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Cuisine, Culture, Nature

Erfurt, located in Central Germany is a city where German and Medieval history come to life. No other city will allow you to experience the soul of Medieval times, take a tour through history in Erfurts old town, which is considered to be the best-preserved city centre in Germany along with lots of tourist attractions of Erfurt.

Feature / Location

The best place for tracing Medieval history / Located in Central Germany




Average temperatures around 16.3 °C from June to August

Time Zone

GMT +1


Erfurt Weimar Airport


Sightseeing / culture tours / shopping

Erfurt waits for its visitors to take them on a tour in the old pages of the medieval times with numerous churches, the well-preserved medieval old town, breathtaking cathedrals and many other places-to-visit in Germany. Whether you want to experience this medieval atmosphere or to walk through history, you should add Erfurt to your list of must-see cities.

What is Erfurt best known for?

The city is best known for its wealth of history and culture full of historical landmarks of Germany, namely St. Augustine’s Monastery, Anger Square, Merchant’s Bridge and countless others. Medieval, Jewish and German history come to life in Erfurt, the city also boasts several modern tourist attractions of Germany.

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature

Erfurt Cuisine

Erfurt  Cuisine Biersuppe
Erfurt Cuisine Biersuppe


Biersuppe is a candidate for surprising those who are not familiar with Thuringian cuisine because it is a soup made from beer. If you have not tried this malty and sweet flavor before, we highly recommend that you add Biersuppe to your list of what-to-eat in Germany.

Erfurt  Cuisine Thüringer Rostbratwurst
Erfurt Cuisine Thüringer Rostbratwurst

Thüringer Rostbratwurst

One of the famous dishes of Thuringian cuisine, Thüringer Rostbratwurst is a kind of sausage prepared with a special mix of salt, pepper, cumin, garlic and marjoram. We highly recommend that you try Thüringer Rostbratwurst, which you can find on every corner of the city, but make sure you try the ones grilled over an open fire.

Erfurt Culture

Erfurt  Culture Merchant’s Bridge (The Krämerbrücke)
Erfurt Culture Merchant’s Bridge (The Krämerbrücke)

Merchant’s Bridge (The Krämerbrücke)

One of the most renowned Erfurt Landmarks is Merchant’s Bridge, also known as The Krämerbrücke, a medieval arched bridge formed by a series of 62 narrow buildings. Today, the famous bridge is lined with cafes, boutiques, and renowned galleries. We highly recommend that you visit Merchant’s Bridge, which is considered one of the must-see places in Erfurt, to take a romantic walk through Medieval history from the cobbled streets of Erfurt.

Erfurt  Culture St. Augustine’s Monastery
Erfurt Culture St. Augustine’s Monastery

St. Augustine’s Monastery

St. Augustine’s Monastery is one of the landmarks of Germany that challenges time. Although the protestant monastery dates back to the 13th century, it has challenged time through several reconstructions and survived. Today, St. Augustine’s Monastery is open to the public and waits to be admired by its visitors.

Erfurt Nature

Erfurt  Nature Egapark Erfurt
Erfurt Nature Egapark Erfurt

Egapark Erfurt

One of the best parks in Germany, also famous for its public parks and green spaces, is egapark Erfurt. Although the history of the park dates back to the 1970s and considered younger compared to other gardens of Germany, it has managed to be a must-see place in Erfurt thanks to its sculptures and the Largest ornamental flower bed in Europe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Erfurt

How many hours does it take from Spain to Erfurt by plane?

Spain Erfurt flights take approximately 5.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take from Greece to Erfurt by plane?

Greece Erfurt flights take approximately 2.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take from Turkey to Erfurt by plane?

Turkey Erfurt flights take 1.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take from Egypt to Erfurt by plane?

Egypt Erfurt flights take 4 hours with Corendon Airlines.

Erfurt flight ticket

Cheapest flight ticket Airport Flight duration Cheapest date
Antalya → Erfurt
flight ticket: 29.99 EUR
Weimar Airport 2 hr 30 min 24 Jun 2024


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Direct flights to Erfurt

Erfurt Weimar Airport has plenty of direct flights from several countries. For example, Antalya Erfurt flights, Fuerteventura Erfurt flights, Kazantzakis Erfurt flights, Hurghada Erfurt flights, Rhodes Erfurt flights and Las Palmas Erfurt flights are direct Erfurt flights Corendon Airlines offer. To find a direct flight to Erfurt from Turkey, Greece, Egypt, and Spain, all you have to do is to follow Corendon Airlines’ Erfurt flight tickets. Corendon Airlines’ Greece Erfurt direct flights are from two airports of Greece, namely Rhodes and Kazantzakis. Spain Erfurt direct flights are also from two cities, namely Las Palmas and Fuerteventura. As long as you follow Corendon Airlines’ Erfurt direct flight deals, it will be easier for you to find direct flights to Erfurt.

Destination Airport: Erfurt (ERF)  
Antalya - Erfurt flight duration   3:30 hours
Gran Canaria - Erfurt flight duration  4:40 hours
Rhodes - Erfurt flight duration  3:25 hours
Heraklion - Erfurt flight duration  3:05 hours
Hurghada - Erfurt flight duration  4:55 hours


Choosing your flight tickets to Erfurt

While choosing your direct flight tickets to Erfurt, it is quite normal to have questions such as “How many hours does it take from Greece to Erfurt by plane?” or “How many hours does it take from Spain to Erfurt?”. Firstly, we want to mention that Spain Erfurt flights take approximately 5.5 hours, Greece Erfurt flights take approximately 2.5 hours, Turkey Erfurt flights take 1.5 hours and Egypt Erfurt flights take 4 hours with Corendon Airlines. Also, to find cheap flight tickets to Erfurt, all you have to do is to follow Corendon Airlines’ Erfurt flight ticket deals.

To go from Erfurt Weimar Airport to the city center

The best way to go to the Erfurt city center from Erfurt Weimar Airport is to use the airport ground transportation system. With city rail line 4, it takes 25 minutes to go to the city center from Erfurt airport. You can also consider other options such as the airport’s private transportation services or taxi. However, the fastest and cheapest way to travel between the airport and the city center is by taking the train.

Accommodation in Erfurt

Although accommodation options in Erfurt are quite wide, it may be important to make a detailed plan before your Erfurt trip. Erfurt hotels are considered cheap compared to other renowned European cities, even Erfurt city center hotels. If you want to book a Erfurt hotel in the city center, you can easily find a 5-star Erfurt hotel with affordable price options. However, if you are looking for a cheap Erfurt hotel, we recommend that you take a look at rental apartments in Erfurt. You can easily find cheap accommodation in Erfurt with wide options such as rental apartments or furnished flats in Erfurt.

Weather in Erfurt

Erfurt has a very humid climate with warm summers and rainy winters. We recommend that you check the weather in Erfurt before planning your trip and try to visit the city during the summer to not miss the fun.

3 C Light Rain
TODAY Apr 21, Sun
  • Apr 22, Mon 7 Scattered Clouds
  • Apr 23, Tue 8 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 24, Wed 5 Light Rain
  • Apr 25, Thu 6 Light Rain
  • Apr 26, Fri 3 Overcast Clouds