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Rostock is a city on the Warnow River on Germany's north coast. The University of Rostock, which was established in 1419, is well-known. The botanical garden has an arboretum and a rock garden. The Gothic St. Mary's Church in the old town stands over a 15th-century astronomical clock. Explore Corendon Airlines' affordable and flexible Rostock flights and book your flight to this magical city right away.

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An important port town / On Germany's northern coast




It is pleasant and dry from May to September. Rostock has maritime climate.

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Rostock-Laage Airport


Visit the old town; enjoy the beautiful green spaces

Rostock, Germany, was granted the town charter of Luebeck in 1218, and during the Hanseatic League, it became an important European trading hub. The new cityscape of Rostock embodies an intriguing symbiosis of tradition and modernity that is well worth seeing. You can learn about the city's long past almost anywhere in the old town. Search Corendon Airlines for the most suitable flights to Rostock now and discover this beautiful city.

What Is Rostock Best Known For?

Rostock was East Germany's largest and most strategic coastal and port city. Rostock is located on the Warnow River's estuary, which flows into the Baltic Sea's Mecklenburg Bay.

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Rostock Culture

Rostock Culture Kröpeliner Straße
Rostock Culture Kröpeliner Straße

Kröpeliner Straße

Between the New Market and Kröpeliner Tor is Kröpeliner Straße, displaying the relationships between brick Gothic, Renaissance of the Hanseatic period, baroque, and postmodernism, gabled houses with visible facades of various architectural epoch. The Ratschow House, the Rostocker Hof, and the Baroque Hall in the Ducal Palace are all worth seeing.

Rostock Culture Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock
Rostock Culture Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock

The Kloster zum Heiligen Kreuz was established in 1270 as a former Cistercian convent. It is home to the Rostock Cultural History Museum, which hosts both permanent and temporary exhibits. Archaeological discoveries, medieval and religious art, toys, furniture, coins, and documents from Rostock's past are displayed at the museum. It is also possible to visit the monastery complex from the 14th and 15th centuries, which has been almost fully preserved. The Three Kings altar, housed in the ribbed vault, is a testament to medieval sculpture. Make sure to add this museum to your Rostock sightseeing spots.

Rostock Culture Neuer Markt Rostock
Rostock Culture Neuer Markt Rostock

Neuer Markt Rostock

Each of Rostock's three former sub-towns had a market square with a town hall and a nearby church. The Neuer Markt, which is almost square and through which many streets, including Kröpeliner Straße, flow, is one of them. It rapidly grew to become the city's economic hub. The south side of the Neuer Markt was demolished in 1942 during the chaos of World War II. A few houses on the north and east sides, including the town hall, were spared. A greater ensemble of buildings has been preserved on the west side – another great find to add to your Rostock things-to-do list. To experience this beautiful city for yourself, make sure to book the next flight to Rostock from Corendon Airlines and start your journey.

Rostock Nature

Rostock Nature Naturschutzgebiet Stoltera
Rostock Nature Naturschutzgebiet Stoltera

Naturschutzgebiet Stoltera

The approximately 83-hectare Stoltera nature reserve, directly adjacent to the Warnemünde seaside resort, faces west. It stretches for around 3 kilometers along the Baltic Sea coast. The coastal forest comes to a halt immediately on the Baltic Sea's cliff. Storms have influenced and changed the fascinating and varied coastal landscape before Warnemünde for centuries. The mountain, up to 20 meters high, was ripped apart by the waves. A walk along the coast to the Wilhelmshöhe viewpoint, where visitors can linger over a coffee and take in the spectacular view of the Baltic Sea, is especially popular with holidaymakers from the area. A diverse world tempts you to swim and go on excursions by foot or bicycle.

Rostock Nature Strand Markgreifenheide
Rostock Nature Strand Markgreifenheide

Strand Markgreifenheide

The Markgrafenheide, set in a picturesque maritime landscape, is a nudist hotspot as well as a textile bathing destination. The seaside resort is a Rostock district with a beach that extends to the southwest as far as Hohe Düne and is several kilometers long and up to 50 meters high. After about 9 kilometers in a north-easterly direction, the sandy beach with its flat shoreline zones merges into the beach in front of Graal-Müritz. You can easily reach any one of these tourist-packed destinations by searching Corendon Airlines' cheap flights to Rostock.

