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Discover Munich, The Capital of Bavaria

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Munich, a city in the south of Bavaria on the River Isar. This vibrant city is popular for its historical architecture, museums, fine culture and the annual Oktoberfest beer celebration.

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The Capital of Bavaria, In the south of Germany


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May to September is pleasant and dry / Munich has a continental climate

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CET Time zone / GMT +1


Munich Airport / MUC


FC Bayern Munich, Neuschwanstein Castle

Located on the River Isar and North of the Bavarian Alps the city is the third largest in Germany. The city name is derived from the term Munich meaning 'by the monks'. We can date Munich back to its first mention 1158 and is full of history. The vibrant city is famous throughout Europe for its annual Oktoberfest beer celebration that brings thousands of local and international tourists into the region.

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Bavarian dishes tend to be rich and full of calories but, perfect to give your body some fuel and comfort. Be sure not to miss out on trying a few during your visit. Knodel, a Bavarian dumpling is made from old bread soaked in milk and seasoned then boiled or steamed. In some restaurants you can try Knodel as a side dish to your goulash, very popular with the locals. A visit to Germany would not be complete without trying some German sausage so we recommend trying the legendary Weisswurst (white sausage), one of the city's well-known dishes. A Pork and veal mix and eaten without the skin with sweet mustard and a pretzel and of course when in Munich it must be eaten accompanied by a beer and typically eaten for breakfast. A popular staple in Munich is the pretzel which are sold in every food market and anywhere you can buy a beer however, unlike Pretzels from other places the Pretzel is a soft bread with a chewy ring sprinkled with salt, the idea is that thanks to the salt it means you will be thirsty for more beer. Whilst you visit one of the many local restaurants you will find Käsespätzle on the menu a succulent dish of egg noodles with beautiful German cheese and caramelised onions baked in the oven and topped with parsley or chives, a highly recommended dish.


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Bavaria Statue

Bavaria Statue erected in 1850 by King Ludwig I this 18.5 metre tall bronze statue weighing 90 tons stands as a patron of Bavaria. There's a hidden staircase within the statue that will take you to the head of the statue for a small fee where there is an observation deck that gives you views of downtown Munich and the famous annual Oktoberfest. The statue was designed by an artist from Munich, Ludwig Schwanthaler.

Glyptothek Museum

Glyptothek museum exhibits Greek and Roman Sculptures that are owned by the Bavarian state. This amazing museum is the only one in the world that is dedicated to ancient sculptures. The museum has a very personal setting where you can really interact with the sculptures on display up close and personal rather than behind glass. The museum hosts different modern exhibits throughout the year to ensure it delivers something interesting to its visitors.


The NS-Dokumentationszentrum is dedicated to the history and consequences of the Nazi regime. It’s the type of museum that might not be on the top of your list but, once you’re there you will spend more time than you planned. Opened in May 2015 to the public the museum is located at the site of the Nazi Party headquarters and near to the Königsplatz, the square of many of the Nazi party rallies. The museum is designed to be a reminder of the past that many try to pretend didn’t happen. The museum is home to Nazi documents, and focuses on the history of anti-Semitism and racism in there many different forms. The museum has a serious atmosphere and many of the exhibits require you to read text so stools are provided for your comfort. The museum is a reminder of things we should not forget making it a must see during your stay.


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Monopteros, Englisch Garten

The Monopteros, Englisch Garten famous for its river surfing and naked sunbathing in the summer. The 900-acre park has a manmade hill that was added by King Ludwig I to build a Grecian bandstand called Monopteros. The hill offers beautiful views of central Munich. A perfect place for an afternoon stroll.

Munich Botanical Gardens

The Munich Botanical Gardens known as “Alter Botanischer Garten” are located next to Nymphenburg Palace and covers over 21 acres with over 14,000 species of plants. The Greenhouse complex is home to a beautiful tropical environment filled with palm trees, orchids, cacti and colourful butterflies. The gardens highlights are the humid tropical area, hot deserts or cool tropical mountain forest, tropical butterflies and “Schmuckhof” that offers ideas for your own garden. The garden has its own café so spending a morning or afternoon in the garden with lunch is perfect. To get to the Garden take Team 17 or Bus 143 from the city centre.

West park

West park is a hidden gem that’s waiting to be discovered with a Japanese garden, a Thai temple, a beautiful lake and beautiful green outdoor spaces. Perfect for having an afternoon with your family and enjoying the fresh air. In 1983 the park was also the host of the International Garden show.

Night life

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Oktober fest

Oktoberfest, an annual festival in Munich is one of the most important events on the Munich calendar and is visited by over six million tourists each year. The best way to describe Oktoberfest is simply as the Munich beer festival however, it didn’t start out this way, it began as a wedding celebration more than 200 years ago when the Bavarian crown prince Ludwig was married in 1810. The festival has a great atmosphere and hosts a parade featuring beer wagons and floats with local costumes, amusement rides, dancing, and of course sausages as well as many other street foods. The festival lasts 16 days starting in September and ending on October 3rd or the first Sunday of October whichever is later. This is truly one of the best times to visit Munich however, we recommend all of your travel plans are booked in advance as both flights and accommodation get booked up very quickly.

Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel

Munich is one of the most vibrant cities in Europe. The city has many pubs and clubs scattered throughout. There are two main areas for nightlife Schwabing and the Glockenbachviertel. The Schwabing is the livelier of the two areas and located on the streets of Hohenzollernstraße,

Weather in Munich

Munich boasts a continental climate where summers are pleasantly warm and winters are cold. Munich is close to both the sea and the Alps which means the city can be very cold in the winter in fact it is often one of the coldest cities in Germany. Summer months are pleasantly warm however, due to its location near to the alps it is prone to rain and thunderstorms in the summer months as well as the Föhn, a warm and dry wind that can increase temperatures and become very humid.

2 C Light Rain
TODAY Dec 5, Mon
  • Dec 6, Tue 4 Scattered Clouds
  • Dec 7, Wed 2 Overcast Clouds
  • Dec 8, Thu 2 Few Clouds
  • Dec 9, Fri 1 Overcast Clouds
  • Dec 10, Sat 1 Light Snow

Cities with direct flights to Munich

Corendon Airlines connects you with direct flights from Munich to Turkey, Greece and Fuerteventura. Direct flights are available to 5 major Turkish cities, Ankara, Antalya, Kayseri, Bodrum and our most popular route Izmir with daily flights starting in February until October. Flights connecting you directly to Rhodes and Crete through the summer months make visiting Greece so much easier and Holidays to Fuerteventura in the winter months make winter sun much more accessible. With relatively short flight time of approximately 3 hours to 4.5 hours depending on your destination Corendon Airlines offers easy and convenient travel.

Corendon Airlines with its excellent service and outstanding quality gives easy access to eight different destinations throughout the busiest months of the year.

Destination Airport: Munich Airport (MUC)  
Hurghada - Munich flight duration   3:20 hours
İzmir - Munich flight duration  2:55 hours
Fuerteventura - Munich flight duration  3:00 hours
Bodrum - Munich flight duration  3:15 hours
Ankara - Munich flight duration  2:20 hours


Plan your whole trip to Munich

Cheap flight tickets to Munich

Find cheap Munich to Turkey flight tickets, cheap Munich to Greece flight tickets and cheap Munich to Fuerteventura flight tickets with Corendon Airlines via our website or mobile app. Munich is the second largest airport in Germany and the eight flight routes to five destinations in Turkey, 2 in Greece and Fuerteventura are becoming increasingly popular so make sure to access cheap flight tickets from Munich by booking early or being flexible with your travel dates.

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Accommodation in Munich

Munich offers everything from luxurious to budget accommodation. Whether you’re a family or a backpacker there is accommodation to suit everyone. Munich cheap accommodation deals can be found by booking in advance especially for those travelling in peak season. During the festival Oktoberfest accommodation must be booked in advance to avoid disappointment. Altstadt is a perfect location to stay for those that want history and culture on their doorstep. For those of you who want to be central to the nightlife then staying in Glockenbach will save you time and money with everything on your doorstep. Haidhausen affectionately known as the French quarter is ideal for those who want not only culture but a chance to chill out with a more laid-back atmosphere. There's truly a part of the city suitable for all.

Airport and Transportation

Munich Airport is the international airport of Munich officially known as Munich Franz Josef Strauss Airport, the capital of Bavaria. It is the second-busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic after Frankfurt Airport, and the ninth-busiest airport in Europe, handling approximately 48 million passengers per year. The airport has 2 terminals offering excellent facilities.

Munich airport is located 30km outside of the city and one of the most convenient ways to access the city is by the S1 and S8 train. Running every 10 minutes from terminal 1 taking 45 minutes. The Lufthansa Express Bus runs every 15 minutes from the airport to Munich Central station and takes 45 minutes. The bus stops at both Terminals 1 & 2. For those of you that are travelling further afield the Flixbus long distance buses that travel to destinations in Germany and Europe, please see their website for further details stops at Terminal 2 at bus stops 21 and 22 and it’s great for those of you travelling to other parts of the country. If you're wanting to be a bit more independent then the airport has its own car rental centre with various different well-known companies' desks located in the arrivals halls of both terminals making hiring a car very easy. We recommend in peak season that you book your cars in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Munich

What is Munich famous for?

Munich is famous for being a vibrant cultural city and home to the annual festival Oktoberfest, The Munich beer festival.

Can I buy cheap flight tickets to Munich?

Yes, by visiting the Corendon Airlines website or mobile app and monitoring the Munich flight deals page.

Is Munich an expensive city?

The city isn't the cheapest or the one of the most expensive in Europe.

How many days should I spend in Munich?

To get the most out of your visit we would recommend at least four days.

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