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Famous for the Porsuk Stream and its artificial sea, Eskişehir's history goes back to the Phrygians. It’s rich cultural background and lively social life make Eskişehir one of the must-see cities in Turkey. For this reason, we recommend that you visit Eskişehir and enjoy a romantic glide down the Porsuk Stream on a gondola.


Venice in Turkey / On the Anatolian region


Turkish Lira / TRY, ₺


June to August / Average temps around 21 °C (88 °F)

Time Zone

GMT +03:00 Time zone in Adana / GMT +3


1 airport / AOE


Culture tours / Sightseeing / Swimming / Shopping

Although Eskişehir is famous for the Porsuk Stream passing through the city and the only artificial sea in Anatolia, it is also worth seeing with its rich cultural background and vibrant social life. From historical Odunpazarı houses to Porsuk Stream and Balıkdamı Bird Paradise, Eskişehir has a beauty to offer every taste.

What Is Eskişehir Best Known For?

Eskişehir is most famous for its active social life and modern cafes along the Porsuk Stream. However, Eskişehir's beauties are not limited to this and historical OdunpazarI houses, Kent Park and Balıkdamı Bird Paradise are also worth-seeing.

  • Cuisine
  • Culture
  • Nature


point type
Balaban meatballs

Balaban meatballs are a type of kebab specific to Eskişehir. Although it is very similar to iskender Kebab, the difference is that Balaban Meatballs are prepared from meatballs instead of doner. You should taste this delicious kebab, especially if you like Turkish kebabs and doners.


Although çibörek is actually a Tatar patty pastry, it has become the most famous dish of Eskişehir cuisine. We recommend that you do not complete your Eskisehir tour without tasting this famous pastry, which is admired by everyone with its thin dough and special ground meat mixture. We would also like to emphasize that you can find vegan and vegetarian options of çibörek at every corner of Eskişehir.


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Eskişehir Wax Museum

Eskişehir wax museum, also known as Yılmaz Büyükerşen wax museum, is the first example of Madame Tussauds in Turkey. The museum is home to 160 wax statues made by Yılmaz Büyükerşen and his students. We also want to mention that the income of the museum has been donated to the education of disabled children.

Historical Odunpazarı houses

The most known answer to the “What to do in Eskişehir?” The question is visiting the historical Odunpazarı houses. Odunpazarı is the oldest settlement in Eskişehir and the houses are great examples of Ottoman architecture and culture. We highly recommend that you visit Odunpazarı to see these colorful houses which are the witnesses of Anatolian history.

Sazova Park

Sazova Park, which has been hosting cultural and scientific activities of the city since 2008, opens its doors to concerts, theater performances and street artists throughout the year. In Sazova Park, where there is also an amusement park and an ancient theater, visitors of all ages could find activities for their age and taste.


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Balıkdamı Bird Paradise

Although Balıkdamı is a wetland, it is one of the places important stops of migratory birds from 3 different continents. It is possible to watch the beauties of migratory birds almost at any time of the year at the Balıkdamı Bird Paradise.

Porsuk Stream

While drinking your coffee in the cafes along the Porsuk Stream, where Eskişehir's social life is shaped around, you can watch the street artists and witness the lively life of the city. We also recommend that you rent a canoe or take a romantic gondola tour along Porsuk Stream with your loved ones.

Weather in Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, whose annual average temperature is 11 degree, the temperature in summer rises up to 37 degree.

We recommend that you check the weather in Eskişehir before planning your trip and be prepared for different weather conditions.

8 C Broken Clouds
TODAY Mar 28, Tue
  • Mar 29, Wed 2 Light Snow
  • Mar 30, Thu 4 Light Snow
  • Mar 31, Fri 11 Clear Sky
  • Apr 1, Sat 16 Broken Clouds
  • Apr 2, Sun 10 Overcast Clouds

Direct Flights to Eskişehir

As Eskişehir attracts many visitors, Germany Eskişehir flight tickets and Belgium Eskişehir direct flights are in high demand. If you are looking for direct Eskişehir flight tickets, you can check Brussels Eskişehir and Cologne Eskişehir direct flight tickets offered by Corendon Airlines. As long as you purchase your Eskişehir flight ticket from Corendon Airlines, you will not miss the cheapest Eskişehir flight ticket deals. Corendon Airlines, which has been trying to offer you the cheapest flight tickets and comfortable flight opportunities since the day it was founded, also adheres to its principles while offering flight tickets from Belgium to Eskişehir and from Germany to Eskişehir.

Destination Airport: Eskişehir (ESK)  
Brussels - Eskişehir flight duration   3:25 hours


Choosing Your Flight Tickets to Eskişehir

When choosing your Eskişehir flight ticket, it is quite normal to have questions such as "How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Eskişehir?" or "How many hours does it take by plane from Belgium to Eskişehir?". First of all, we would like to emphasize that our Brussels Eskişehir flight takes 4.5 hours and Cologne Eskişehir flight takes 4 hours and 20 minutes. To find the best flight ticket deals from Brussels to Eskişehir and from Cologne to Eskişehir, follow the Corendon Airlines' Cologne Eskişehir flight ticket prices and Brussels Eskişehir flight ticket prices.

To go from Anadolu Airport to Eskişehir

Since Anadolu Airport is only a few kilometers away from Eskişehir city center, transportation options are also quite wide. You can use the airport shuttles, city buses or taxi option to get to Eskişehir city center from the airport. Also, there are airport shuttles for those who want to reach the high-speed train line from Eskişehir to centers such as Ankara or Istanbul. If you wish to go to your Eskişehir hotel directly, you can consider the taxi option or use the vehicles that reach the tram. Thanks to the tram line, you can quickly go to many districts you want to reach in Eskişehir.

Accommodation in Eskişehir

If you want to stay in Eskişehir, Bağlar Region, the Porsuk Stream region or Odunpazarı are places where popular Eskişehir hotels are located. While Eskişehir hotels in Bağlar Region are good options for those who want to take advantage of Eskişehir's lively social life, we recommend the Porsuk Stream hotels for those who want to feel the European atmosphere of Eskişehir. If you want to experience the historical atmosphere of Eskişehir and spend time in antique shops, we recommend that you take a look at the Odunpazarı hotels. We would also like to point out that those who want to stay in 5-star Eskişehir hotels should take a look at Eskişehir city center hotels.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Eskisehir

How many hours does it take by plane from Germany to Eskişehir?

The Cologne Eskişehir flight takes 4 hours and 20 minutes with Corendon Airlines.

How many hours does it take by plane from Belgium to Eskişehir?

The Brussels Eskişehir flight takes 4.5 hours with Corendon Airlines.

What to do in Eskişehir?

The best activity options in Eskişehir are swimming, shopping and taking culture tours.

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