Rostock Night Life

Night Life
Rostock Night Life Nightlife
Rostock Night Life Nightlife


If you want to have a good time in Rostock, you have many options that the lively Rostock nightlife offers. There's something for everyone here, from rock to electro, classical to cult classics, small clubs to big discos. Musicians, singers, and night owls can find a variety of venues in the city and Warnemünde's nightlife. People still enjoy partying outdoors on the beach or at the city harbor.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Rostock

What is Rostock famous for?

Rostock is famous for its long Hanseatic history and home to the annual Hanse Sail event.

Where can I buy cheap flight tickets to Rostock?

By visiting the Corendon Airlines website or mobile app and monitoring the Rostock flight deals page, you can instantly secure cheap tickets to Rostock.

Is Rostock an expensive city?

No, Rostock is an inexpensive town in Germany where you can splurge on some Rostock shopping and take wonderful and memorable souvenirs back home.

How many days should I spend in Rostock?

We recommend at least four days to get the most out of your visit to Rostock.

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Rostock Laage Airport 2 hr 30 min 02 Jul 2024

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Direct Flights to Rostock

Corendon Airlines connects you with direct flights from Rostock to EgyptSpainGreece, and Turkey. Direct flights are available to Hurghada, Fuerteventura, Heraklion, Rhodes, and Antalya, starting for the summer season. Flights connecting you directly to Hurghada, Fuerteventura, and Antalya through the summer months make visiting Egypt, Spain, and Turkey much easier. With a relatively short flight time of approximately 3 to 5 hours, Corendon Airlines offers easy and convenient travel, depending on your destination. Corendon Airlines, with its excellent service and outstanding quality, gives easy access to five different destinations throughout the busiest months of the year.

Destination airport: Rostock (RLG)  
Hurghada - Rostock flight duration   5:20 hours
Heraklion - Rostock flight duration  3:20 hours
Rhodes - Rostock flight duration  3:40 hours
Fuerteventura - Rostock flight duration  4:55 hours
Antalya - Rostock flight duration  3:45 hours


Cheap Flight Tickets to Rostock

Find cheap Rostock to Egypt flight tickets, cheap Rostock to Spain flight tickets, cheap Rostock to Greece flight tickets and cheap Rostock to Turkey flight tickets with Corendon Airlines via our website or mobile app. Rostock has been a joint Military and Civilian airport since 1992 offering capacity for 16.000 passengers/year to the 5 destinations. The flights to Greece, Spain and Turkey are becoming increasingly popular so make sure to access cheap flights from Rostock by booking early or being flexible with your travel dates.

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Rostock Accommodation

Rostock offers everything from luxurious to budget accommodation. Whether you're a family or a backpacker, there is accommodation to suit everyone. Rostock hotel deals can be found by booking in advance, especially for those in high season. Hanse Sail accommodation must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment during the event. Enjoy your vacation in one-of-a-kind resorts and fitness centers, as well as hotels and holiday apartments with views of the Baltic Sea. We cordially invite you to discover all of Rostock's facets as a Hanseatic and university city for yourself. Remember to check out Corendon Airlines' hotel options to find accommodations suitable for your taste and preferences.

Rostock Airport and Rostock Transportation

Rostock-Laage Airport is Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania's largest commercial airport. Since 1993, Rostock-Laage GmbH has used the facility, which was built as a base for the German Armed Forces, as a civil regional airport. Around 60 hectares of the 1,000 hectares are set aside for civil use. This military-civilian collaboration in air traffic remains unique in Germany to this day. Line 127 of the rebus regional bus Rostock operates from Rostock's central bus station (ZOB) to Rostock-Laage Airport. The airport shuttle to/from charter flights must be pre-registered with rebus one working day (up to 16 hours) before departure/arrival. The trip takes approximately 30 minutes. If you want to be more independent, the airport has its own car rental center, with desks for various well-known companies in the arrival hall, making car rental a breeze.

Rostock Weather

The best time to visit Rostock, Germany, is between May and September when the Rostock weather is milder or nicer, and there is little rain. In Rostock, the highest average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius in July, and the lowest is 2 degrees Celsius in January. The sea largely influences the climate in Rostock.

19 C Light Rain
TODAY May 18, Sat
  • May 19, Sun 19 Light Rain
  • May 20, Mon 21 Light Rain
  • May 21, Tue 22 Broken Clouds
  • May 22, Wed 23 Light Rain
  • May 23, Thu 21 Light Rain