has an observation tower where you can watch beautiful migratory birds. However, you should check the bird migration times before your visit.

Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Table)

This hill, which consists of the remains of an inactive volcano, is known as Şeytan Sofrası (Devil’s Table) because it is believed that a footprint on it belongs to the devil. However, it is not this footprint that makes the Devil's Table famous, but its unique view. We recommend that you watch the sunset on this romantic hill where you can see 22 islands of Ayvalık and Lesbos at the same time.

Weather in Balıkesir

Due to the geological position of Balikesir, even winter temperatures are above the seasonal averages of other cities of Turkey.

We recommend that you check the weather in Balıkesir before planning your trip.

7 C Clear Sky
TODAY Mar 26, Sun
  • Mar 27, Mon 22 Clear Sky
  • Mar 28, Tue 10 Light Rain
  • Mar 29, Wed 6 Light Rain
  • Mar 30, Thu 13 Few Clouds

Direct Flights to Balıkesir

Since the number of flights to Balıkesir Airport is limited, finding a direct flight ticket to Balıkesir is not always easy. If you are looking for a Germany Balıkesir flight ticket, you can find a direct flight from Germany to Balıkesir by following the Cologne Balıkesir direct flights of Corendon Airlines.

Destination airport: Balıkesir Kocaseyit Airport (EDO)  
Cologne Bonn - Balıkesir flight duration  3:00 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Balıkesir

When choosing a flight ticket to Balikesir, it is quite normal to have questions such as "How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Balıkesir?". First of all, we would like to emphasize that Cologne Balıkesir flight takes 4 hours with Corendon Airlines. In order to find cheap Balıkesir flight tickets, we recommend that you follow Corendon Airlines flight tickets to Balıkesir and enjoy the Cologne Balıkesir flight safely.

To go from Koca Seyit Airport to Balıkesir city center

Since Balıkesir Koca Seyit Airport is 87 km away from Balıkesir city center, you can take the free shuttles or car rental services of the airport. Although Balıkesir airport is far from the city center, it is very close to holiday regions such as Ayvalık, Edremit or Altınoluk.

Accommodation in Balıkesir

In Balıkesir, where there are famous beaches and holiday centers in almost every district, accommodation options are also quite wide. If you are planning a quiet holiday in touch with nature, we recommend that you book Cunda Island hotels. You can find the comfort of a 5-star hotel and calm holiday environment you are looking for at hotels and historical houses used for touristic purposes on Cunda Island. You can also take a look at the camping centers in Mount Ida. If you are planning a holiday full of lively nightlife in Balıkesir, we recommend hotels in Avşa Island where there are nightclubs along the whole coast. You can also find a 5-star Balıkesir hotel among Ayvalık hotels, Altınoluk hotels and Edremit hotels.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Balikesir

How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Balıkesir?

Cologne Balıkesir flights take 4 hours with Corendon Airlines

What are the best activities in Balıkesir?

The best activities in Balıkesir are swimming, sightseeing and trekking.

What are the famous dishes of Balıkesir?

The most famous dishes of Balıkesir cuisine are höşmerim and Balıkesir manti.

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