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Flights to Ankara

Discover Ankara, the Capital of Turkey

City life, Culture, Nature

Ankara, where many great civilizations such as Hittites and Romans ruled throughout history, is the capital of the Republic of Turkey. Ankara is the heart of Turkey's political life, not only with political significance, but also with its rich cultural background and colorful social life. That’s why it is considered one of the must-see cities of Turkey.

Feature / Location

The capital city of Turkey / On the Anatolia region


Turkish Lira (₺)


June to August / Average temps around 22 °C (71 °F)

Time Zone

GMT +03:00 Time zone in Ankara


Esenboga Airport / ESB


Culture tours, sightseeing, shopping

Ankara is known as the capital city of the Republic of Turkey, also awaits its visitors with colorful nightlife and extensive shopping options. We recommend that from those who seek cheaper shopping options to those who want to experience the lively nightlife visit Ankara.

What Is Ankara Best Known For?

Ankara is home to many historical and political structures such as the ancient city of Gordion, Anıtkabir (Atatürk’ Mausoleum) and the Turkish Grand National Assembly. With its rich political and cultural background, lively Ulus streets and quiet squares, Ankara gives its visitors a unique experience. Also, Ankara's untouched natural beauties and squares witnessing history are worth seeing.

  • City life
  • Culture
  • Nature

City life

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Bahçelievler is one of the most famous settlements of Ankara with its lively streets and extensive shopping opportunities. If you are looking for a lively spot for cheap shopping in Ankara, we recommend that you visit Bahçelievler and enjoy cheap shopping.

Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu

Çıkrıkçılar Yokuşu, located in Ulus, is one of the oldest places to shop in Ankara with its antique shops, handicraft workshops and copper bazaars. While witnessing these handmade antiques, you can enjoy quiet shopping in the narrow streets of Ankara.

Silversmith shops in Beypazarı

Beypazarı is known for its special silver jewelry called telkari which is made by thinning and reshaping silver with special techniques. If you are a jewelry enthusiast, we highly recommend that you see the unique accessories in Beypazarı silversmith shops.


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Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle, built by the Phrygians in the 7th century BC, was plundered by the Persians and only a part of the historical building has survived to the present day. We recommend that you add Ankara Castle to the list of must-see places in Ankara because of its amazing view, narrow Ankara streets and antique shops around the castle.

Historical Ankara houses

Historical Ankara houses, which are located in the Altındağ region of Ankara and are examples of 17th century Ottoman architecture, are one of the places to visit in Ankara. Today, there are plenty of antique shops, ethnic Turkish coffee houses and bazaars in the region. If you want to be surrounded by this historical atmosphere, you can book the historical houses used for touristic purposes and experience the 17th -century Ottoman life a little more.


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Atatürk Forest Farm

The farm was established by the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Atatürk, in 1925. Today it is home to the biggest zoo in Turkey, greenhouses, several small agricultural farms, a brewery and a dairy farm. We highly recommend that you spend a day at this lovely farm which is also the biggest green area in Ankara.

Göksu Park

Göksu Park, which has a 127,189 m² artificial pond and 50,200 m² green area, is the right stop for those who want to escape the noise of the city and have a quiet nature trip. This area, which is mostly preferred for a quiet weekend breakfast, also has many activities such as an amusement park, a beach volleyball court, a go-kart track, a mountain sled center and a water bike rental.

Lake Eymir

Eymir Lake, where vehicle access is prohibited, is one of the natural places that managed to remain untouched in Ankara. It fascinates its visitors, especially with its walkways decorated with fallen leaves in autumn. For this reason, we recommend that you take a walk around Lake Eymir or rent a bike and add Lake Eymir to your Ankara to-do list.

Weather in Ankara

Ankara is known for its cold winter months and very hot summer months.

We recommend that you check the weather in Ankara before planning your trip and take precautions against sunburn.

4 C Clear Sky
TODAY Mar 26, Sun
  • Mar 27, Mon 15 Clear Sky
  • Mar 28, Tue 12 Light Rain
  • Mar 29, Wed 3 Light Snow
  • Mar 30, Thu 4 Overcast Clouds
  • Mar 31, Fri 0 Broken Clouds

Direct Flights to Ankara

Ankara, the capital city of the Republic of Turkey, has attracted too many visitors. Especially, Swiss Ankara, Germany Ankara, Holland Ankara and Austria Ankara flight tickets are especially in high demand. For this reason, it is possible to find direct flight tickets to Ankara from many countries around the world. For example, as Corendon Airlines, we have direct flights to Ankara from 10 different airports in Germany; Cologne Ankara, Hannover Ankara, Stuttgart Ankara, Munster Ankara, Munich Ankara, Frankfurt Ankara, Hamburg Ankara, Dusseldorf Ankara, Bremen Ankara and Berlin Ankara direct flights. Also, Basel Ankara direct flight tickets, Vienna Ankara direct flight tickets and Amsterdam Ankara direct flight tickets are other Ankara flight tickets Corendon Airlines offer.

Destination Airport: Ankara Esenboğa Airport (ESB)  
Düsseldorf - Ankara flight duration   3:15 hours
Frankfurt - Ankara flight duration  3:15 hours
Köln Bonn - Ankara flight duration  3:20 hours
Vienna - Ankara flight duration  2:30 hours
Amsterdam- Ankara flight duration  3:35 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Ankara

When choosing your Ankara ticket, it is normal to have questions such as "How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Ankara?", "How many hours does it take by plane from Switzerland to Ankara?", "How many hours does it take by plane from Austria to Ankara?" or "How many hours does it take by plane from Holland to Ankara?". First of all, we would like to emphasize that our direct flights from Switzerland to Ankara take 4 hours 20 minutes, Germany Ankara direct flights take approximately 4 hours, the Netherlands Ankara direct flights take 4 hours 40 minutes and Austria Ankara direct flights take 3.5 hours. To find cheap Ankara flight tickets, all you have to do is to follow the Corendon Airlines’ flight ticket prices to Ankara.

To go from Esenboğa Airport to Ankara city center

Esenboğa Airport is located 27 km from Ankara city center and requires approximately 30 minutes of travel by car. However, you can also take the airport shuttles, which depart very frequently from the airport or use the city buses. These shuttles and buses also pass through the subway line. For this reason, we can say that it is so easy to travel from Esenboğa Airport to every part of Ankara.

Accommodation in Ankara

Accommodation options in Ankara are much more than in many cities. You can find 5-star Ankara hotels in different parts of Ankara and even feel the comfort of a 5-star hotel among Ankara hostel options. The most preferred options among hotels in Ankara are Kızılay hotels and Çankaya hotels. If you are considering a holiday in the center of the city, you can check out these Ankara center hotel options; If you are considering a quieter trip, we recommend that you take a look at the Ankara hotels located outside the city center.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Ankara

How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Ankara?

Germany to Ankara flights take approximately 4 hours with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take by plane from Switzerland to Ankara?

Switzerland to Ankara flights take 4 hours 20 minutes with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take by plane from Austria to Ankara?

Austria to Ankara flights take 3.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take by plane from the Netherlands to Ankara?

The Netherlands to Ankara flights take 4 hours 40 minutes with Corendon Airlines.

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