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Flights to Nuremberg

Discover a Pearl of History: Nuremberg

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The medieval old town with the mighty imperial castle Kaiserburg. Stroll through the winding streets, marvel at the historical buildings intertwined with modern architecture. Nuremberg is a vibrant city with museums, sights, shopping streets and unique shops, offering a great deal of flair and atmosphere.

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Nuremberg, after its capital, is the second largest city in the German federal state of Bavaria


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Summers are warm and cloudy from time to time; winters are really cold and windy for the most of the time

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Nuremberg Airport / NUE


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The ancient buildings of the old town, surrounded by the formidable city wall, define the city of Nürnberg. Situated on a sandstone peak, the medieval imperial castle provides a look over the roofs of the city and the most prominent churches in Nuremberg. The Frauenkirche is the opening point of the world-famous Christkindlesmarkt. St. Lorenz rises on the other side of the river Pegnitz with St. Sebald at the foot of the castle.

What is Nuremberg best known for?

Nuremberg is very well known, for the imperial castle and the walled Old Town, and also renowned for its historical landmarks. From the Middle Ages onwards, the city’s location made it an important trading centre, and this rich heritage can still be seen and felt today. The Renaissance Hallersches Haus is one of the finest houses in the Old Town, and another stop on the Historical Mile.

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Lebhucken (German Gingerbread)

Its popularity as one of the traditional pastries of the region dates back to the 12th century. Lebhucken is popular in all over Germany but the ones made in Nuremberg and Bavaria regions are a little more prominent with their special taste. Lebhucken, combining flour, ginger, clove and nut is waiting to be tasted by the visitors of Nuremberg.

Nürnberger Bratwürste

Since 1567, Nürnberger Bratwurst has been produced in the region, and if you're used to chunky German sausages, you might be surprised at how small they are. Usually, they're about eight inches long, so you can get as many as six in one serving. Also, the taste is like no other German sausage, as fresh seasonal spices are included. Over a beech-grill, the Nürnberger Rostbratwurst is grilled and is served with sauerkraut, potato salad, horseradish, and don’t forget a generous pour of Rotbier or one of the other hundreds of beers from Franconia.


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Frauenkirche is a church in Nuremberg standing on the eastern side of the main market. It mostly stands out as a great example of brick Gothic architecture. Dating back to Roman times, the church contains many sculptures and historical artefacts. It literally means ‘Church of Our Lady’.

Kaiserburg Castlem (Imperial Castle)

The castle dating back to Middle Ages has been a symbol of the power of the Roman Empire. With its spectacle and the special flavour of history, the castle deserves to be seen. It had been the home of all the German kings and emperors from 1050 to 1571. It keeps being one of the landmarks of the city with its tower of 351 metres reaching through the sky.


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Franconian Heights

One of the sunniest parts of southern Germany is the Franconian Heights area, just outside Nuremberg. In the form of castles and palaces, the complex landscape that changes between mixed forests, lakes, dry biotopes and wine-growing land is dotted with cultural gems.


There is no lack of spacious green areas, parklands and gardens in Nuremberg. A significant recreational space, the Stadtpark (City Park) provides a variety of summer theatrical activities. It should be added to your visiting list in Nuremberg. You can relax and enjoy the beauties of nature at the heart of the city. 

Direct Flights to Nuremberg

Corendon Airlines connects you from Nuremberg to Turkey, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Morocco and Israel. Corendon Airlines offers very competitive fares throughout the year which you can book via the Corendon Airlines Website and also Mobile App. Direct flights are offered to Turkey (Antalya, Alanya, Dalaman, Izmir, Adana and Ordun), Spain (Fuerteventura, Ibiza, Mallorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Lanzarote), Greece (Heraklion, Chania, Rhodes, Kos and Thessaloniki), Egypt (Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh), Morocco (Marrakech), Israel (Tel Aviv) and Italy (Olbia and Lamezia Terme) throughout the Summer period.

Destination Airport: Nuremberg Airport (NUE)  
Hurghada - Nuremberg flight duration   4:45 hours
İzmir - Nuremberg flight duration  3:00 hours
Rhodos - Nuremberg flight duration  3:30 hours
Heraklion - Nuremberg flight duration  3:20 hours
Palma de Mallorca - Nuremberg flight duration  2:15 hours
Antalya - Nuremberg flight duration  3:15 hours
Ankara - Nuremberg flight duration  3:30 hours


Choosing your Flight tickets to Nuremberg

When planning your stay in Nürnberg, Corendon Airlines will offer you the best and lowest fares through the Website and also Mobile App. Please keep your eyes open for special deals and vouchers that Corendon Airlines offer throughout the year. The earlier you book your flights and organise your travel arrangements for Nuremberg the more you can secure a cheap Nuremberg flight ticket. Make sure you reserve your favourite seat and choose from one of our delicious inflight meals to ensure you have an unforgettable journey. All for an affordable price.

Airport and Transport

Nuremberg Airport is Germany’s tenth largest airport with 4 million passengers per year. The airport is well connected with the main station in the city through the U-Bahn train which takes about 12 minutes. Regular bus transports connect Nuremberg with the neighbouring cities Erlangen and Fürth. The city of Nuremberg offers all visitors the Nuremberg Card to access public transport for a very reasonable price. In addition, the card includes free access to 40 museums and attractions.


When booking your accommodation in advance you’ll find a cheap hotel in Nuremberg. There are many accommodation options in Nuremberg from Boutique or Luxury hotels to hostels, guesthouses and apartments. You’ll find cheap accommodation deals throughout the year but, for the high season (Summer period) we do recommend to book early. After a day’s activities you will look forward to a relaxing stay in one of the many hotels in the city offering accommodation with 18.000 beds. The average price per room/night is about €76.

The majority of accommodations are positioned near the most popular attractions. Nürnberg has a well-developed transport network, so it is advisable to choose your accommodation near the underground or buses.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Nuremberg

How many destinations will Corendon Airlines offer during the Summer period from Nuremberg?

Corendon Airlines will be offering 21 destinations from Nuremberg during the Summer period

Are all flights with Corendon Airlines direct?

Yes, all flights with Corendon Airlines are direct flights

Where do I book my flights to and from Nuremberg?

On the Website and Mobile App of Corendon Airlines

What is Nuremberg’s most famous castle called?

It’s called the Kaiserburg.

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